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SC01 - Mandrake - In magickal lore, the mandrake, when pulled, reveals a root resembling a little man. SC02 - Open Pentagram - The five points of the sacred star traditionally indicate the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.
SC03 - Athame - The witches' ceremonial knife, the athame directs magickal energy and is personal to every witch. SC04 - Heptagram - Seven - a sacred and mystical number - relates to the seven seas, seven continents, seven original planets and the blessed seventh child of a seventh child. SC05 - Cernunnous - The Celtic Horned God, protector of animals and the Greenwood, stands wild and proud as the Spirit of Untamed Nature.
SC06 - Green Man - Arising from the Greenwood, a sacred being of primordial leaf and bough, the Green Man's foliate mask peers forth from forest glade and in medieval church carvings as the protective spirit. SC07 - Melachem Amulet (double sided) - The magical language of the Magi offers an invocation for Blessings upon thee on one side and Protection from Danger on the other, attracting universal energy. SC08 - Ouroborous - An ancient alchemical symbol of a snake devouring its own tail, Ouroborous is found world-wide from Assyria to the Viking Northlands, demonstrating both the Transcendent Duality and the Circle's Eternity.

SC10 - Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother and Crone evolve into one another with the eternal waxing and waning phases of the moon. SC11 - Witches Rune (double sided) - Viking Runes spell Power Strength Freedom on one side and Earth Air Fire Water on the other.
SC12 - Enchantress - Adventuring into the night sky, skyclad and proud, the Enchantress eagerly anticipates the Sabbat's revelry and magic. SC13 - Planetary Pentagram - The seven planets of the ancient world on one side and arcane symbols from the scimitar of the Greater Key of Solomon on the other, magically enhance the pentagram.
SC14 - Pentacle of the Shadows - Sacred and secret symbols of Witchcraft encircled in a silver disk of portent and power, the Pentacle of Shadows safeguards ancient mysteries. SC15 - Pagani Pentagram - The rustic pentagram, resonating to the vibration of quintessential Nature, channels the wisdom of our Ancestors, the Pagani, as a forceful emblem. SC16 - Draco Pentagram - Double winged dragons, tails entwined, quicken with Earthfire, energising the pentagram's five elements and circle of infinity, and encouraging contact with the Higher Self. SC17 - Ram Pentagram - The horned god as Aries appears ay the Vernal Equinox with Spring's energy and optimism.

SC18 - Double Pentagram - Two pentagrams, one upright, one inverted, represent the Duality of Nature, dark and light, ever in flux.
I will always try from the outset to give you an honest appraisal of my ability to be able to help you on your road to recovery - mind, body and soul. Harvested at its most magickal time, the mandrake is a hallucinatory drug and rare magickal love potion. An alphabet and magickal system, the Runes, in a circle of infinity and eternity, summon Northern Energy. Contacting me could be the beginning of you taking control of your own life, or your child's, with me assisting and guiding you along the way. We can make no claims nor guarantee any medical, supernatural or magical qualities for any product.

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