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Edited: I did a 3-card spread that tells what lies before you, what lies ahead of you, and what lies within you. First of all, most decks available use a similar set of symbols and of interpretation based on the Rider-Waite deck, so most of the differences are cosmetic.
So get a good instruction book (the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the Tarot is good) and pick a deck that you like. After that, you can start asking questions, laying out the cards, and attempting to put together a meaningful answer. This is a website that has a few that you can look at and see what you like as well as examples of spreads and a free reading to boot. The cards were created in mid 15th century, commissioned by the Duke of Milan as part of the celebrations for his daughter, Bianca Visconti’s marriage into the Sforza family. For their first 350 years tarot cards were known for nothing but games, becoming at one time the most popular form of card game throughout continental Europe. It was not until the very end of the 18th century that occultist Antoine Court de Gabelin first declared the cards to be of ancient Egyptian origin, being a book of coded knowledge, brought to Europe by the gypsies. In the early 18th century, German card makers began to produce French suited tarot cards whose trumps featured a range of images from local landscapes to exotic animals.
Occultists’ cards can be divided, very broadly and not always exactly, into three groups.
However, attitudes of card designers and card shoppers have become rather more post-modernist now, the occult system represented becoming less important than personal appeal. Well, as a card game, they are used to play what we call point-trick games, with the fifth suit acting as a suit of fixed trumps. For myself, I run into the same logical problems with regards to knowledge of the future that I do with time travel.
They are wonderful for meditation, guidance, insight, personal growth & psychic development! The only difference between the millions of decks is the imagery, they all means the same at a basic level. A free tarot reading using tarot cards is one of the most popular techniques of fortune telling.
Tarot playing cards have been used for foretelling or divination forever and have been very accurate.

For example, for a daily reading one can use the one card spread whereas a Celtic Cross reading is most suitable for love and relationships.
The most popular spreads are: One Card, Celtic Cross, 3 Card1 Card Spread, 2 Card Spread, Relationship Spread, Zodiac Layout and more. Tarot reading is well accepted with people looking for daily predictions to resolve their individual issues. Similar Posts Which You May Like!April 13, 2013 -- Free Tarot Readings Can Predict Your Future (0)Tarot has been the most popular form of fortune telling using Tarot cards. Tarot Card Reading Predicts Your Future was posted on April 13, 2013 at 3:25 am in Articles and tagged as free tarot, free-accurate-love-future-reading-online-now, free-accurate-love-readings-online, free-accurate-tarot-predictions, free-on-line-love-tarot-card-readings, free-online-tarot-card-reading-for-love, free-tarot-reading-online-now, love-card-reading-future, online-tarot-card-predictions, spanish-tarot-card-future-predictions, tarot card reading, tarot cards, tarot online, tarot reading, tarot-card, www-astrologycircle-com. A fifth suit of picture cards was added to the then standard Milanese playing cards, these extra cards took as their theme a traditional Christian triumph procession.
The old trumps and suits are still used for game play in Italy, Sicily, and Switzerland, though there are some special regional packs (the Tarocco Bolognese and the Tarocco Siciliano). This type of pack, often reduced to just 54 cards and has become the dominant pattern for card play. There are those based on the Marseille pattern, a pack featuring the Italian suits and trumps and also used by card players (it was based on the Piedmontese pattern, a fairly late Italian variety of the cards). Like spades, bridge, or whist, players win cards in tricks but unlike them, different cards carry different point values and so it is not the number of tricks that matters but the card points in them. IF they do, then it is not the cards that are doing anything – they are just a pack of playing cards and no more know your destiny that a tea leaf knows the history of the East India Company.
I help you identify the steps needed to improve your life and help you stay on track so you fulfill your goals. Of all the decks of cards like Spanish La Baraja, common playing cards, tarot cards are the most popular. An individual also has the option to decide whether cards from either only Major or only Minor Arcana or both should be included in the reading.
Hence they were called trionfi, meaning triumphs, and from which we get our word trump – it was the invention of tarot that marked the invention of trumps in card games! It was not until the early 20th century that the occult beliefs began to spread beyond France, thanks to members of The Order of the Golden Dawn in England. You can still find the odd reproduction of the Minchiate pack, with 97 cards, though the game is no longer played (sadly, it was a masterful game and once played as far as New Orleans!).

In France, these cards feature everything from Asterix, Droopy, The Foreign Legion, and even Woody Allen films. Then there are those packs based upon the designs of Arthur Edward Waite, it is called the RWS and revolutionised tarot design by redesigning the pip cards to have full illustrations of their occult attributions. The range of games played is rather impressive and so you should be able to find one that suits your taste (my own favourite is ottocento). Know what the future has in store for you and be prepared to face all obstacles with a free tarot reading online. Now newer and complex decks are being developed by generating pictures in tarot playing cards. Many of the well-known spread or layouts utilized throughout Tarot Reading for different kind of layouts.
English speaking countries had little history of the games and so the cards were unfamiliar with people’s first experience of them being as occult objects. The third variety is the Thoth pack, designed by Alastair Crowley, painted by Frieda Harris and is, in my opinion, by far the most beautiful of the occult packs.
If you want to be happier, improve your relationships, be more confident, handle money problems, figure out life goals and how to get there .. Tarot card Reading can be used to strengthen your own intuitive abilities thus making a person extra perceptive to the unknown clairvoyant world. These Tarot cards deck contains Major Arcana comprising 22 cards along with Minor Arcana composed of Fifty six cards. Minor Arcana cards are divided amongst four card suits namely rods or wands, swords, cups, and disks or pentacles. The cards aren’t merely associated to the image of the card name, but also associated with astrology elements and zodiac signs.

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