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Grand Etteilla I Tarot, circa 1850s?, Germany, card maker unknown, 20 of 78 cards (includes Major Arcana 1-5, 7, 9-17, 24, 36, 48, 68 and Folly), hand-colored copper engravings. Price Realized is hammer price plus buyer’s premium and does not reflect costs, financing fees or application of buyer’s or seller’s credits. Beginning in 1770, Jean-Baptise Alliette, who preferred to use a pseudonym of his name spelled backwards, published his first book, Etteilla, ou maniere de se recreer avec un jeu de cartes par M***.
Etteilla's book, Maniere de se Recreer avec le Jeu de Cartes Nommees Tarots: Pour servir de premier Cahier a cet Ouvrage appeared in 1783 and depicted four tarot cards (9 La Justice, 10 La Temperance, 11 La Force and 12 La Prudence). If you have ever had that instant connection with someone and just known that they are someone you have past life history with, this spread is for you. I feel that often, there is a need to go more in-depth with relationship karma than with the simple spread I created last week, so I have adapted another Tarot spread I like to use for relationships to include karmic markers. I used three cards from Past Life Oracle because it is spookily accurate and one card from the Higher Intuitions Oracle – my favourite for positive transformation of any situation. The Karmic link card tells you how you usually connect with the other soul and possibly why you have come together again in this life-time.
This group of cards is to be read intuitively and tells you how you connect here and now as well as how things are likely to progress (read from right to left).
Place one Tarot card on either side of your Past Life Oracle card and do the same for theirs.
Finally, place the Higher Intuitions Oracle card below the central Past Life Karma card for advice on how to make the most of the dynamic you have in this life-time. Raven from the Higher Intuitions oracle brings a message of patience and there is a sense of things developing organically as the karmic pull is strong enough to unfold events without either party having to do much.
I recommend leaving the spread out for a while and coming back to it several times as things can gradually begin to make more sense. If you have any questions about this spread, please feel free to ask in the comments below. I really appreciate your help ?? hopefully one day i can become as good as you with my cards. I’m currently looking at my cards and am a little confused about my past karma cards. There is always an element of deceit connected with the 7 of Swords in a relationship reading. I read all cards from left to right, as you would read a normal sentence… but whatever works for you! I am interested in consulting with your over the results of this card spread and would be willing to pay for your guidance! This reading was powerful for me, I asked about me and my mother, we are close but not emotionally more mentally, although it can be volatile and we always seem to clash, so I wanted to know more about our connection. Thanks for sharing, Sophie, and I’m please to see you got so much out of this spread! While examining individual cards is a good method to start investigating the meanings of your Tarot deck, I’ve found working with them in small group layouts makes the meanings stick in my memory better. When cards are in a stack – with one on top of another, it indicates a hierarchy of the cards. Reading Cards in a stack like this can get you very familiar with many other larger spreads, such as the popular Celtic Cross. Here, while Card #1 is still the first drawn it occupies the upper left area of the spread and we move downward to Card #3. Art of Life Tarot presents a 78-card deck of oversized tarot cards.  Each card features a treasured work of art paired with an insightful quotation.

