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The treasure buried with the king included coins (with dates on), the remains of clothes and armour, a shield, drinking cups, shoes, a lyre, a gold belt buckle, a sword and a helmet. While kings and thanes lived in large halls (big wooden houses), free peasants or ceorls (churls) lived in small huts.
Razors found in graves show that some men shaved off their beards, although most had moustaches. A person who finds out about the past by looking at old objects or buildings that are buried under the ground. A male member of a religious group, living, praying and working together and following a set of rules.
A female member of a religious group, living, praying and working together and following a set of rules. People in Scotland; they called themselves Gaels - 'Scots' was a name the Romans gave them.
What Is Jim Crow Laws? The Jim Crow laws is a legalized segregation between black and whites, beginning in the 1880's . Shane Mckee, co-founder of Shango Premium Cannabis dispensary in Portland, Ore., pulls a medical marijuana sample from a display casing on Nov. Holcomb says the ACLU plans to support measures similar to Proposition 47 in 2016, and a€“ ideally a€“ measures that would not only de-felonize but also decriminalize drug possession, meaning eliminating criminal penalties like jail time for drugs other than marijuana. People roll joints at a marijuana party near the University of California at Berkeley campus in 1966. A 1930s anti-marijuana movie poster is displayed as part of an exhibit at the DEA Museum and Visitors Center which opened 1999 in Arlington, Va. Actor Robert Mitchum and actress Lila Leeds are sentenced to 60 days in jail on charges of conspiracy to possess marijuana cigarettes in Los Angeles on Feb.
Soldiers in Saigon smoke marijuana using the barrel of a shotgun they nicknamed "Ralph" to get high in 1970. Youths sell marijuana openly from sacks at a banned music festival in Middlefield, Conn., on Aug. A 1996 television ad aired by Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole's campaign included footage from a 1992 MTV interview of President Clinton saying he would inhale marijuana if given the chance to relive his college days. Murphy Brown, portrayed by actress Candice Bergen, smokes a marijuana cigarette to quell nausea induced by the chemotherapy used to treat her breast cancer in 1997. People attending an Amendment 64 watch party celebrate after a local television station announced the marijuana amendment's passage in Denver, Colo. Federal judges may be messing with Voter ID laws in Texas and Pennsylvania, but a new poll finds that the laws have strong support among voters. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down voter ID requirement if a lower Commonwealth Court judge finds it’s difficult for all voters to obtain the proper indentifiication.
The Texas voter ID law recently came under fire by critics who say it unfairly restricts voting. The Texas law requires voters to provide one of five types of identification, which might mean shelling out $22 for a new birth certificate or finding a way to get to a Department of Public Safety office. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania will be a testing ground to see whether there’s truth behind criticisms of voter ID law. For this relationship to be true, we must measure the force F in Newtons [N], the mass m in kilograms and the acceleration in ms-2 otherwise there will be a constant of proportionality will have a value other than 1. A rocket is also a good example of Newton's third law, it works by accelerating a mass in the form of hot gases, which produces a force. In Part I (Deformation and Sliding), we learned that glaciers flow downslope in response to their driving stresses, which are a function of the weight of the ice and gravity. Note that we are referring to ice surface slope; glaciers can flow up hills as flow towards the glacier terminus is driven by glacier surface slope, not bed topography.
This webpage investigates glacier stress and strain in more detail, in order to better understand why glaciers deform and flow. 1.  Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.
Where F is the force, m is the mass of an object (in kilograms, kg), and a is the acceleration of an object (metres per second, or m s-2). For ice, the mass of ice is a function of the density of ice (?i) and the thickness of the ice (h). When a force is applied to an object, the intensity depends on the area over which the force is distributed. Stress can act at right angles to a surface (normal stress) or parallel to a surface (shear stress). At the base of a glacier with minimal slope, the normal stress (?) acting on the bed is mainly a result of the weight of a glacier. Stress therefore increases with ice thickness, and normal stresses therefore increase from 0 at the ice surface to their maximum at the ice-bed interface.
