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Amy and Dan go to China to find the next Clue and "coincidently" they are the only ones on the airplane who are watching a movie about the Forbidden City instead of The Terminator. After coming from the airport they go to the Forbidden City in Beijing and discover that Emperor Puyi was a Janus. Amy then starts doubting their parents because they are Madrigals and she tells Dan that maybe they should be glad their parents are dead, which upsets Dan, who runs away, getting kidnapped by Ian and Natalie Kabra. That which you seek, you hold in your hand,Fixed forever in birth,Where the Earth meets the sky. As Dan and Jonah go to the Shaolin Temple, Dan learns Wushu and accidentally finds the remains of a burnt lab.
When Dan thought that they've lost the Clue, Amy shows him the poem on the silk and tells him the next Clue is raw silkworm secretion.
In the audiobook, there is an audio extra, featuring Cora Wizard's speech when she won the Nobel Prize. GM - Base of the right side of the helmet, near the ear, it stands for George Mallory who said the quote right above this sentence.
Tenzing knew too - On the copyright page, there are some ancient symbols and a message under it: get no kwiz. It probably means that Tenzing Norgay, a Nepali Sherpa mountaineer, was a Cahill and knew about the clue. One belief has sustained fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, on their hunt for the 39 Clues: They are the good guys. Rick Riordan • Gordon Korman • Peter Lerangis • Jude Watson • Patrick Carman • Linda Sue Park • Margaret Peterson Haddix • Roland Smith • David Baldacci • Jeff Hirsch • Natalie Standiford • C. The Cahill Benjamin Franklin, who is a Lucian, is who this book revolves around with the clue. In France, they reject Jonah Wizard's offer of an alliance and tailed Irina Spasky, who, due to a theft chain, now has the almanac. Within the room, there is a pedestal with sheet music engraved upon it, holding a vase with a small vial inside, with scrambled words on it. On the front cover, there are roman numerals carved on the skulls: IX, XVIII, V, XII, I, XIV, IV.
If you are reading this, it means you are a long-lost member of the Cahill family - the most powerful family in the world.
There is also an alternate cover which features the cards in the front of the book instead of tucked inside the front cover. When the man in black says "They'll never have a clue" he could be referring to the Vespers. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Unfortunately, they are not the first ones there, and meet Alistair Oh at the Beijing airport. The Kabras put Dan in Jonah Wizard's lollipop factory after searching him and finding nothing.

Dan also finds a locket which holds a picture of a woman, who looks exactly like his mother but with clothes from a different time, which he keeps. After speaking with someone on Nellie's phone (she claims it's her uncle), the reluctant pilot flies both of them up Mount Everest and where they find a Janus vial left by British Cahill mountaineer, George Mallory.
They also realize that the formula on the silk means that all the serum of the branches add up to one master serum.
Henry is the name that Emperor Puyi changed his name to after he moved out of the Forbidden Palace. The symbol above each letter represents the code, and the code is on the forehead of the mask on the inside front cover. But then a shocking discovery about their parents discovery shatters everything Amy and Dan think they know, dividing the two siblings for the first time ever. After he is sure she is truly dead, the Man In Black steps out of the shadows and talks with McIntyre.
They are Grace's grandchildren going to her funeral at her mansion with Grace's sister and their guardian Aunt Beatrice.
Meanwhile, William gives the kids Grace's last warning, "Beware the Madrigals." Amy then goes to the library but does not find anything there, but Dan opens a passageway into Grace's secret library where Alistair and them find a copy of Poor Richard's Almanack.
Irina lured them all the way into the Lucian stronghold, and afterwards onto a trap on the Ille St-Louis Island on the Seine, but they were later saved unpredictably by the Holts, a family who is also after the Clues.
They find some bones which have Roman Numerals on them; a magic box number game, planted there by Franklin to give the coordinates to the next Clue.
From page 129 to page 153, the page numbers are shaded with a white number, or sometimes a space, in the bubble. The source of the family's power has been lost, and can only be recovered by assembling 39 Clues scattered around the globe. Vespers, but this short series released between December 25th and December 31st 2011 really caught my attention. He tells them that the Kabras and Holts are already in China after they refuse his offer at an alliance. Amy knows the next destination when she changed Puyi's room in the Great Wall following the feng shui requirements to achieve positive qi.
Then Dan shows Amy the locket he found at the Shaolin temple and they see a name of a woman pirate named Anne Bonny. The book is the introduction to the rest of the series, introducing the main characters and the plotline for the first series. After their escape, Amy and Dan told Nellie all about the 39 Clues, and Nellie decides to help them. However, the Kabras arrive and they threaten to hurt Amy and Dan but are saved by Alistair. Dan solves the anagram on the vial and they resolve to insert the vial into a lightning rod—one of Franklin's inventions—to charge it. 7 Days 7 Short Stories each give us part of a clue and more background information on some of the characters from the books.

Jonah's dad receives a message on his phone which the monk interprets correctly as the location of a terracotta warrior. She ends it with saying she has to leave for London, the supposed location of the next Clue.
They barely escape through the vents (Dan grabbing Grace's cat, Saladin and Amy grabbing a box of jewels on the way out), realize that Alistair has stolen the book, and go home where they convince their au pair Nellie Gomez to be their chaperone for their trip. Then a non-random selection of Cahills, including Amy and Dan, are called away in private for the will reading. Pierre-de-Monmarte church where they find a room with a mural of the four original Cahills, after who the four Cahill branches were named. Dan and Amy try to warn them about a man in black who is going to get them but they don't listen and an explosion occurs and they are left in the hospital for weeks. Amy succeeds, but the vial is then stolen by the Kabras, when they trick Amy and Dan to give them the vial. Nellie is furious and Amy convincingly lies a bit and Nelly is convinced to continue their journey.
However, Dan still has the original envelope, and solves the anagram of RESOLUTION to the Clue: Iron Solute. McIntyre then says they have a choice, one million dollars, or a chance to be the greatest Cahill in history and gives them five minutes to decide. Once they discover a clue Benjamin Franklin left behind and leave the Starlings at the Institute, Amy and Dan head to France. Amy's Internet searches for Franklin, coupled with music, led them to the possible location of the second Clue: Vienna, Austria, the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
And even though it fills in more pieces of the overall story arc, it leaves you wanting to know more. After returning to the hotel room, they meet Jonah's mother, Cora Wizard, who claims Dan to be a Janus. Dan wants the money for baseball cards, while Amy wants the chance in order to make Grace proud. I am glad I picked up the eBook and if you like the other books, I guarantee that you will be also. Dan gets mad at the Wizard family after realizing that Cora was involved the night their parents died and leaves, screaming that he is a Madrigal.
In the end Amy and Dan chose the chance and receive a sealed envelope that they are instructed not to open.

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