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To begin with with, in my opinion, each newbie Tarot reader must be familiarized with the Ryder-Waite deck, even if you just want to give free tarot readings. I utilized this Tarot deck for a whole 12 month period prior to even thinking of various other decks. When the time comes to move to the next level and choose another Tarot deck, be sure that the artwork are significant for you.
I’m a serious cat enthusiast and was really hurt because I had to put my cat to sleep.
By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic MediumHave you been seeing Cardinals, Red-tailed Hawks, or other birds? Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic MediumVisit Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium's profile on Pinterest. Barb Mather is a renowned Psychic Medium who performs psychic medium readings by phone and worldwide and in person in the Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta area (Saskatoon, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary). Thinking it might be a sign from the spirits or your deceased loved ones?If so, you may be right! Also, traversing in the sky, rather than land, there are less obstacles that can get in the way, thwarting a visit.

Familiarity with each of the cards within this Tarot deck can help you to pick more elaborate decks as you get more skillful. Do you really trust Author A’s interpretation or maybe Author B’s meaning resonates better with you? They can migrate from farther distances in shorter time than many land mammals, thus, if you were to move or be in a different location - but were in need of a visit from Spirit - you are more easily reached via a bird or winged insect. This is temporary, and your loved ones can ‘borrow’ the body of an animal and use their energy to connect with you. For example, imagine your sign from your Father is a Pileated Woodpecker, a large, loud, and easy to spot bird, native to the southeastern United States.
The imagery of cats and kittens involved in different activities with unique feelings being portrayed on their furry little faces and in many cases with their body postures and positions made this special deck so easy for me to employ, and scarily accurate.
Do they feel “cheap,” indicating that they will often suffer wear and tear after only a handful of uses? As a medium, in a private reading, your loved ones use my body, my energy to connect with you - and this is the same technique, but only, with wildlife.Which wildlife are the preferred vehicles? But, then, unexpectedly, you move to another part of the country, where there are not normally Pileated Woodpeckers.

Some of the cards in this special deck actually create physical sensations in my belly based on the feeling of the card.
While this bird can migrate and travel, it would be far easier if it were a more common species, such as a Cardinal, that could be present anywhere you may travel!
Additionally, birds can travel temporarily to new locations, more so than land animals.VisibilityWe notice wildlife and animals, especially when they appear right in our face and line of sight. You may have Irish roots and would likely enjoy a Celtic styled Tarot deck or maybe you really want an Asian styled deck.
Bright colors, big sizes, easily identifiable species - these are the preferred carriers for your visit. Visibility simply raises the chances they’ll be noticed!For example, Cardinals, especially male Cardinals, are highly visible and common in the United States, where I live.No matter where I have lived in my life - east coast, west coast, midwest, south - I have managed to spot a Cardinal. So, they’ll try to select something common enough to reach you - no matter where you go or to what places you travel.

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