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When connected load exceeds the power inverter rated power watts (W), the inverter will automatically shut down to stop the output. As the internal temperature of the power inverter or the ambient temperature is too high, the inverter output will automatically stop to ensure the safety of electrical equipment. When the DC input voltage exceeds the normal range of the power inverter will automatically shut down to stop the output voltage is too high note when there may be damage to the machine. When the battery or power supply voltage is too low, the power inverter will stop output automatic shutdown protection to protect the battery or power supply is not compromised. When the car inverter link reverse to battery, inverter fuse will be blown, without damaging the product itself, you need to replace the fuse. When the load is connected severe short-circuit fault, the inverter will automatically shut down to stop the output.

Inverter cigarette lighter plug or battery cable can easily connect to a vehicle's battery. I'm trying to make a mobile solar generator an plan on putting everything in a large tool chest. I know you will like the videos I have made for all to see and hope to see the there friend. All I'm trying to power an not all the same time an for at less for about 8 hours for sure is , batteries from cordless drill, shop vac, an 2 hanging lights on mybe 2hrs at a time, corded polisher on & off for 8 hours, an ( if possible but not needed nor a necessity ) a 13 amp 20 gallon or less air compressor. I'm trying to figure out my plan for wiring up our camper trailer with 2 100W Solar panels. The inverter and the panels are 12V as well, not sure if the panels, batteries, and inverter all need to be the same volts??

However, we never paid much attention to the rapid consumption of the non-renewable sources of energy until recently. I guess I'm just trying to figure out what is the best plan for the batteries, parallel or series??

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