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The magical world of Droon and the adventures within continue for Eric Hinkle and his friends.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. In this installment of "The Secrets of Droon" series, Eric learns numerous details of his past, of which he has been previously unaware. New readers can unlock the mysteries of a magical world in this exciting introduction to the young fantasy series hailed as the perfect pre-HARRY P.
In this exciting boxed set made just for Droon fans (and Droon fans in the making), the three adventure seekers meet Princess Keeah and journey into a dangerous volcano, land on a creepy island, and travel to a disappearing cloud city.
They must uncover the meaning of the treasure of the Orkins: A silver snowflake that cannot melt.

Meanwhile, he and his friends must go through many challenges in an effort to save Droon from being destroyed by Gethwing and the darker powers.
Tony was born in Ohio, and now lives with his wife and two daughters in Trumbull, Connecticut. Eric and his two friends, Neal and Julie, discover a secret doorway in Eric's basement that leads to the rainbow stairs.
He convinces Gethwing to allow him to travel to see the sorcerer Lord Sparr to ensure he is on their side. The stairs reach down into the wondrous world of Droon - a land where all kinds of amazing things occur. Once Gethwing consents to Prince Ungast's mission, Eric knows the clock is ticking and it is only a matter of time until Gethwing catches on to the trick that has been played.

Eric and company encounter many individuals and they do not always know if they are friends or foes.
Ultimately, they must follow their hearts while maintaining their wits to meet the end of the journey and successfully rescue Droon from its demise. And millions of beasts are assembling outside Jaffa City, ready to attack Droon's capital.Eric, Keeah, Neal, and Julie will do whatever it takes to save their beloved kingdom. But to defeat the Moon Dragon, they'll need to uncover the greatest secret in all of Droon.

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