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The CoolMax LCD Power Supply Tester (PS-228) is the easiest method to accurately test or diagnose faults with your PC Power Supply Unit (PSU) without risking damage to the motherboard or other PC components. This model introduces the new 8-pin PCI-Express connector and features clearer connector labels.
Test and diagnose faults with your PSU and its connectors without risking damage to the motherboard or other PC components. Emits a warning alarm when it detects no voltage, an over-voltage, an under-voltage or an abnormal Power_Good (PG) voltage from the current connection(s). Effectively test power connectors for your motherboard, SATA devices, IDE devices, Floppy Disk Drive and PCI Express (6-pin and 8-pin).

Comes with a User Manual, authored by technical writers at PassMark Software (supplied electronically via download upon purchase). Please note that power supply testers are not designed or intended for continuous use and should not be used to continuously test for more than a minute.
Prior to the release of PS-228, PassMark Software was offering the PS-224 model of the CoolMax Power Supply Tester at the same price. Accepting either 20-pin or 24-pin ATX connectors and either 4-pin or 8-pin CPU power connectors, there are test ports for floppy connectors, drive connectors, even SATA! Seawill Technology co., Limited is in a position to supply toner cartridges, lead acid batteries and related consumables, such as plastic shells, rollers, blades, OPC drums, toner powder and chips. This manual is only accessible by PassMark Software customers who have purchased the LCD Power Supply Tester. As such, they may not be an adequate test for intermittent power supply instabilities over time or under load. An audible beep tells you if your power supply is powered up and a green LED lights up for each live rail of the power supply.

The toner cartridge and spare parts manufacturing base of Seawill is located in Zhuhai city of China ---- the capital of printer consumables. Plug power supply 24 PIN and P4 ,P6 or P8 into the corresponding jack of the power test suit .B. For the detection and diagnosis of intermittent hardware problems, we recommend BurnInTest Professional to stress test your machine for endurance, reliability and stability.
There are also variations in the printing with some runs have embossed writing and others having white printed text. We share the concentration of the consumable material with 100 more factories located here. Seawill has established strategic relationship with material suppliers of exhaustive laser toner cartridge parts, plastic shells, rollers, blades, chips, OPC drums and toners.

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