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March 15, 2016 By Ethony Leave a Comment We have some really amazing people in our Tarot Tribe and I am so excited to be able to connect with Heru Jerome from Worthy Tarot and share his Tarot Story with you all. Well I was born with site, my family is Shinecock my Grandmother grew up on the reservation in West Islip Long Island. As I got older at about 17, I was drawn to the tarot because of my natural gifts with site and my love of art. I meditate, go to my sacred space, and conduct a prayer ritual with a vision of white and purple light while burning sage and Palo Santo.
I have a Tarot Spread that is custom to me that I created while I was being initiated into the priesthood. Every reading that I have had is a reminder of that, all of my clients put a mirror in my face and remind me of the things that I am either dealing with or have dealt with. When I was younger I was with my Grandmother at a bus stop and saw a silhouette of a man in the clouds, he was walking around and looking at me.

I didn’t seriously immerse myself in Tarot until my 5 year study into the Kemetic Priesthood. I also pull a card for myself most days and journal on how it deals with the specific energy that I am in for that week. It is interesting how although we are all different we all truly deal with the same things. However, I went to college in DC (Howard University) and music school when I was a bit younger had me touring all over the place. The thing was that I did not feel any bad energy at all, I felt very centered even at 7 years old. Learning to understand the concepts of Ancient Egypt, Maat, the Book of Life, & being a Priest made using the Tarot quite natural.
I am very blessed to work with people the way that I do because it keeps me going and sane!

That is what my aim is this year, to be clear as I move closer towards ascension and the achievement of my goals!
I then build a backbone with the Tarot aligned to the quadrants of north, south, east, west and fire, air, water, and earth. They all pair together to tell a full panoramic story, I use this layout for all of my readings.

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