Basal driving stresses do of course deviate substantially from 105 Pa, due to longitudinal and horizontal stresses, valley shape, and the effects of basal sliding or subglacial sediment deformation. Longitudinal stress modifies basal shear stress and is the pushing or pulling effect of the ice. Other stresses resisting ice flow include transverse stresses, such as lateral drag against the valley walls for a valley glacier, or with slower-moving ice for an ice stream. Glacier flow is a combination of the deformation of the ice and the bed, and sliding of ice over its bed.

Glaciers flow because permanent deformation occurs as a result of strain in response to stress. Brittle deformation occurs when ice cannot creep fast enough to accommodate the driving stresses. Meltwater at the ice-bed interface reduces the adhesion of the glacier to its bed, making it more slippery and enhancing sliding. Understanding how and why glaciers flow means that we must understand glacier stress and strain.
Share thisIf you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I’m surprised there is no mention or consideration of the amount of heat from the land mass at the interface listed as reason for glaciers movement down slope and that stress is considered the main factor. When they dug into a large earth mound, archaeologists found traces of an Anglo-Saxon ship and many precious objects. Mercia was the strongest kingdom in Anglo-Saxon England, and Offa was the most powerful English king. Railways, transport, public waiting rooms,restaurants, boarding houses, bathrooms, hospitals and other public institutions where used to segregate the black and whites. Residents of Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia voted last week to follow.a€?These votes are not about whether or not voters think marijuana is wonderful and that people should be using marijuana," Holcomb says.
She says, however, the group will not press to regulate the sale of all drugs like marijuana. Armstrong, a lifelong fan and defender of the drug he called "gange," was arrested in California in 1930 and given a six-month suspended sentence for pot possession.
Department of Agriculture during World War II, shows the title frame of the movie "Hemp for Victory." After Japanese troops cut off access to Asian fiber supplies during the war, it released the film urging farmers to grow hemp and extolling its use in parachutes and rope for the war effort.
Participants marched from the park to the Lincoln Memorial to support the legalization of marijuana.
10, 2012 file photo, election officials check the photo identification card of a voter in Cimarron, Kan. Driver’s licenses, passports and concealed-carry handgun licenses are acceptable forms of ID, among others. There may be other forces inside the object, for example, there are forces produced by the motion of the atoms that make up the object but on average, they cancel each other out and so do not effect the motion of the object.
If there are many forces acting on an object, it is the vector sum of those forces is the force that produces any acceleration.
If a body A exerts a force on a body B, then body B exerts an equal and opposite force on body A. Every object that is on the floor or on top of another object is exerting a weight force toward the center of the Earth. When trying to understand a physical process, we often understand it by looking at the forces acting and working out the equations of motion. Acceleration and force are vectors, and the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector.
My friend Jo weighs the same (more or less) when she is wearing stiletto heels as she does without.
Shear stress means that two tractions are acting parallel to the surface; in the case of a glacier, the gravitational driving stresses are resisted by basal drag and lateral drag, controlled by friction.
In fact, basal shear stress varies across the glacier bed because glaciers do not flow on hard, smooth surfaces.
This uniform driving stress is due to the rheology of ice; ice deforms through non-linear viscous flow, with an effective viscosity that allows ice to support a basal shear stress (?d) of approximately 105 Pa.
Ice fields, with a low surface slope, will probably have a lower basal shear stress of less than 105 Pa, while larger glaciers and steep valley glaciers may have driving stresses well in excess of 105 Pa (Marshall et al., 2011).
Accelerating ice imposes tensile stresses, and decelerating ice imposes compressional stresses. Vertical shear stress gradients occur when there is extensive shearing at the bed and limited shearing at the ice surface.
Elastic strain is a temporary change in a material, and when the stress is removed, the material reverts to its original shape. Strain may include deformation of the ice or the sediments at the ice-bed interface, or sliding at the ice-bed interface. The constant n = 3, and the value of A is dependent on ice temperature, crystal orientation, debris content and other factors. If subglacial sediments are poorly drained and are saturated with water, then high porewater pressures develop. Most of the fast ice flow associated with ice streams comes about because of basal sliding.
Bumps in the surface of the glacier bed cause melting on the upstream side, and re-freezing on the downstream side.
