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This 3 card tarot spread is a quick and simple way to get insight into the past, present and future. Hi, I was just wondering if there was an app or a program that helps interpret a card spread.
I’ve looked up the generic meanings, but just something about having 2 knights and 2 swords in a 3 card spread worries me.
A while ago my mother bought a mind body and soul kit for herself in upgrading she has passed the set onto me. However, when I was learning, I did readings with the Majors only, or the Court Cards only, in order to get comfortable reading those cards. I prefer using all the cards for a reading, but for learning purposes, its helpful to read with certain cards. The Three of Cups is representative of friendships and collegiate, harmonious relationships. Learn to read the Tarot cards like an expert with The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings - the most comprehensive Tarot resource available online with over 330 pages of practical Tarot card meanings. Out of all the different readings that I do, more often than not I see the Three of Cups reversed come up in relationship readings when there is a third person involved.
I’m a professional Tarot reader & teacher, intuitive business coach and spiritual entrepreneur. I'm here to help you read Tarot with confidence and transform your life and others' through Tarot.
This card can help you identify what the querent is experiencing and feeling at that moment. There are many variations on the 3 card tarot spread, including the past life tarot spread, but this is one of the most common and useful (in my opinion!) spreads. Hearing other’s ideas about cards can be helpful, but it shouldn’t supercede your own ideas! I would like to learn to read the cards properly to understand what they potentionally mean in using your step guide I have landed with a few really strange cards and numbers I am uncertain what they mean do you have anything on these that I may read up on to understand? You didn’t mention if you would use this spread using ALL the cards, or just the minor arcana, etc.
Three young maidens dance in a circle with their golden goblets upraised in a toast of joy.

It is a time when you are open to helping others, which in turn means that others are open to helping you. Rapidly improve your Tarot card reading skills with the Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings for career, work, finance, relationship, spiritual or health Tarot readings. Often it is a reflection that you, the querent, are that third person and may be involved in an affair or dealing with an unfaithful partner.
Learn to read Tarot with my FREE email tutorial series, 5 Simple Steps to Read Tarot with Confidence. I did a 3 card spread today for myself and for some reason the cards I got kinda scared or worried me and I don’t know why. Their arms reach out to each other and they connect through their emotions and their friendship with one another. When this card appears in a reading, look to the other cards for more detail on the nature of the relationship.
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This card reminds me of the wonderful connection and friendship that exists between the four female characters in “Sex and the City” – Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. They stand by each other, through thick and thin, and they are always there for one another as they make their way through various relationships, careers and other life journeys. It is unlikely that this situation is sustainable as ‘three’s a crowd’, thus something has got to give. Nearly every episode, they can be found enjoying each other’s company, often over a Cosmopolitan or another fancy New York cocktail.
On a broader scale, the reversed Three of Cups can indicate that your creativity is being stifled and instead you are being forced to conform to the group in which you are operating. A sweet smelling laurel wreath is also a symbol of protection, peace and purification and is a message that the favour of the Universe is upon us, and that we shall be the victor in this stage of our lives.
You get the feeling that these girls will be friends forever and will know that they can always count on each other for support and compassion.
You may be part of a very tight-knit group that does things a certain way and is not open to innovation or alternative approaches. You may find that by turning to your female friends, you receive the love, support and compassion you need right now.

You need to consider whether you are willing to sacrifice your creative abilities in favour of the group’s desires. When seeking answers about one's self, the card may indicate motherly worries about people or projects.
The flowers remind us of the good times in life, the sweet smell of success, and the beauty that surrounds us if only we open up to its presence.
Your close circle of friends may be a mothers’ group, old school friends, a women’s networking group or a collection of friendships that you have built up over the years.
There is a oneness shared between your close friends and you, and there is a general feeling of sensitivity and sympathy with one another. If this is the case, it is time to take charge of the situation and to reconnect with your community. It may also be a reminder to the seeker that patience and persistence are necessary when nurturing growth. Consider joining a group or organisation, and if the need for support is present, seek out the necessary resources. Similarly, the Three of Cups reversed can indicate that you have lost touch with your close friends, perhaps due to a falling out or other, more demanding priorities such as work or family commitments. See this card as a reminder to reconnect with your friends, let your hair down and have a good time, without worrying too much about the consequences.
On the other hand, the Three of Cups reversed may indicate over-indulgence in the party scene. You may be spending most nights out at bars and nightclubs, indulging in drugs and alcohol and throwing caution to the wind. You may also be in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mindset, when what you need is greater balance in your life.
Be mindful about the longer-term consequences of your actions and ask yourself whether this is indeed a sustainable lifestyle.

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