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Were you just completely broken hearted when Pinnochio was trapped by a parasite catcher in Kingdom Hearts???
My son Adam has taken an interest in Pinocchio after receiving a little wooden toy that looks similar to the well known character. I never saw the original Walt Disney cartoon but I’m familiar with the characters and the story. In an awful twist, later on in the novel Pinocchio is caught and hung by the cat and the fox.
I may read the story for myself, but I’ll track down a book based on the Disney movie instead. The soldier without disturbing himself in the least caught him cleverly by the nose and gave him to Geppetto. For further reading, you can find the original Pinocchio for free in many places including Amazon. I was reading this to Adam one night but luckily scanned ahead and saw that bit and skipped it. I use Backblaze to keep a secure online backup of my photo archive and everything else important to me.
One of my favourite Batman stories, and the story the last Nolan film took inspiration from.
The strangest thing of all was that those twenty-four donkeys, instead of being iron-shod like any other beast of burden, had on their feet laced shoes made of leather, just like the ones boys wear. Imagine to yourselves a little, fat man, much wider than he was long, round and shiny as a ball of butter, with a face beaming like an apple, a little mouth that always smiled, and a voice small and wheedling like that of a cat begging for food.
No sooner did any boy see him than he fell in love with him, and nothing satisfied him but to be allowed to ride in his wagon to that lovely place called the Land of Toys. In fact the wagon was so closely packed with boys of all ages that it looked like a box of sardines.
In the meantime, Pinocchio lifted himself up from the ground, and with one leap landed on the donkey’s back.
Suddenly the little donkey gave a kick with his two hind feet and, at this unexpected move, the poor Marionette found himself once again sprawling right in the middle of the road.

Pinocchio, greatly frightened, looked about him to see whence the words had come, but he saw no one. After a mile or so, Pinocchio again heard the same faint voice whispering: “Remember, little simpleton! As soon as they had set foot in that land, Pinocchio, Lamp-Wick, and all the other boys who had traveled with them started out on a tour of investigation.
What with entertainments and parties, the hours, the days, the weeks passed like lightning. Five months passed and the boys continued playing and enjoying themselves from morn till night, without ever seeing a book, or a desk, or a school. Now you can make that fairy knows Pinocchio’s secret and makes him a joker and all laugh at it. He watched a few videos on Youtube of the Disney classic and since I knew the original would be available as a Kindle download I offered to read him a few chapters before going to bed.
I’ve only got to chapter 6 of the story but so far Geppetto is in gaol for child(puppet) abuse and Pinocchio has killed Jiminy Cricket (Talking Cricket in the story) with a mallet to the head. It’s not just the much darker imagery and events in the book but also the odd, old fashioned English. They were uncomfortable, they were piled one on top of the other, they could hardly breathe; yet not one word of complaint was heard. He went up to the rebellious animal, and, still smiling, bent over him lovingly and bit off half of his right ear. But the Little Man, instead of laughing, became so loving toward the little animal that, with another kiss, he bit off half of his left ear. The donkeys galloped, the wagon rolled on smoothly, the boys slept (Lamp-Wick snored like a dormouse) and the little, fat driver sang sleepily between his teeth. Boys who stop studying and turn their backs upon books and schools and teachers in order to give all their time to nonsense and pleasure, sooner or later come to grief. He jumped to the ground, ran up to the donkey on whose back he had been riding, and taking his nose in his hands, looked at him. But, my children, there came a morning when Pinocchio awoke and found a great surprise awaiting him, a surprise which made him feel very unhappy, as you shall see.

Another story, I don’t remember the title, but a princess was kidnapped while she was riding her beautiful white horse. It has no Jimminy Cricket, no going to school, and Pinocchio finds Geppetto by accident which is not so.
The thought that in a few hours they would reach a country where there were no schools, no books, no teachers, made these boys so happy that they felt neither hunger, nor thirst, nor sleep, nor discomfort. But the little animal turned suddenly and gave him such a terrible kick in the stomach that Pinocchio was thrown to the ground and fell with his legs in the air.
Think how great was his surprise when he saw that the donkey was weeping–weeping just like a boy! Toward dawn the next morning they finally reached that much-longed-for country, the Land of Toys.
Adventurers went to rescue her in a distant city and found the horses head nailed to the doors of the city.
He is supposed to get a note telling where Geppetto is and Pinocchio is supposed to go to him.
In the street, there was such a racket, such shouting, such blowing of trumpets, that it was deafening. One boy made a noise like a hen, another like a rooster, and a third imitated a lion in his den. All together they created such a pandemonium that it would have been necessary for you to put cotton in your ears. The squares were filled with small wooden theaters, overflowing with boys from morning till night, and on the walls of the houses, written with charcoal, were words like these: HURRAH FOR THE LAND OF TOYS!

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