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A central component of reading comprehension is the ability to understand the main idea or theme of a text.
Over the last few years I have created a number for language arts worksheets  and printables  for my son to work on. A printable scarecrow themed game board can be used to work on sight words or really any skills that your children to need focus on.
I was given the opportunity to review the wonderful children’s book This Mouse Needs a House. This set of printable spiders has a blank area for you or your children to write in sight words they need to work on. All you need to make your own wooden letter dice are wooden cubes  and  colored dot stickers. The goal of this worksheet is to write each of the sight words on the cloud on a one of the band of the rainbow. I have notice during my years as a teacher that some children tend to read the same types of books over and over again. According to the Huffington Post’s article How Kids Benefit from Reading a Variety Books– “More book variety grows their entire world. The punch card mentions that there will be a prize when children have received all their hole punches. If you have reluctant reader, you could read through each book together or listen to them on CD.
During the summer I will be sharing book lists that feature each of these different genres.
If you try decide to take on this summer reading challenge , please leave me a comment below telling me about how it is going or stop by my Facebook page share a book you have read that you loved. When I first head of Little Free Libraries a few years ago I searched on the Little Free Library site and  found a Little Free Library about a hour away from us. After learning about a Little Free Library opening down the road from us in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, I searched the Little Free Library database and found that there are three Little Free Library that  have opened within 10 or 15 minutes of our house. I found the book The Little Free Library Book  on Amazon that shares about Little Free Libraries. Whether you decide to make your trip to a Little Free Library an outing or a stop while you run errands is up to you. When my son and I did this activity, I didn’t tell him to place what he thought was the perfect brick of the perfect color in the blank spaces.
The beauty of placing LEGO on the blank lines is that you can try a variety of colors to fill in the blank. If you try this LEGO activity , please leave me a comment below telling me about how it went  or share a picture of it on my Facebook page. The words were written on the chopsticks with traditional markers because of that the letters got a little blurry.
All of the sight word pick up sticks were gathered up in one hand and dropped onto a plastic mat.
To insure that the sticks end up upside the players of the game will build a pile of chopsticks with the words faced down. We found that kids tried to pick words they thought were easy in the first version of the sight word games.
If you do try any of the above sight words activities, please leave me a comment below telling me about it  or share a picture of it on my Facebook page. Children roll a die to find out how many colored circles featuring various alphabet letters they may walk on. Various colors of the rainbow watercolors can be painted over sight words written with crayon. A rainbow salt tray like the one shared in a post by Learning 4 Kids would be great for working on letter and number writing.
This open ended game board could be used to review sight words, math facts or science questions.
This is a  set free printables  I created for my son to use to practice writing his sight words. If  you make any of these ideas for making learning fun, please leave me a comment below telling me about it  or share a picture of it on my Facebook page. We started by creating a story map using a printable I made that features a house like the one in the book.
For more information on  the book This House Needs a Mouse please check out the following sites and shops.
With the dolls made, it was time to come up with firefighters clothes for our little community helpers.
Once the five little community helpers had their clothes cut out,  little details like tracing the outside edge of the fire suit and helmet with black marker and adding yellow stripes were done. We stood our five little firefighters up when they were awake and laid them down when they were asleep. If you are looking for some more fire themed crafts and , you will want to check these out.
Take your time and enjoy each one.After you have selected some to visit, I hope you will enter the $500 Giveaway shared at the end of this post.

