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I also made you 2 student books that sum up what a symbol is and the 5 major American symbols.
Now, I know this sight is for English Language Arts, but I thought I might sneak in a little math. Sophia was reading really well by the end of First Grade, but she was terrified of chapter books.
When I was trying to decide what to put in her summer reading bin last year, I decided to turn to my all-knowing Facebook friends for ideas on easy chapter books that she might be interested in reading.
The books my friend gave me were mostly books from various series, and there were a lot of really great ones included--many of them I had never heard of before. Flat Stanley  If you've ever had to participate in a Flat Stanley project, then you are very familiar with the story.
Babysitter's Little Sister This series is a spin off of the Babysitter's Club books that I read as a kid.
A to Z Mysteries This series follows 9-year-old detectives Dink, Josh, and Ruth as they solve many mysteries. Clementine Like most of these books, the Clementine series centers around a character and her adventures.
Ivy and Bean Ivy and Bean are two little troublemakers who are always getting themselves into, well, trouble!
In 1934, the pre-primer was renamed Dick and Jane and a second book, also a pre-primer, More Dick and Jane Stories, was added.
By the 1950’s, over 80% of first-graders in the United States were learning to read with Dick and Jane. Scott, Foresman and Company worked to address the school integration and inclusion issues by once again employing Zerna Sharp’s literacy philosophy. In the mid 1960s, Scott, Foresman and Company tried to address the phonics issue by introducing books in an experimental language called Initial Teaching Alphabet or ITA. In the late 1960s, the Dick and Jane books expanded to include three new series based on academic performance. In 1977, George Segal and Jane Fonda would star in Fun with Dick and Jane, a film based on a Gerald Gaiser story about the failed promises of a Dick and Jane perfect world.
Set of 11 vintage Dick and Jane readers from the 1940s and set of 13 readers from the 1950s, via Wahoos House.
The 1954 Scott, Foresman and Company Dick and Jane sales catalog, via Tiny Town Books & Toys.
I have seen a few of these easel books — but, as they were school materials, not individual copies for children (or home use), they still are rather uncommon. You’ll find some of our favorite picture books, as well as chapter books and audio books, and even a bit of poetry. Many suggestions were made, but Bria's former 5th grade teacher took it one step further and handed me a pile of books to borrow. Plus, I might have a lot of books at our house, and we had a few more good series for early readers, as well.
If you've never had to do a Flat Stanley project, I'd say to count your blessings (just kidding, they're pretty fun). The series follows Karen, who is the younger sister of original Babysitter's Club member Kristy Thomas.

Colman's Class This series is a spin off of Babysitter's Little Sister (yes, a prolific author!).
I love that the author has a website devoted to Cam and kids can find study guides, quizzes, and other fun Cam activities. She has to deal with things like her parents divorcing and her best friend moving across the country. It's nice to have a few options like this for kids to read about familiar characters they already know from TV or movies. They are fun, relatable stories about Freddy and the goings-on in his life at school and at home. Clementine has to deal with things like a talent show at school for which she has nothing to perform, feeling like her parents love her little brother best, and navigating her relationship with her best friend, Margaret. Chloe was actually into them for a time, too, but Sophia truly loves them and I think in another year or so will be ready to move on to Nancy Drew proper. I know many of these series would also be great for boys, and I don't see why they couldn't read all of them, but I am also not familiar with what boys like to read.
It gets the kids super excited to read the books so that they can understand the games and other activities.
This summer, her bin is full of much bigger chapter books that she is having no trouble with at all. Gray, a renowned educational psychologist and reading authority from the University of Chicago, and pitched to him her philosophy that children are more receptive to reading if the books contained illustrations related to them and their lives. Robinson was the new head author, the books had new material (including more phonics), new illustrations by Richard Wiley, and Dick and Jane had matured, in age and sophisticated. Johnson’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act would continue to challenge the book publisher.
The African-American family, including twins Pam and Penny and their brother Mike, first appeared in the 1964 Catholic School books; public school students were introduced to the African-American family in 1965. For these reasons, along with the usual wear and tear of children’s books, finding vintage Dick and Jane books in pristine conditions is very difficult. Along with the readers and primers mentioned, there were other subject books, such as art, health, math, etc.
That time spent cuddled together with a beautiful picture book will create lasting memories for your whole family. I’ve been trying to help other parents find good books for their children as I read them with mine. Stanley is a little boy who was accidentally smashed flat and decides to see the world by mailing himself everywhere and you can read all about his amazing adventures in this series. Bria really liked these books when she was younger, and I like the way they help kids learn to process big emotions in a way that isn't too heavy. Sometimes it's a bad mood and sometimes it's a medical mood and sometimes it's a fancy mood, but she always has a mood. This author also has a fun website dedicated to all things Ivy and Bean, including crafts and ideas about how to bug your sister. I do know Sophia enjoyed all of these books quite a lot, but if she had to pick a favorite series it would most likely be Ivy and Bean.
Don't be afraid to incorporate technology into reading because that is the way our world is now.

That’s millions of children who were taught by Dick, Jane, Sally, Pam, Penny, Mike, their neighbors, families, and pets! Eleanor Campbell and Keith Ward did the illustrations, and Marion Monroe also authored some of these early editions of the Dick and Jane books.
Now the baby sister is named Sally — and she gets a teddy bear named Tim, the cat becomes Puff, and Spot becomes a Cocker Spaniel.
The initial printings of the 1962 soft-cover Dick and Jane books increased in page size and did not have the white tape reinforcement on the spine.
The goody-goody kids and their ideal gender stereotyped simplicity was no longer relatable or desirable.  The series was officially ended in the late 1960s, replaced in 1970 with Scott, Foresman Reading Systems. These items were produced in much smaller quantities and, being ephemeral in nature, are rare finds. The easiest way to make that transition is to start listening to audio books during quiet play time. Judy Moody also always has a fun website full of "way-not-boring stuff to do" and other fun Judy Moody activities.
I have found a few here and there and re-read them even as an adult, so it makes me happy that there is a cute little series about a younger Nancy Drew for a younger audience.
While illustrations of the family Sharp created were published in earlier versions of primers by Scott, Foresman and Company, it wasn’t until later that Dick and Jane would appear by name.
Later editions of Think and Do books just had solid color blocks.) Also in 1965, the Pacific Press Publishing Association published an integrated version of Fun With Dick and Jane for Seventh-day Adventists. Reading Inventory tests were added to the Dick and Jane series to use as a placement guide.
So the price your easel book would fetch is likely lower than it might have been even 10 years ago.
Kids can still wiggle and play but they are listening to wonderful stories at the same time.
In Canada, English and French versions of the Dick and Jane books were translated and published by W.J. Concerned groups criticized everything from misrepresentations of perfection and other cultural issues to matters of literacy itself. Official Catholic editions of the series, the Cathedral Basic Readers, were created to teach religious themes along with reading.
For example, Sally, Dick, and Jane was retitled Judy, John, and Jean to reflect Catholic Saints and to include stories on morality.
While phonetics were always a part of the Dick and Jane series, there was not enough for the growing movement of phonics fans. You'll also be subscribed to my Sunny Patch newsletter list but you are free to unsubscribe at any time.
For all of these reasons, most of the major changes to the Dick and Jane series occurred in the 1960s. If you make a purchase after following the link I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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