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Answer by SaggiMCAstro has an interactive model for a free interpretation, from free horoscopes tab select *astro click portrait* this brings up your chart whereby you put the cursor on a planet and it brings up a pop up box about that planet and its mathematical aspects.
I do not know if the expert palmist here could read from my palms whether I'm a bad person or a good person. The late marriage thing is not accurate and I think that's because one of the marriage line is not seen - in both hands. I don't control others - never have the tendency to - never found myself in any such managerial positions - have always worked in very humble positions. Accumulation of wealth -   I do save but I also spend quite a lot when I felt it is necessary. Your Fingers are short and that means large ideas, your hand writing will be prominent i.e. You will have to control your speech as you are too impulsive especially when the logic phalange of your thumb is crossed.
According to palmistry this is not definitely a hand of a BAD person or one with loose moral character. There is a sign that suggests problems with urinary disorders, STDs and if the STD thing is correct than that sign also indicates person becoming rich beyond his imagination. This I call compassion, that Buddha felt sympathy for the man because his language was so powerless. Different people have different ways of expressing themselves and the person who met Buddha simply Spit at Buddha.

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I had been offered high positions but I had turned them down because I felt something wasn't very right with the person or the circumstances in which I felt I will find myself in. The subtle nuances and expressions of those influences I think is difficult to be read from the palm.
The man was trying to say something, he was trying to express something and he was very angry. When the disciple of Buddha tried to intervene Buddha said that that person have no other way of expressing himself, so he spat.
Moon sign, house placements and aspects describe your emotional and intuitive responses, also describes your view of your mother, as saturn describes your father by sign and house position.
I came in here because I met a lady without the head line and being a curious person I explored the internet to find out the reason and I found mysticboard palmistry.

Your Thumb is almost 90 Degrees to your palm and hence shows a person who is a little independent by nature and a person who has control over his wealth but once a person goes shopping such a person cannot control expenditure.
There is a gap between your mercury and apollo finger and hence Independence of Action indicated.
Head Line coming down from the border of Jupiter Mount shows the ambitious quality of your mental thinking. When someone comes to me with love and holds my hands, I feel so much compassion: he is trying to say something but language is inadequate. What does this mean ?I have a pisces sun ,capricorn rising , gemini moon and venus and mars in aquarius. Man is so helpless and he is trying to say something, so he brings his heart close to the other's because he cannot find another way. I can't tell if this cap just really doesn't care or if he expresses his sadness in an alternative way.

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