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The Vampire Diaries is back tonight, and now you can read what Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin can tease about their characters’ storylines! Coming on The Vampire Diaries, Tonkin is of course reuniting with her fellow Australian and former co-star of H2O: Just Add Water, Claire Holt. Just in time for Deadpool’s Blu-ray release, Screen Junkies has released their Deadpool Honest Trailer. Yes, the real Ryan Reynolds guest hosts the Deadpool Honest Trailer, as he admits, to promote this week’s Blu-ray release. After the film opened in theaters in February, moviegoers who were tickled senseless by the merc’s humor were left yearning for a sequel. Until the sequel arrives, we’ll have the first movie to enjoy in the comfort of our own home. As if Paul Feig didn’t already have enough on his plate, with Ghostbusters fans and non-fans alike pre-emptively condemning his all-female reboot, he now also has to clarify a quote taken out of context by the New York Daily News.

Clearly, the loud minority’s responses to the Ghostbusters reboot have been absurdly negative and vicious, and so far, Paul Feig has handled them with nothing but grace (if obvious exasperation).
One thing is criticism and reflection on a piece of entertainment’s wider cultural impact. A major look at Orange is the New Black season 4 has been unveiled thanks to a new trailer from Netflix. As for how else Litchfield’s switch to a for-profit prison changes things, there appears to be some new roles for the inmates. While she and Tonkin won’t share any scenes, Holt is still very excited to once again be working on the same show. Luckily Deadpool confirmed a follow-up would happen in the after credits scene, but despite the movie pulling in a huge box office (as he brags about in the above Honest Trailer), Fox has yet to announce a release date for Deadpool 2 co-starring Cable.
Paul Feig, currently juggling the Ghostbusters haters, is no stranger to the dark side of fandom.

What Rebekah reveals is actually really important to the direction and future of the season ahead, and the series too,” she revelas. Typically studios are pretty quick to set dates for big sequels — take Jurassic World 2, for example.
When I found out she was coming on the show I dona€™t think I squealed more loudly in my life.

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