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While I found Ella’s behavior to be believable, if misguided, I had a harder time getting a handle on Maddy.
The secrets that Maddy were keeping and that Ella had to unravel were a little frustrating. When - after a heated argument - Maddy and Ella get into a tragic accident that leaves her sister dead, Ella wakes up in the hospital surrounded by loved ones who believe she is Maddy. Review:So often you are excited beyond belief for a certain book to release, only to finally get your hands on a copy and find yourself beyond disappointed.
When identical twin sisters Maddy and Ella are caught in a terrible car accident, Maddy immediately dies on impact. In her grief, she makes a decision to pretend to be Maddy to help preserve her memory, but she’s unprepared from all the lies and conspiracies her own sister had hidden from her. The Secrets We Keep focuses on an intriguing number of important issues and topics that we don’t typically see in young adult.
Next time I see this in the store, I’ll definitely buy a copy ?? Thanks so much for the awesome review as always, Zoe!
I’ll always appreciate a book that to focus on sibling relationships compared to anything else. Great to see you really enjoyed this one Zoe – I love the sound of the twin dynamic and how that comes through in the story. I’ve seen a few reviews around for this one lately, and it sounds really endearing even considering at the core is grief and deception really. Nice review, Zoe- the books that really get you, that manage to exceed your expectations when they’re unbelievably high, those are some of the books I will always adore the most.
The fun part is that Emily Liebert and IT Cosmetics have teamed up to create an exclusive set of products tied to this new book. Unable to leave her sister in the lurch, Ella does but on the way home, they get into a terrible argument.
Based on the title and cover, I expected more of a twisted thriller plot where Ella unravels what went wrong in her sister’s life. Ella lost control of the car while having an argument with Maddy, and the ensuing accident killed her sister.
She ditches her sister when they start high school and yet she tells Ella that she can be popular if she wants to? While reading the novel, it felt like that plotline should have played a bigger part of the book but it was relegated to a subplot. She's also currently dipping her toes in the new adult genre but remains unconvinced by the prevalent need for traumatic pasts.

Some we receive from the authors, some we receive from the publisher, and some we receive through a third party service like Net Galley. Ella has spent her high school years living in popular Maddy's shadows, but she has never been envious of Maddy. Feeling responsible for Maddy's death and everyone's grief, Ella makes a split-second decision to pretend to be Maddy. Ella survives to wakes up in the hospital hours later, surrounded by friends and family who, for one reason or another, think she’s her dead sister.
She’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but she has her heart in the right place and is easy to sympathize for. I read this book back in December, I thought it was a really good character driven novel -the sisterly bond was intriguing as well. I haven’t seen this one around, and the summary might have left me uncertain if not for your thoughts. I just love this cover and the premise too so I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed it!
Trisha Leaver really does have “it”- I have loved both her books, and I am really excited to read the next two! I get really frustrated with how hype generally gets me super excited for a book, only for me to read it and find that said book is something I really did not enjoy.
I’m really excited that this book managed to surpass your high expectations- that literally is the BEST feeling!! I’m interested by her decision to pretend to be her sister, and all these so-called secrets! It expired on my e-reader though, and I didn’t quite like it enough to check it out again and finish it. The end of the wand is really unique because it has a ball shape that grabs every last little lash of yours.
You can also purchase the limited edition IT Cosmetics Your Summer Beauty Secret Set online here. Your novel, The Secrets We Keep, covers all the requisite tropes surrounding twins: polar opposites, contentious relationships, and switching places. In fact, she's chosen the quiet, safe confines of her sketchbook over the constant battle for attention that has defined Maddy's world.
Everybody has been hyping about it, and from the looks of it, it looks like a very well deserved hype.
I read Thin Space (can’t remember the author, but the cover is like a very sad grey splodge) and I really liked that one.

I like the sound of it, but it seems like a topic that would be difficult to pull off well.
Plus, I’ve always loveeeed sister relationships in YA, and so I totally want to see how these sister’s relationship is portrayed in this novel! Her brand new book which was released on June 2nd, 2015 is about three women named Sloane, Hillary, and Georgina, each with a life-altering secret.
Now Ella lives in her twin’s shadow and is generally all right with that…for the most part. The scene where a disoriented Ella opens her eyes to see her dead sister made me cringe a little.
If you already have a complex about everyone loving your sister more than you, that only feeds into it. Caught in a web of lies, Ella is faced with two options--confess her deception or live her sister's life. From start to finish, you will be pulled in to this emotional and beautifully written story and the characters inside it. Her struggles and her fears and her grief weave their way into your heart, almost to a point that you don’t realize how much until the story comes to a close.
I think this could have gone badly, but because Ella really and genuinely (and sadly!) thought she was doing what was best for everyone, it worked so, so well!
They come together in a house for a summer getaway and the scandal and secrets slowly start unraveling. I can’t wait to meet her though:) Give me allllll the problematic family stuff *grabs greedily* Thanks for your thoughts, lovely!
Ella was confused because of the injuries she sustained and had holes in her memory due to trauma. She was pretty crappy to her sister and yet we’re supposed to believe she admired Ella?
By the time Ella regained her memories, it was a little too late to correct everyone without it being awkward.

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