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To find the right reading level for struggling or reluctant readers, many schools give reading assessments. The highest passage that the student can read out loud with understanding helps you know what kinds of books the student will enjoy. Check out more samples of Sound Out Book Series, and see what's different about the six levels of Sound Out, to find the best match in the series.
Find out more about helping your developing reader with the Teaching Reading Sourcebook, extensively revised in 2008 to reflect the most current reading research, and with practical help for the reading instructor throughout. If your student is comfortable reading Passage 3, choose books like the What on Earth or the new Scoop Doogan Mysteries. If your student struggles with Passage 3, you might consider using High Noon Reading Intervention – Level 2, which supports a broad range of beginning reader skills, from vocabulary and comprehension to spelling and fluency. See our other reading intervention products here for more specialized and focused materials, including High Noon's Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension, and Spelling workbooks series. If your student is comfortable reading Passage 4, choose books like the Adventure Athletes Series. If your student struggles with Passage 4, consider using workbooks like High Noon Reading Comprehension, levels B and C. Your student may also benefit from vocabulary building with High Noon Vocabulary,Try level B for second grade reading level vocabulary, and level C for third grade reading level vocabulary. If your student is comfortable reading Passage 5 choose books like the Horizons series and perhaps Streamlined Shakespeare, an accessible and rewarding read.

If your student struggles with Passage 5, consider using workbooks like High Noon Reading Comprehension, levels C and D.
Your student may also benefit from vocabulary building with High Noon Vocabulary, Try level C for third grade reading level vocabulary, and level D for fourth grade reading level vocabulary.
Is Speed the Desired Result?Though speedy reading is helpful to children, it isna€™t the most important outcome of the exercise. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the KidsAndReading website. Phonics Reading Lessons is a 100-lesson program of direct, one-on-one instruction (reproducible for teachers), with reading practice. More important is the boy or girla€™s ability to comprehend material that has been read relatively quickly.
You don't need to do a formal assessment of your student to find the right High Noon reading level, however. If the student reads a passage comfortably and can understand it, move on to the next passage. Although your software configuration may change this, we have posted these passages in formats similar to the books in which they appear, because font size and spacing are elements of readability.
If the student seems to struggle with the words or doesn ’t understand the passage, then stop the process. For instance, a seven-year-old boy might be asked to read as many words as he can in one minute.

Youa€™ll be able to see almost immediately whether your child is simply reading individual words or absorbing all the information in context.Is Timed Reading Too Intense for My Child?Depending upon the age and ability of your child, timed reading may be a perfect activity. You dona€™t want to shout in the childa€™s ear, a€?You only have five seconds left!a€? Ita€™s basically a competition against his or her last timed activity, not against another person. The adult also counts the number of words that were read as a 'benchmark' to use the next time the timed reading activity is undertaken.Can My Child Read Aloud to Me Rather Than to Him or Herself?Absolutely!
And most kids find the activity enjoyable as long as ita€™s not done every day and the adult holding the clock doesna€™t become frustrated if the child doesna€™t improve every time.Should I Reward My Child for Improvements?This is a tricky question.
Afterwards, they measure how many words the children got right versus how many they got incorrect during the exercise. However, it may be appropriate to give small rewards depending upon how far the youngster has come in the process of learning to read. This helps create measurable goals for the next time around and gives the child a sense of achievement.
For example, if week one an eight-year-old girl reads 70 words in a minute (55 correct, 15 incorrect) and week two she reads 72 words in a minute (58 correct, 14 incorrect), ita€™s easy to see on paper that shea€™s getting more proficient.

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