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The England tour of India is scheculed to commence from 14 October 2011 onwards; and this may be the last chance for Dhoni to prove his Skills as a Batsman as well as a Captain.
Bollywood Star Hrithik Roshan was born on 10 January 1974 at Mumbai, India when Pisces zodiac was rising in ascendant of his vedic horoscope. The lord of second house Mars is strongly placed in second house itself, which helped him in having complete support of the family for his professional career in acting.
The current Antardasa of Ketu, operational from March 2011 to April 2012, is somewhat better for Hrithik professional career in acting.  Simultaneously, his latest release, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, have been reasonably better.
Regarding Venus – every planet, irrespective of the houses ruled by it, is having the capacity to bless the native with positive attributes governed by it (required, the planet concerned is well disposed and under auspicious planetary influences). In vedic astrology birth chart of Alka Yagnik, the Lagna is Virgo and Lagna Lord Mercury is ill placed and combust in sixth house. Vedic astrology readings of Alka Yagnik Horoscope show that till August 1984 she remained under main period of Mars. Superstar Rajinikanth was born on 12 December 1950 in Leo ascendant.  The Padma Bhushan Awardee Rajinikanth is one of the very few veterans of Indian Cinema who are able to rise bigger than life.
Besides being an actor, Hrithik Roshan is an eminent dancer and quite popular for his muscular physique and dancing capabilities.  The contribution of his signature moves and dancing style has prominent say in success of most of the hit movies of Hrithik Roshan.

Though, this Antardasa of Ketu is not looking good for Hrithik Roshan’s health and physical safety. Probably, 7th lord mercury sitting with rahu and sun (class malefics) and aspected by saturn has contributed to it. Jupiter is generating Hamsa Yoga in its own zodiac sign in seventh house of Alka Yagnik Horoscope.  However, due to being combust and united with twelfth lord Sun, the positive impact of Hamsa Yoga has been reduced to some extent. Being malefic planet for Virgo Ascendant, despite her best efforts, Alka Yagnik could not get success during Mars MD. Despite being born in an average family, Rajinikanth could attain the stardom and popularity which is beyond imagination.  The Horoscope of Rajinikanth contains several indications about the struggle and success of his life.
But what makes his horoscope special is his agility to learn and diligence to make persistent efforts.  Astrology readings of Hrithik Roshan Horoscope are very useful to understand the established principles of vedic astrology.
Hrithik Roshan completed his graduation in Commerce stream from Sydneham College.  And, after that he worked as an Assistant Director with his father.
I will visit your blog again into a couple off days to check if you have some new articles. Plus debilitated jupiter along with 8th lord venus is casting 9th drishti on 7th house, which tried to save its marriage for 13 years.

Astrology Readings of Alka Yagnik Birth Chart further indicate the very auspicious union of Venus, Saturn and Moon in the fifth house. Venus is in infact not bad as we say for Pisces Lagna given the reason it is 3rd and 8th Lord. Alka Yagnik got married in February 1989 and her husband Neeraj is a successful business man. As lord of ninth house the conjunction of Venus with fifth lord Saturn in fifth house generates a Raj Yoga; and the involvement of Moon in the yoga has enhanced its impact. One fact which we have to think and ponder is that, Pisces is rashi where Venus gets exalted.
The aspect of debilitated and malefic Mars over this union, though, indicates struggle and obstructions in the positive result of the Venus + Saturn + Moon combination.

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