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I love the detail of it and it looks great on my altar with Morrigan and Cernunnos which is made by the same company. Birthstone beads feature four stones, to be visible from any angle.Beads are designed to be strung on the specially-made bracelet (item J50017). Detailed statue in an extraordinary blue-green finish shows Danu bearing an overflowing basin. Kisma founded Women Spirit Rising of Costa Mesa, a woman's organization that provides ongoing New and Full Moon ceremonies, monthly Goddess mythology circles, seasonal celebrations and women's spirituality workshops. Enrobed in a cape depicting the tree of life under the night sky, Danu is a symbol of fertility and the life force. It’s sort of like biting into a piece of fruit that looks like a peach and smells like a peach only to discover that it has the texture and taste of a banana.

She sits on a little daytime altar with Kwan Yin and Sarasvati and each day I am thankful to the friends who brought her to me! Having studied and undergone initiation in the Celtic and Faery traditions, she turned her focus to the native traditions of America and has studied and undergone initiation with several Shamans of Native American traditions.
After a brief introduction you follow the Element cards, the number cards of the minor arcana. Kisma works toward integrating all indigenous traditions and worldwide Goddess cultures into one unified Earth tradition which she calls the Gaia Tradition. Rather than telling you, "This card means X, Y, or Z," the story and poem tend to provide concepts and feelings about each card, resulting in an almost initiatory experience. The results will be very worthwhile and rewarding.This also follows the concepts presented in Ms. If you are one of the many people involved in that system, this deck is ideal for more in depth work.
Just as the interpretation of the cards seems to move from traditional to unique, the artistic style of artist Renée Christine Yates is a conundrum. The Ace of Aer seems to be almost primitive in style (primitive in an artistic sense, as in the style of Grandma Moses) while other cards have explosions of depth and realism. A totally unique aspect to this deck consists of the four extra cards known as the "Gift of Faery" cards. Although not directly related to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, their purpose seems similar to a part of the way they used their Tarot. At the beginning of the system, after determining your question, you would cut the deck into four piles and turn them to look at the bottom cards of the piles. By randomly pulling one of the Gift of Faery cards you will get an indication of the level of perception you are operating in.
The book concludes with a pronunciation guide to all of the Irish words on the cards and in the book. The eighty-three cards of the Faery Wicca Tarot and the 181-page booklet in this set have two tasks. This complete system is a wondrous tool for inner transformation, designed to help you make wiser decisions and have a richer journey on your spiritual path. In order to accomplish this, you will need to know the divinatory meanings of the cards and how to use them in spreads. The booklet explains the meaning of each card and shows how they are used in fifteen different layouts.
The second task is to share the magnificent vision of the Faery Wicca, based upon ancient Irish myth and legend.

It brings the ancient gods and goddesses to life to guide, comfort, and imbue you with spirituality and power. The symbolism on these cards brings forth that vision in a way that can inspire you to a greater understanding of the Faery Wicca path and a deeper understanding of yourself.
Stepanich's Faery Wicca Tarot for its introduction to the Faery Wicca tradition or its usefulness as a divinatory tool, you should get it today. Kisma founded Women Spirit Rising of Costa Mesa, a woman’s organization that provides ongoing New and Full Moon ceremonies, monthly Goddess mythology circles, seasonal celebrations and women's spirituality workshops. Available in a boxed kit?: Instead of the normal little booklet, this deck comes in with a book that has the same length and width as the deck. The deck itself is in a box, and there is a slipcase that holds both the book and the boxed deck.
This is very clever as it doesn’t take up a lot of room but still includes far more information than is usually found in those tiny "little white booklets" that accompany most Tarot decks.
The number cards of the minor arcana are called the "Element" cards, while the court cards are called "Helper" cards. When you originally get the deck, instead of a suit running from the numbers through the court of the suit, you get all forty of the Element cards followed by the sixteen Helper cards. Although the Element and Helper cards have symbolism, it is sparse compared to many other decks.
Still, they give enough information to properly interpret the cards according to the information in the book.
The Major Arcana can be used in traditional fashion, but there are some dramatic differences.
It is this version that is the modern standard, but a little history doesn’t make this too jarring. Card 12 shifts the focus from the traditional Hanged Man to the person who does the hanging, The Hangman. The author does this to move away from the concept of sacrifice represented by the card—"sacrifice implies martyrdom or victimhood" the author writes. The author gives the divinatory meaning of this card as "change," and this concept can easily be incorporated into readings. Why was deck created?: According to the author, while sitting in a stone circle in Ireland, the vision of Dana came to her and inspired her with the design for this deck.

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