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Saturn trine the Ascendant, the native profits from "Lands, Orchards" Christian Astrology p.
The Moon separates from an opposition of Mars and applies to an opposition of combust Jupiter.
50+ years (retirement) finances, stress, financial problems, source of income, career and government. As Virgo rises you are signified by Mercury who is well dignified by sign in the 10th house. The Moon separates from a square of Mercury, your significator and the significator of the job. We do note that Saturn conjoins the Ascendant and Saturn is the natural ruler of melancholy.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Still pretty much obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy, my own writing (and reading) has always favoured these genres. Cancer on Roddenberry’s Ascendant is indicative of this affectionate man who is fondly remembered for giving great big hugs.
Ruling planet the Moon, lies close to the edge of the 8th house in Pisces indicating an emotional understanding of deep psychological motivations which would have helped him as a policeman and as a writer.
Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury and the 9th house is associated with overseas travel, communication through symbolism (as opposed to words in the 3rd house) and broadening the mind. Roddenberry’s deep understanding of our psychological roots helped him to create a world where we can battle our shadows. Back down in writer’s corner in the 3rd house, Roddenberry had a fabulous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. With the Sun shining brightly in Leo in a packed 2nd house, Roddenberry had a gift for drama which not only made him money but also created heroes who could fight our own imaginary demons. Captain Kirk himself was Starfleet’s youngest Captain (Sun conjunct Mercury), given to occasionally bending the rules of Starfleet command when he thinks it necessary (Sun in Leo semi-sextile Saturn).
Chiron in Aries in the 10th house is in an interesting position trine both Mars and Neptune and square Pluto and Venus. In researching for this post, I discovered that there are several asteroids with Star Trek inspired names not to mention an asteroid named after Gene Roddenberry himself.
The asteroid which really caught my eye is Enterprise which is exactly conjunct Gene Roddenberry’s powerful natal Pluto. Whilst writing the post I found myself giggling at this song which was released some years ago.

Kind of off topic, but have you ever seen the movie, “Moon” starring Sam Rockwell? Asteroid Kassandra (number 114) was discovered by Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters on the 23rd July 1871.
Asteroid Pandora was discovered on the 10th September 1858 by astronomer George Mary Searle.
Pluto (conjunct the Ascendant) along with Venus, quickly gives a picture of someone who had the tenacity and the determination to transform his own life as well as lending itself to the cult status that he enjoyed with the birth of Star Trek.
The Moon however is conjunct Uranus in the 9th house and here’s where it becomes quite fascinating. In this case, the shadows (Pluto) that threaten to disempower our society, were moulded into aliens. This shows he had the discipline to put pen to paper and that he most likely enjoyed the process of developing his stories. Neptune dispositing the Moon and ruling the 9th gave him a hunger to create imaginative, archetypal stories.
In opposition to the Moon, Kirk was pretty much led by gut instinct to action which occasionally Mr Spock had to curb (back to Uranus conjunct the Moon). So I see the core, the Sun in these degrees, symbolism of this film, revealing essence or the meaning of the Age of Aquarius.. The asteroid is part of the main asteroid belt and a rare T class with unknown composition. Pandora is one of the larger asteroids, bright and part of the main asteroid belt which orbits between Mars and Jupiter. My great-uncle worked at the Kennedy Space centre and would often send me newspaper clips and souvenirs. The natal astrological symbolism often spills through into their characters sometimes voicing aspects within the chart. Initially staying close to his roots, he became police officer (Pluto = crime) before turning to writing. Note that Neptune, ruler of Pisces and dispositer of both the Moon and Uranus is conjunct Mercury. He belongs to an alien race, one closely related to humans yet they have developed the ability to switch off their emotions and deal with life in a coldly rational way. The prime directive of Starfleet is that they cannot interfere with the social development of any alien race they encounter.
Often wearing recognisably human faces, the various aliens could bring up the issues that Roddenberry was concerned about in an acceptable way.

Given the proliferation of books and websites which list every aspect of back-story, this configuration in the chart shows his careful appreciation to detail in character development and plot-lines.
Star Trek was initially cancelled after dismal ratings but a core following revived the show. The ship herself (always referred to in the feminine in the original series) carried our glorious heroes into the blackness of space and on into the unknown to seek out new life (Pluto rules the 5th house). Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Leah Whitehorse and Lua Astrology with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. I devoured every single sci-fi series in rapt silence, shushing anyone who dared to speak during the show.
For a little bit of fun as the new Star Trek movie release date draws near, I thought I would take a look at the chart of Star Trek writer and creator Gene Roddenberry. This natural urge towards peaceful co-existence is a manifestation of the Moon-Uranus conjunction in Pisces. Both Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct the IC giving him the deep-down belief and attitude to create a long running story that manifested through both the small and big screen.
It was to be a journey that would transform Roddenberry’s life and influence generations after it. When Star Trek began in the 1960’s, it was revolutionary that he chose to have a multi-racial cast and an ultimate agenda towards peace in a divisive, warring climate.
Spock’s people (the Vulcans) have incredibly powerful emotions (Moon in Pisces) which threaten to violently overwhelm them (Moon ruler Neptune conjunct Mars in Leo a€“ perhaps with a dash of Pluto in Cancer conjunct the Ascendant thrown in!). Whilst Roddenberry had no planets in air signs, his North Node in Libra spoke through his urge towards equality for all. As a result, they have learned through intense self-discipline (Mars semi-square Saturn) to detach from their emotional selves (Uranus conjunct the Moon). And, all this as I also sit here watching the orginal movie, Star Trek, The Motion Picture, once again.
With the North Node conjunct asteroid Astraea (Star Maiden) who left earth to dwell within the stars because she couldn’t bear the injustices upon Earth, once again we see how the astrological symbolism plays out.
In the Star Trek mythology, Vulcans saved the people of Earth after World War 3 had almost obliterated us by eliminating poverty, disease and suffering a€“ all Piscean issues.

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