When the topic for this blog-hop round was announced, the Ace of Wands from the Druid Craft Tarot immediately sprang to mind. He gained a large following who paid well for his services that included astrological readings, card readings, custom-made talismans and spiritual counseling.
Chances are that you crossed paths again because there is a karmic bond between you and you were meant to meet up again. Harsh aspects between their Saturn and your Sun (or vice versa) is usually a sign of tough karmic lessons. My preference is to work with mixed oracles for this spread but feel free to try it with only Tarot if that is all you have. Your Past Life Oracle card tells you something about your role in a key past life and theirs gives you insight into their role back then.
The key is to allow the cards to tell you a story rather than trying to decipher individual card meanings.
Now you have two groups of three cards each that tell a story of which portion of personal karma is being played out through this connection.
Then place one tarot card either side of this card to see what you can learn from each other. It is interesting to note the sequence of numbers in the Pentacles for person number two, reflected in the 8 of Pentacles as the lesson person number one is meant to learn. When I was reading up on the cards I read judgment and lovers could mean karmic relationship. I knew it, I felt it was bad news from the moment she told me his ex was trying to contact him.
I understand you are no longer running your website but would love to discuss the cards in my spread with you if this were at all possible! The Greco-Roman card fell out at the beginning, she was my Father and I received the Food and Hunger card with Ten of Pents on the left and Death on the right of this card, she had Seven of Wands and Two of Cups, so these cards being related to the past life I took it to mean that I had died of hunger, with the Seven of Wands from the Legacy of Divine Deck to me is a Spiritual Card of going it alone and defending your beliefs, there must have been a soul lesson there.
It’s in layouts that you see how the card meanings can actually be applied and the theory becomes practice.
The important thing is the reader has decided the order, the layout, and the meaning of the position before beginning to draw cards.
It moves from the base upward, giving Card #1 less impact as the outcome, but more weight as the immediate situation surrounding your question.
This will effect the reading and how the cards are interpreted as I will show in today’s layout interpretive reading.
This is the opposite of the next diagonal – which is the same but places #1 at the height and #3 at the bottom. For me the upward card layout seems to be moving into the future; the downward card spread becomes an answer to what is unseen or hidden.
Rising to a state of global awareness, affecting change and progress on a large scale.  Completion of a large scale project or endeavor that will propel you to even greater work. The cards in this unique deck may be used for traditional tarot readings or individually for daily inspiration. However, it wasn't until the works of Antoine Court de Gebelin appeared 1781 that Etteilla turned his attention to the occult. In the sample reading above, you will note that the person (person number one) to the left was probably male and in a leadership position.
The card on your side tells you what you can learn from them and the card on their side tells them what they can learn from you. You get a sense of person number one being better able to hone their skills and person number two developing leadership skills thanks to this connection.

Call on your own Guardian Angel and on that of the other person, as well as Archangel Jermiel who is the Angel of Past Life Reviews.
If you can’t find the flow in the story you need to leave the spread for a while and come back to it. I read a tidbit about you getting married and thought you would no longer being running the website, but I am happy to be mistaken over this!! Notably, there were a plethora of major arcana cards – the Hierophant, the Sun, the Hermit, Justice, and the Magician, the Lovers, the Empress, Judgment, and the Moon. I do not read on (re-interpret) readings but I am happy to do you a karmic relationship reading. The Karmic Card was Writing, she is an English teacher with a Journalism degree and I struggle to keep my Journal up to date or clear my Throat Chakra especially when it comes to the relationship I have with her too much or not at all. Yes, you were meant to cross paths but what you actually end up doing about it is still down to free will. For example, the card on top of another in a reading may be the more dominant factor in a situation. Card #1 has a stronger relationship with Card #2 than Card #3; Card #3 has a stronger relationship with Card #2 than Card #1. Court de Gebelin wrote an essay, "Du Jeu des Tarots" appearing in Le Monde Primitif expounding the view that the Major Arcana of the tarot pack constituted the Egyptian hieroglyphic Book of Thoth, saved from the ruins of burning temples thousands of years ago, and containing the synthesis of all human knowledge and profound mysticism.
Scenarios are created to help both parties resolve their karma, whether it be for recompense, retribution or simply to finally let someone go.
Here (The Devil followed by the 2 of Swords) we have a feeling of blocked sexual energy, for instance. You were reading on what will happen next, so I wouldn’t take these cards as karmic indicators. I was using the whole tarot deck and have never pulled so many arcana cards in one spread before! Alternatively, if you are stuck on a particular card, I am happy to answer your question here in the comments. Anger came up which I need to let go of, it helped to understand the dynamics in that life of why I may still be holding on in this life. Also, outside influences and circumstances fluctuate whatever you and the other person decide to do… Ask yourself which way of reading is more empowering.
I wrote an article about more types of personal karma and how to read on it with the Tarot last week.
Always strive to set the most empowering time frame as well as asking the most empowering questions. I used the Energy Oracle deck and received Garden of the Gate Reversed which spoke about making a living from Spiritual matters which she does not believe and has affected my beliefs in myself. Lots of good emotions we need to develop going forward and an understanding of each other in time is the hope for me. Thank you for the Spread, I love working with the Tarot but so far struggle to come up with spreads of my own.
I will need to work on Writing more often and expressing my emotions that way, it is not the first time I have been informed that writing is a big part of my future.

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