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The Gold version is the VIP’s premium range of SMPS that has bigger 120mm Fan and Gold finish casings.
600 Watt SMPS with dual 12V rails with Active Power Factor Corrector (PFC) with PF upto .99. It is a 900 Watt SMPS that has similar features of the 750 Watt version but has higher output and current ratings. A Professional Blogger, Web Developer, Hardware Enthusiast, Gamer, Geek and Founder of many other websites.
What if I OC my graphic card and also my CPU, will my smps can take it… Graphic card can be OC to 1.25 ghz? Yes but they are high quality SMPS and made as per specifications and quality control specified by Kunhar.
My motherboard have 8 pin power connector for that which PSU i need to purchase and my budget is max 2500-3000 rs. Your motherboard can support both versions of the graphics card as Graphics card RAM has nothing to do with motherboard compatibility.
I have 4 gb +4gb RAM(8gb) ,asus m4a77td pro motherboard and AMD Phenom II 965 black edition(TDP 125 W) with dvd drive and 500gb HDD. Can VIP GOLD 600w SMPS(PSU) handle Asus GTX 760 OC 2GB(which comes with 8 pin connector,and SMPS has 8 pin connector also) ? As you can see in the picture above, this 450 Watt Odyssey SMPS has got only 10A current on 12 Volt rail which is very bad and below average. The build quality of this smps is also very poor and the component quality and finishing is not up to the mark too. I’am currently using this power supply and now my pc shutdown randomly but Sometimes it does work continuously for 12 hours.

E5300 has good overclocking potential and can be easily overclocked to 3 GHz (on stock cooler) and even more. SMPS; Anahtarlamal? guc kaynaklar? 1960’l? y?llarda dogrusal (linear) guc kaynaklar?n?n cal?sma veriminin dusuk olmas? ile kullan?lmaya baslanm?st?r. Anahtarlamal? guc kaynag? eski sac trafolar?n yerine gunumuzde bir alanda kullan?lan elektronik guc kaynaklar? trafolu guc kaynaklar?na gore cal?sma frekanslar? hada yuksektir boyutlar? ag?rl?klar? kucuktur guc donusumu gerektiren bir cok alanda kullan?larlar televizyon,monitor,bilgisayar,ses sistemleri,ayd?nlatma vb.
This is their 400W version of Gold PSU range that has dual 12V rails and 70% high efficiency protection.
It comes with 80mm Dual ball-bearing Fan for excellent thermal control in front & back.
A dual 12V rail means the smps has two 12V lines to balance the load just like dual core cpu.
If your smps already have that 6 pin connector for your graphics card then you need to insert that only in your card. As I have added many additional drives and components, I have to upgrade to around 600-700 watt smps. It is an exhaust fan and it will not blow the air on your motherboard but it will take the hot the air out from the vents at the back side of your smps. I would advice you to get Zotac Geforce GT730 1GB DDR5, because DDR5 is much faster than DDR3 and 1 GB RAM is more than enough for your work. Zotac does not make GPU but they design the graphics card board layout and circuitry, the GPU is made by Nvidia only. Corsair CX430 comes with a 8 pin connector that can be split into half if your motherboard has 4-pin connector. There is nothing special about this Power Supply Unit but it is quite popular in India, where most of the people do not wishes to invest in a good smps. So I again say that you must keep away from this smps as far as possible because it will only give you trouble and nothing else.

It is a high quality 750 Watt SMPS, has modular cables, 80 plus gold certification and a whopping 62.5A current on 12V Rail.
So I am really confused if there is something wrong with this PSU or some other parts in my CPU.
A total Computer Geek who spends more than half of his time on computers and also has a passion for computer games.You can find him on GooglePlus.
Temel olarak alcalt?c? (buck) cevirici,yukseltici (boost) cevirici ve alcalt?c?-yukseltici cevirici olmak uzere 3 tip bulunmaktad?r.
It has heat resistant anti-static screen on all cables, dual 12V rails and 78% High efficiency protection.
But I would like to say that you must keep away from this smps if you want to keep your computer safe. In fact the other Local cheap power supplies like Zebronics and other Intex SMPS have got more current on 12V rail as compared to this Odyssey 450W power supply. Also an entry level graphics card will help you a lot in your work which is mainly related with graphics intensive applications. This amount of current (10A) is not enough to run a modern computer so I wonder how it can run the PC with Graphics Card installed. You will be risking your computer components (cpu, motherboard, ram, graphics card, hdd etc.) if you use this smps in your computer.
In India SMPS are often neglected in India as people think that they do not play an important role in the computer but they do not know that they form the most important unit of your PC, so instead of getting a cheap SMPS or the SMPS bundled with your cabinet you must always invest in a good brand of SMPS for proper functioning, performance and safety of your computer components like motherboard, Processor, Graphics Card and others. For Cabinet go for a Full size ATX cabinet with proper airflow if don’t have it already.

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