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You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. PsychicPebbles is the online handle of American artist and animator Zach Hadel, a YouTube and Newgrounds user known for his comedic Flash animation videos.
Zach Hadel began posting art online under the handle “PsychicPebble” on the flash website Newgrounds[1] on April 22nd, 2008. Hadel began a Twitter account[5] and Facebook fan page[6] for his art in the spring of 2010 before starting a second YouTube channel[7] on February 16th, 2011.
He has also done videos of games he admires, like “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and named it Skyrim Is Epic. Skyrim Is Epic 2 was made on April Fools Day (April 1st) and it was an April fool, involving the prequel--Earrape and mustaches.
The reason why his account was closed down is because of copyright and over-the-limit NSFW content.

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His work typically parodies popular culture phenonema and contain elements of improv-style comedic sketches. However, he did not upload his first flash animation titled “Tribute to Tommy”[2] until November of that year. At first, his YouTube account gained subscribers slowly, getting just under 50,000 before he posted an Arrow to the Knee parody cartoon (shown below, left) on December 29th, 2011. People wondered why it was closed down, and PsychicPebbles told Eddsworld to request backup for his channel.
As YouTube saw he had alot of subscribers, Zack made a new account and YouTube accepted it to be okay.
Over the next month, his subscriber count began to increase dramatically.[9] As of August 2012, this video has more than 13 million views on YouTube and an additional 506,000 on Newgrounds[10], where it was selected as a Review Crew Pick as well as a Daily Feature and Weekly Users Choice.

A year later, the channel “PsychicPebbles” was opened and he had his videos in his computer he could import back. He saw another follower increase in late March 2012 after posting a video criticising KONY 2012 (shown below, right).
Mislim da zaista nije u redu da se svi skupa sprdamo s tragicnom epidemijom s kojom su suoceni vojnici Skyrima.
Despite its lack of videos, this early YouTube account has slightly over 1.1 million video views. As of August 2012, he has earned 13 trophies on Newgrounds[11] and is ranked at 9086 for uploads to the site.

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