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The major difference between visual entertainment and reading is the participation demanded by the reader. You also take in a series of signals that give you the nuances of the story, shades of meaning, the flow of rhythms and the intended mood and atmosphere. All this is done merely with words, by the way they are placed and the choices of which ones are used.
Ask any two people who have read the same book about the world they entered, and you will find a different world for each. Coming from professional theatre, Elizabeth Bailey taught drama for many years alongside her writing career.
This is a brilliant way to do short and effective quizzes and injects a bit of fun in to the revision process.
I bought this product for my 13 year old son and think it is very easy to navigate and easy to use. Lucy thought she was pretty good at English but certainly managed to learn a few things through the quizzes – some of which came in very useful when she sat her 11+. This multi cultural image shows a darker skinned teacher with a variety of nationalities around him. Our homework has come to a close, but I did tell the kids to keep reading over the summer and go to the library to get a library card and read, read, read! I am looking for any adult… parent or grandparent to come in and read to our class for MARCH IS READING MONTH!
Friday, March 13: lights out I have flashlights for everyone just expect to be reading in the dark! Today was the first day of school and we have a great group of kids in the first grade band!

Parents usually start them on stimulating picture books, moving on to simple words with pictures, and then stories.
They also become familiar with the stories as children like to have the same ones read to them over and over again. It’s not every child who finds their place in the news headlines by reading hundreds of books in the holidays! You enhance your vocabulary without effort, merely by understanding words in a particular context.
This is the skill of the writer, to use words in such a way that the reader is able to conjure up a world complete in itself. And yet that world is incomplete without the reader’s personal interpretation of that place and time with the tool of his own mind. It is this experience that sets reading apart from visual entertainment, which feeds the viewer so much of what the reader must create for himself.
The virtual world is nothing to the world of the child’s own imagining and reading brings such worlds to life. Book quizzes can help motivate children to read!
Multi-published, she now writes full time, both her own novels and ghostwriting, as well as critiquing for other writers.
We used an app called Aurasma to create an augmented reality presentation of the facts we found about our animals of choice! We Still have all the money that was sent in for the canceled trip so this will be  just a new date. Sack lunch is provided for the students but if you are joining us, you will have to bring a lunch.
We will have some educational Halloween centers and share our Halloween stories and enjoy a few snacks!

Of course many children become readers and enjoy the magical world of books for themselves. Writer and reader enter a pact, in which they journey together through the story, each helping the other to build a world unique to the reader. Read books to children that they would find hard to read by themselves as well as those suitable to their age group.
But it’s a little sad for those who don’t, perhaps even detrimental if children spend more time with visuals on the computer.
We have lots of parents interested in going so our need for chaperons will fill up…THANK YOU!
Is there some automatic click off that says kids should take on responsibility for their own bedtime story once they learn to read?
Within our classroom, we are really trying to focus on that positive GOOD behavior and NOT negative reinforcement.
At the end of the day the section with the most points gets a band acknowledgement the next day such as writing with markers all day or wearing their socks in the classroom. As we reflect and grow this has given us something to work toward as we develop as a community!

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