Popsicle vowel worms slide through  paper apples to build words in the wonderful post from Toddler Approved.
I love the leaf letter fishing.Leafy Letter learning can be found in this post from Teach Mama. This fall leaf alphabet movement activity from Toddler Approved has kids hunting and gather leaf letters. The Educator’s Spin on Things has created a fun sight word jar filled with words and acorns. Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas has created all word families trees that will be will be fun to create and explore.
Kindergarten Works has a fun literacy center set up for the retelling of the book Fresh Fall Leaves.
Planting a Rainbow followed by actual planting is shared in a post by Wildflower Ramblings.
There is Just One Mommy shares the book Hello, Squirrels and some really fun story extensions. Not everybody has  abundance of fall leaves that descend into their backyard the way we do here in South Carolina and some people long to have autumn leaves. I went through a list of  1st grade sight words to see what letters seemed to appear in the largest number of them. Then I strung a line of twine up on the deck for my son to hang to letters on to form words. The letters were spread out on a piece of poster board and we talked about the words that we could make with them. A list of some of the 1st grade sight words (Click on the link to the left to download a free copy of the list.)  that can be built using the leaf letters can be place out with the leaves. Learning Time FunHave your kiddos make a Book of Brews by coming up with unique witch spells and writing the ingredients and directions. Making Learning Fun has a whole bunch of learning activities that go with the Two Little Witches Halloween story. Treats & EatsThe Food Chics came up with this yummy witch sandwich… it is almost too cute to eat! Cute cupcakes from Parents… they look a little too complicated for me, but darling nonetheless! CraftsYou can buy this darling witch bag kit from Pebbles in my Pocket, but I don’t think it would be too hard to make with scrap paper.
Tip Junkie posted a Witch Pitch game using leftover candy corn, a foam board, and mini cauldrons (very cute but I think little tupperware containers would still do the trick). This entry was posted in celebrations, countdown to Halloween, Halloween on September 29, 2011 by ktoponce.
It is aimed at developing students’ awareness of semantics and encourages them to recognise the association between a picture and a short story describing it.
The free printable has light sabers for various sizes that can be used for letter building. I created to language arts worksheets that give children the opportunity work on reading comprehension skills. My son was able to write each spelling word I called out to him on the frame’s glass. While I rejoice that they are reading, I have tended to encourage them to read lots of types of books. This prize could be something small like a bookmark or a big the book of their choice at your local bookstore. Either way you will want to start looking through your book to decide which ones you are ready to share.We have found books for adults and children in all the libraries we have visited. After reading about today’s activity, I hope you will check out my LEGO print made party placemat, Counting Bees activity and the Draw and Plan It activity.
This activity opens the door for kids to play with words and bring their on meaning to them. If you are looking for more LEGO learning games, you will find a number of them on my LEGO Learning Activities Pinterest board.
In this version of the game the players will not get to see what word they are removing for the stack. In this version they only knew what the word would be if they selected a stick that someone had to put back in the pile. Children have to share a word that rhymes with the word they have selected as well as reading the word. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet arranged in arcs  just seem perfect for activities and games.
If you find some that you really love, please take a moment to leave them a comment  or to pin them to your Pinterest boards. Children try to leap gold coins from circle with various colored sections into a pot of gold. Any subject could be reviewed as children travel up a rainbow path to get to the pot of gold. I decided it would be fun to have JDaniel pick out of a few of them and write about the solutions to the problem.

I bet you like the idea of using a problems and solutions and story map printables, but wish that they weren’t focused on just one book.
You could easily accordion fold the firefighters and retell the poem with them all stacked up. It is the perfect to time look through this amazing collection of fall activities for young readers and pick out your favorites.
I remember several years agp reading about a lady who wanted fall leaves sent to her so her children could learn and explore with them.
We tried to build as many of the words as we could then we tried  to come up with more words of our own. While we aren’t starting quite yet, I wanted to compile all my ideas by October 18th so I am ready to go. It comes highly recommended from me!) Use story cut outs as you are telling the story, or as a fun retelling activity. Another variation of this book would be to have your kids write different recipes such as Spider Stew, Bat Burgers, and French Fried Frogs. We’ve included a link to your site on our page of BEST HALLOWEEN KIDS BOOKS, since we love the great activity to go along with Room on the Broom! Children can read the book on their own with as a class and then share what they remember from the book. Please let me know which ones you decide to try with your children in a comment below or on my Facebook page. They may gravitate back to their favorite type of books, but this gives them an opportunity to see what else is out there. You may look at the reading worksheets and think of fun sentences of your own that you would rather use. Each time they place a LEGO in a blank space they can totally change the word picture that sentence creates. I figured children could just turn the chopstick over to see the word it if was faced down. If the stick was successfully picked up and the words was read correctly, the stick was added to the readers success pile. Before I tell you about the reading comprehension activities we did with this book let me tell you about the book.
The map displays one house for a beginning event, one for a middle of the story event and one of an event from the end of the story. That meant I needed to make another reading comprehension problems and solutions printable. It would be great to see that events they chose for their story maps and what problems they found solutions for. Since firefighters can be men or women I went with this version of the poem I found on Preschool Education. I have searched high and low to find a wide variety of reading activities that will be good to try with your children one-on one, in small groups or in centers.
When I came across a package for crepe paper colored leaves at the dollar store, I remembered reading her plea. Actually you wouldn’t have to hang twine at all, you could arrange the leaf letters on a table to form 1st grade sight words.
And while I will only have time to do two or three of these ideas, I wanted to include everything I found that was noteworthy. We have used our list to explore words on a taped spider web and by hanging tissue paper leaves in the correct order to create words. To ensure the fire suits would fit the outline of the firefighters the neck, arms, trunk, and legs  of one of them were traced on red paper.
You may decide to cut out five separate firefighters put on sticks to make community helper puppets. The leaves I found weren’t real leaves, but they are leaves that can be used for learning activities or exploring. Many of these were found on Pinterest (i just LOVE this site!) some are on my wiki, and some I have found through google searches. In a traditional reading cloze kids try to fill in the that they think comes closest to the missing words by writing it in the blank spaces. Your children may enjoy coming up with their own fun or silly sentences for you or other children to fill in. If the stick rolls or falls off the stack, then they have to place in back in their pile to try adding again later.
Children could decorate the outside of each of the boxes to match the theme of the book they are sharing information about. Winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.

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