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The difference in personalities of a Taurus male and Scorpio female is responsible for the affinity the two of them share. Taurus male gets attracted to Scorpio girl quite easily because both these Zodiacs are very opposite to each other. The couple is strongly attracted towards each other because of distinct and charming personality of the other.
When Taurus male gets attracted towards Scorpio female, they experience high levels of affinity which compels them to tie knots without much delay.  They experience obsession for love as both the partners feel mesmerized by each other.
Be patient with her, especially if there is a heated argument because otherwise things may take a bad shape. When a Taurus male falls for a Leo lady they are able to grab high ranks on the compatibility charts.
Taurus man and Leo woman rank high on love compatibility as each of the partner holds on to their love relation strongly. The sexual relation between a Taurus male and a Leo female is a beautiful blend of sensuality and sexuality.
Taurus man and Leo woman have the talent to manage their marriage with skill and make it smooth and easy. If you want to create a remarkable impression on a Leo woman then you must pay attention to her. You need to be a little careful with your authoritative behavior because she doesn’t like to be controlled in any manner. This love match is quite compatible because there is a smooth understanding between the two of them. They are not only physical intimate sexual partners but the passion in their relation gives them emotional strength as well. Their mutual understanding of each others desires, likings, needs and demands helps them satisfy each other in every respect and make their relation an example for others. She understands what he needs and showers him with love, affection, care and attention which make him feel special.

Despite being madly in love with each other, they may encounter some problems because of their nature.
Both the partners find loyalty and devotion as important pillars of their relationship and nurture it with dedication. Her sweet voice does the magic on him and her fragrance makes him fall for her again and again. Her admires and appreciates her and showers her with compliments along with his tender love.
She loves people around her and her positive vibes infuse everything around her with lots of energy and vibrancy. She is always there to motivate and encourage him is every phase of life and he simply admires her for her rich and royal taste. For instance, she always wants to dominate in the relation which may turn out to be a big issue as he doesn’t like being controlled by his woman. Their first experience of making love is a blend of passion, emotion, love and lots of erotic sex. The couple feels contented and secure in each other’s company which helps their relation get stronger with time.
The couple experiences deeply satisfying sexual encounters which are driven by passion and intimacy.
She respects him and his traditional beliefs and proves to be his best companion who is an answer to all his needs, be it physical or emotional. This match may face some small problems due to the stubborn nature of Taurus man and dominating attitude of Leo woman which are strong facets of their personality. He has all the strength and intensity to make his lady feel contented and she too makes him feel special by responding to his gifts of love with affection and warmth.
To be with her, you need to entertain her so that she finds you interesting and nothing can steal the attention that you desire from her. As the time passes by, their physical relationship gets intensified and passionate with their devotion and love.

He encourages and motivates her in her professional and personal life and she protects him and feels him secured. She makes it more energetic with her passion and mysterious behavior as she defines sex in terms of spirituality.
He keeps her smiling with his jokes and she responds to him making him feel more needed and loved. She understands his unspoken words and fulfills all his desires which he has not even mentioned to her. The loyalty, friendliness and warmth in their marriage help them attain high comfort levels in each others arms and add more sweetness and depth to their marriage. They both try to attain the state of oneness by giving each other lots of love which is fulfilling both the souls. The couple may find difficult to strike a balance in their differences because both the signs demand their dominance in the relationship.
The lioness inside her makes her explore their love life and make every moment which they spend in their bed more expressive and heated. The couple may face issues because of the authoritative and stubborn attitude of the Taurus man which may affect the harmony between the couple. Scorpion girl may take some time to surrender her powers if she is handled with care and all her emotions are taken care of.  He needs to be really very patient with her girl to set things right.
Likewise, she may also sometimes get into her man’s nerves because of her innate nature to lead. She may at times find him not as passionate as her which may become a cause of concern for her.

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