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FITNESSOprah Winfrey Weight Loss: 30 Pounds Lost With Diet, Yoga, Exercise And MeditationBy Samantha Chang, March 14th, 2016Oprah Winfrey lost 30 pounds with the Weight Watchers diet and exercise.
Oprah Winfrey showcased her 30-pound weight loss in a sizzling photo shoot for O The Magazine, where she flaunted her post-diet physique. In one photo, Oprah looks gorgeous in a form-fitting red dress, while she spotlights her hourglass curves on the cover. Winfrey has been steadily losing weight after adopting the Weight Watchers diet in August 2015, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported. Oprah, who once tipped the scales at 237 pounds, has lost and regained huge amounts of weight during the past 30 years.

Now 61, Winfrey said she has finally found the secret to weight loss without hunger or deprivation: the Weight Watchers diet, exercise, and meditation. Oprah also works out almost every day, doing yoga and cardio exercise on the treadmill or elliptical trainer. Winfrey said meditation is also an important part of her weight loss program, and recently held a free meditation workshop with Dr. Stress disrupts the appetite regulating hormones ghrelin and leptin, and causes belly fat storage.
Deepak discussed other weight loss, happiness and meditation secrets in his bestseller, What Are You Hungry For?

The Weight Watchers program focuses on portion control, mindful eating and a point system that enables dieters to keep track of their caloric intake.
Chopra lost 20 pounds with meditation, mindful eating and yoga, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported. Chopra also suggested consuming ginger tea, which boosts metabolism, makes you feel full, and aids digestion.

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