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The diagram at right shows the main output connector of the power supply when viewed from the end. I am curious, on most supplies, there needs to be at least a minimum load across the +5V (Not the +5vSB) to maintain the switching activity, otherwise the supply will shut-down.
There are a few more, odd-ball, but going from some of the +5 to +12, does generate a voltage, but not sure if if it registers exact +7V, or not.. That is a very very low quality power supply, you would be better served by something made better.
This is just what I needed for converting an old ATX power supply for use to power my 10M and 2M radios.

I've been using a 350W atx power supply for a few years now, well when I do electronic bread boarding stuff anyway.
To anyone wants to make this, be very careful because these PSU have very hight wattage (400 W and more) and this could be lethal! Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The maximum output current of the IC is 1.5A therefore we have used two TIP2955 transistors two boost the output current to 10A. The two fuses of 1A and 10A are used to protect the IC, transistors and other parts of the circuit from over current.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Present, a computer become the electric appliance power needed for every home Because there are very useful. Today I collect these transformerless power supply circuit, so you can select to use in required.
Many of the neighbors gave me an old computer always to make the projects.-The first thing I like to use is the power, even if old but powerful, durable and works great. When see the circuit will think use the integrated circuit IC TL494 power supply circuit be pillar equipment.

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