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Genuinely show gratitude to at least one person each day…it can be your spouse, friend, family, relatives, extended family or a co-worker. Not only do you make others feel good (which can be reflected back in their attitude towards you.
But positive energy is something that helps you grow while negativity and pessimism only hold you back. There are moments that make us become bitter, loved, hurt, happy, traumatized, and at peace. Try clearing your mind through breathing exercises, meditation, walks in nature, laughing, or surrounding yourself around positive and loving influences.
The ego is the body’s built-in mechanism that provides us with survival tools for a body that may encounter danger. With the rationale of the soul coming into play, there no longer has to be a fear conditioned response.
Well after pondering all the worst that could happen, I put my focus on the greater possibilities. You might not be able to control every circumstance that comes into your experience, but you can control how you react to each one. The power of positive thinking is a ubiquitous notion in the American mind, but that was not always so. So, relentlessly focus on one positive thing each day and 30 days from now take a look back and see how things have changed.

If you don’t have anyone close to you like this then look to books, seminars or better yet, follow us at Self Help Made Simple.
When enlightened to a point of realized oneness; body, mind, and soul come together knowing that the circumstances have been laid about by its own doing. There is a change that is desired to happen in my life right now but I don’t know if I can handle it. While its antecedents date back to Hermeticism, an ancient Greco-Egyptian philosophy for achieving esoteric powers, in today’s parlance “The Secret” had to be rediscovered after centuries of oblivion.Providing plentiful primary research, Mitch Horowitz excavates the modern history of positive thought dating back to the Transcendentalists and as early as the 1830s.
For me, I like to read Success Magazine but you got to do what is going get you moving not what moves others.
What dominates your mind may not always be your conscious choice but your subconscious that has been programmed through years of established beliefs, that you’ve created, on your own. If we think and FEEL abundance, happiness, and prosperity, then that’s exactly what we will get. One Simple Idea, his follow-up effort, targets positive thought, the New Age belief that one could say has most penetrated the American psyche.New Thought, as it is sometimes known, was not birthed from whole cloth.
Do you care to stay in idle and allow the pattern of negative thought to rule your mind and consequently ruining your life experience? It might be natural to ponder the possibilities of failure, but don’t dwell in the state of fear for long.
It was a gradual imbrication of points of view over time by a multitude of personalities, many of whom Horowitz saves from obscurity.

Now, if you can’t entirely give it up, start off by giving it up once to twice per week. Sometimes it takes that extra conscious effort to snap out of that pattern, but It’s well worth it, if you care to turn your life around.
With each of them, Horowitz examines their shadow side and set-backs as a means to understanding their fabled success.In addition to numerous inspirational leaders, the positive movement likewise birthed renowned organizations (Twelve Step, Unity) and pithy concepts (“Yes, we can,” “Follow your bliss”). Regrettably, the altruistic underpinnings of one of its more influential principles—the Law of Attraction—was usurped by a zeal for prosperity and self-advancement. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is the granddaddy guide for exploiting positive thoughts for personal gain.While each of us deserves to “be all we can be” (and not for the military, thank you), the extraordinary power of positive thinking to transform society has barely been tapped. Be it its solipsistic tendencies or the New Age-y stigma, faith in positive thinking is still quite marginal. The world is not yet convinced that “thoughts are things”—a core positivist tenet.But the zeitgeist is changing. Horowitz explores the quantum physics of positive thinking to explain its formidable capabilities. As more people grasp the potential of neuroplasticity, for example, or that gratitude can be scientifically measured, we are presented with a profound opportunity to seize the power of our minds to shift the consciousness of our species—just as the Hermetacists and Transcendentalists envisioned.Cat McGuire lives in New York City, and is a master palm reader and quantum activist devoted to helping raise political and spiritual consciousness.

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