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Marina prefers this version because it is lighter on her stomach, and it leaves books to fulfill their actual purpose.
For the endleaves, we didn't have two matching pieces of scrapbooking paper that were large enough.
Gently push a pencil through the middle of the small square you traced onto the cake mix box. Check to make sure that your smaller pudding box will fit easily into the hole that you just cut into the cake mix box. Even though this binding case will hold a cake box instead of real pages, the method of making the binding case is basically the same. To figure out how large a piece of fabric you need, measure side to side across the boards as you laid them out (include the spaces in between the side boards and the spine in your measurement). Brush glue over one of the boards and reposition it back in its place on the unprinted side of the fabric.
Before the glue sets, flip the cardboard and fabric over so that the fabric's printed side is facing up. Brush glue on a corner of the extending fabric and fold it over its corresponding cardboard corner. For each endleaf, measure out a rectangle that is as tall as your cake mix box and is twice the width.

Glue the endleaf onto the front of the box so that the pudding box and the square hole line up. Gregory (John Gordon Sinclair) is a Scottish teenager with girls on his mind and tonight he and his friends are playing Peeping Tom with a young nurse unaware that she is being spied on as she undresses. After his first film, That Sinking Feeling, made waves on his home soil, writer and director Bill Forsyth hit the big time with Gregory's Girl, an unassuming tale of puppy love in Cumbernauld that won admirers across the world.
Our hero is a gangling, awkward young fellow desperate for female company whose attention is drawn to a certain Dorothy (Dee Hepburn). Not that he doesn't make attempts to get to know her better, because he does, conversations that reveal her to be a far more sophisticated personailty than he is - she's been to Italy, after all, and picked up the language.
Scottish writer and director whose gloomily whimsical comedies brought him worldwide recognition. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. See the section below on making the binding case to figure out how large a piece of fabric you will need.
We chose two sheets that were the same basic color and that went along nicely with the fabric for the outside of the case. If your glue is too thick to brush smoothly, squeeze some into a bowl and mix in a little water until it is still tacky but doesn't drag too much on the brush.

Rub it smooth and brush additional glue over the top of the corner so that it stays in place. Keep glue away from the board over the spine so that the book safe will open and close freely.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
If the triangles don't stay flat, use tape to hold them in position, or weigh them down with a light book.
Lay out the pieces of cardboard again so that they have the spaces between the sides and the spine board. If you need to glue paper together to make the strip, try to space it so that the joined parts are at the corners. If the shiny spots are noticeable, when the book safe is completed, you can brush more glue on the outside of the covered boards.

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