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I know that is shocking to some people but it is true, I have been too busy in the past to find time to read. I have worked my way through some Murakami, Fitzgerald, Hesse, Steinbeck …by reading Douglas Adams and Charles Bukowski  I know for sure I understood some pop culture jokes that would have went over my head had I not read their books (I heard a joke about Bukowski on an episode of Peep Show the other day). By reading Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath I understood a time in American history I did not know about before, it taught me the dark side of capitalism. Bukowski’s Factotum feels like a narration of my life atm with struggles to find work being frustrated by being educated and only finding low skilled jobs. I know for sure that I am learning more or at least taking in more information from reading.

I never did catch on to the Harry Potter craze, my brother got me the entire collection one Christmas and I just couldn’t work my way through them.
It now takes me on average about a week to read a 300 page novel – but I read The Great Gatsby in a day. Sometimes I feel very dumb, I can’t talk or write properly, my words mumble out of my mouth.
Although I tend to stick to the same people from the same place,  I have worked in other cities and I have travelled and I don’t any way feel stupid amongst people.
When I read Hesse’s Steppenwolf I related to the protagonists struggles to fit, it helped me recognise parts of my own personality such as the fact I am introverted.

I am unsure if reading will make me a better writer though. The more I read the faster I can read and reading is helping me understand more about the world just in case I am ever trapped amongst a crowd of intellects on a boat. For the past year I have been getting into reading for fun, I have read maybe 20 books this year.

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