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Only cards from Rising Rivals, Supreme Victors, Arceus, and HeartGold SoulSilver are allowed. 16) (Arceus)-Lick is a decent one for 10 that can paralyze and Night Shade does damage to the bench also, meaning it can be used as setup for Gengar Lv.
44) (Arceus)-A more powerful version of the Fossil Gengar, which was one of my favorite cards.

While it might do 10 damage o Nidorina, this actually helps me as if Nidorina has any damage counters on it then Stress Poison becomes a three for 60 that poisons the foe.
Curse is great, allowing me to move around my foe's damage counters as needed to suit my purposes. In the Chaos Control theme deck, you'll need to balance devastating attacks like Tyranitar's Tail Crush and Lucario's Bulk Up against more strategic approaches like Mismagius's Psychic Pulse. It is a three for 60 that does 10 damage to one of my opponent's benched Pokemon and then allows me to retreat. Ruthless Tail is a three for 50 that does 10 more damage for each of my opponent's benched Pokemon, meaning it can do up to 100 damage. It also make Chakra Points, a three for 10 that does 10 more damage for each card in my opponent's hand, more powerful.

For three energy it does 30 damage to each of my opponent's Pokemon with damage counters on them. It does great damage to the opponent's Pokemon (up to 70) and since Weezing is confused, my opponent can't get a prize for knocking it out.

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