If a glacier is flowing over a rock bed, a water film may enhance sliding and submerge minor obstacles, making the bed smoother.
Glacier stress occurs because glaciers flow downslope under their own weight, and the strain rate is the ice response to this stress. A new three-dimensional higher-order thermomechanical ice sheet model: Basic sensitivity, ice stream development, and ice flow across subglacial lakes. A thin layer of debris will enhance melt as dark surfaces absorb more energy, but a thick layer of debris will insulate the ice and reduce surface melt.

From time to time, the strongest king would claim to be 'bretwalda' - which meant ruler of all Britain. If they ran away, they became 'outlaws' (outside the law), and anyone could hunt them down - unless they hid in a church. If the object is stationary, then whatever the object is on top of is exerting an equal force in the opposite direction. This is true of the motion of the planets to the flow of electrons in an electric or magnetic field. The gravitational driving stress and the ability of ice to deform control a glacier’s velocity, which is an important parameter that we must measure if we are to understand glacier behaviour and the dynamic response of glaciers to climate change. However, if she stands on my toes in her stiletto heels, it hurts a lot more than if she stands on my toes in bare feet!
Over a rough bed, some areas will have higher stresses, and some areas will have lower stresses. Glaciers thicken until they reach stresses of this magnitude, and further thickening or steepening leads to increased flow and thinning (Marshall et al., 2011). This may result in brittle fracture of the ice, and can be seen in crevasses as the ice flows over a steeper part of the bed, for example. Vertical resistive stresses may be important where the flow regime changes, such as near the ice divide or ice margin (Pattyn, 2003), but vertical resistive stress is much smaller than the other normal or shear stress components.
In our case, ice, water, rocks and air all have different properties that define their strain responses (Benn & Evans 1998). Resistance to strain depends on ice temperature, crystal structure, bed roughness, debris content, water pressure and other factors. If porewater pressures are similar to the ice overburden pressure, then they support the normal stresses acting between the grains. This is called regelation, and it occurs because pressures mount up behind obstacles to ice flow. Geothermal heat flux can contribute to basal melt and so facilitate sliding at the base of the glacier. The supreme court were all for this law, although the Negros strongly protested against it. The murder of the three voting-rights activists in Mississippi in 1964 and the state's refusal to prosecute the murderers, along with numerous other acts of violence and terrorism against blacks, had gained national attention.
Strictly speaking, the Earth is accelerating because it is rotating as well as orbiting the Sun, however the effect of this is small enough to consider the Earth as an inertial reference frame.
A Force is something that changes the motion of a mass (from stationary to moving, or from uniform movement to another movement). The stress is much greater, because the force is distributed over a much smaller cross-sectional area. At a certain level of stress, the strain energy is released, resulting in failure or permanent deformation.
The sliding at the ice-bed interface is controlled by freezing to the bed, bed roughness, the quantity of water at the bed, and the amount of rock debris in the basal glacier ice. Glacier ice also melts under pressure, and meltwater at the ice-bed interface encourages glacier sliding. However, ice is a poor conductor so, unless ice is very thin or the geothermal heat flux very high, tends not to influence melt at the ice surface.
Very important to show that physics and science are welcoming to people who are traditionally feminine. Some whites responded to this with extreme violence, therefore, federal troops were used to stop he violence and protect the black people. They had set equal rules and rights between all the people but still separated them from socially communicating with one another. The total velocity of a glacier is a function of ice deformation, bed deformation and glacier sliding. The Jim Crow Laws was a failure of citizenship because they have failed to offer equal rights to all citizens.
It takes a large force to start to move an object with a large mass and it also takes a large force to stop it moving.
Deformation may be brittle, where the material fractures, or ductile, where flow or creep occurs.
While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
It also provided for federal oversight and monitoring of counties with historically low minority voter turnout, as this was a sign of discriminatory barriers. A moving object has a reluctance to stop moving and a stationary object has a reluctance to move. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. It was a failure of citizenship as it disabled most blacks from having some basic human rights such as the right to vote because very few blacks could pass voting tax and literacy tests.

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