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I’ve been brainstorming with my husband about other ways to get him prepared for reading. I’ve asked around to see what chapter books other parents are reading to their kids and came up with an awesome list. Here are seven chapter books you can read with your preschooler. After you finish the story, ask them questions about the book to test their comprehension. Geisel, who was born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts, graduated from Dartmouth College, where he was editor of the school’s humor magazine, and studied at Oxford University. Sometimes (okay, often) my mom-brain stalls out and I’m staring at her blankly as I try to think of something quick and educational to do together. I hesitate to mention Junie B Jones, because that seems to set some people off, but my kids loved them, especially the audiobooks – the narrator was fantastic. In addition to your own collection of books at home and the options of books for preschoolers at the library, you can find a great selection of books to read right here online.

There he met Helen Palmer, his first wife and the person who encouraged him to become a professional illustrator.
She’s a little sponge—full of questions and eager to learn and talk through the new things she’s learning.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. He fell in love immediately with our librarian’s first recommendation, The Magic Treehouse Series, which I found interesting as several online sites recommended that for 3rd graders. Also Henry Huggins or Ramona books (except the last Ramona one – I hated it!) have been a big hit.
Some websites offer popular or classic children’s stories while others are fun little sites with stories being shared by the website owner.
Back in America, Geisel worked as a cartoonist for a variety of magazines and in advertising.

The story of a mischievous cat in a tall striped hat came about after his publisher asked him to produce a book using 220 new-reader vocabulary words that could serve as an entertaining alternative to the school reading primers children found boring. She writes about losing weight in her Healthy Living for Mom series, and is chronicling her attempt to master her DSLR camera with her new series, Big Girl Camera. Seuss books are known for their whimsical rhymes and quirky characters, which have names like the Lorax and the Sneetches and live in places like Hooterville.

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