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Here you will find our range of Third Grade math sheets to help your child with their measuring and reading scales, and also their estimating skills. They are able to multiply and divide at a basic level, and can solve multiplication and division problems. On this webpage, you will find a range of measurement worksheets to help your child learn to read scales and estimate a range of measurements.
These sheets have also been designed to help support children's understanding of the number system and place value as they all use the metric system which is based on 10s, 100s and 1000s. All the 3rd grade measurement worksheets in this section support Elementary Math Benchmarks. If these 3rd grade Measurement worksheets are not at the right level for you, try some of our easier 2nd grade measuring worksheets. If these 3rd grade Measurement worksheets are not at the right level for you, try some of our harder 4th grade measuring worksheets. All the free Math Worksheets 3rd Grade in this section support the Elementary Math Benchmarks for Third Grade. This section contains our 3rd grade time worksheets to help children tell the time in multiples of 5 minutes. These 3rd grade time worksheets will help your child become more familiar with telling the time. We welcome any comments about our site or worksheets on the Facebook comments box at the bottom of every page. Henrietta Levitt was the first person to discover the scientific importance of a star’s brightness, so why has no one heard of her? Follows a young Chinese American girl, as she navigates relationships with family, friends, and her fourthgrade classroom, and finds a true best friend. Chickenhare and his turtle friend Abe find themselves on their way to be sold to Klaus, an insane taxidermist.
When ten-year-old Zeus is kidnapped, he discovers he can defend himself with a magical thunderbolt.

Police detective Binky investigates the theft of a golden goose, the poisoning of Snow White, and other fairy tale crimes. Offers morbidly-humorous, pun-filled, illustrated epitaphs for animals that poetically describe how they met their ends. Lulu, who loves animals, brings an abandoned duck egg to school, even though her teacher has banned Lulu from bringing animals to school ever again. Strange things are always happening around Archie, but after he meets Cyd and makes friends with her, he finds these odd occurrences more enjoyable.
A collection of sixteen humorous poems about such strange creatures as the stardine, slobster, and magpipe. Stick Dog and his four friends – Stripes, Mutt, Poo-Poo and Karen – will do anything to steal some sweetsmelling hamburgers from a family at Picasso Park! A visual profile of the record-setting baseball star traces his Birmingham childhood, achievements in the Negro Leagues, and fame as a center fielder for the Giants. I am an Amazon Affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Freckle Juice won the third grade division, and rightly so…super cute and you can tell they worked hard on this one. I think Chocolate Fever placed second in the 3rd grade division.  Do you see what I mean when I say it was a tough decision?
Pinkalicious is one of my favorite children’s books, so I was thrilled to see this project!
Want more reading fair projects inspiration?  Start here.  Follow me on Pinterest and never miss a reading fair update! I appreciated my son’s teacher this year as NOTHING came home to do with any projects.
It would’ve been nice to see some winners that were authentically done exclusively by the hands of a child.

This book imagines a special day spent with the celebrated writer and naturalist through the eyes of a child. Clevis, one of the most popular teachers at Washington Irving Elementary School, splits into mean substitute Ms. I like your lists because they are varied and always contain several books we haven’t read.
Stein project won in the 4th and 5th grade division.  I wish you could see the detail that went into this robot and the rest of the props with it.  It was the most incredible reading fair project I had ever seen! While fairs like this are great in theory, it seems like the parents always end up taking over the best ones.
While cute and great as family projects, the adult influence is too, too apparent in these examples.
PickyKidPix also has a great list of chapter books she read at this same age, when she was assigned five books to read during the summer before going into 4th grade. Hyde and sweet sixth-grader Jackie after accidentally putting some chemicals into her breakfast smoothie. This book covers all the nastiest habits of the most disgusting creatures on the planet. Mom!Mom blog and elementary school librarian sharing product reviews, giveaways, and lifestyle articles for parents. It will be fun for me because when I was in elementary school, we didn’t do any of that.

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