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Combining letters, pictures, sounds, and small words starts your child's big adventure in reading!
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You may or may not have heard of phonemic awareness, but it is an extremely important and necessary step in a child's journey of learning to read.

This article discusses 3 different reading tests you can use to assess your child's current word reading level. Each deck of Show What You Know on STAAR, Reading & Writing Flash Cards includes more than 90 cards with text in Spanish. The front of each flash card presents a question aligned to one of the TEKS, as well as a correlation in the top left corner.
Not many 5 year olds can read, let alone spell; however, here's an interesting piece about a child who learned to read before 3 and writes her own simple stories.

On the back of each multiple choice question, the correct answer is given along with an analysis explaining why each choice is correct or incorrect. Our proven flash cards will introduce essential pre-reading and early reading skills for preschoolers, kindergartners, and beyond.

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