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New York, NY - New York City Comptroller William Thompson is proposing a new registration fee for motor vehicles based on their weight. Thompson says the fee would generate more than $1 billion a year for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
Thompson says that under his plan it would cost $100 more to register a light, fuel-efficient vehicle like a Toyota Yaris, but it would cost an additional $430 to register a Lincoln Navigator. Soon all the cars in this city will be registered in PA or NJ and the city will have no revenue from auto registration. Unless something has changed recently, present registration fees are already based on weight.

Did any one propose to stop funding or at least start charging illegal immigrants for service from the city like healthcare & education rather than the legal citizens keep on funding these welfare programs?
Lets hear some ideas from our local politicians on how to get out of this financial mess we are in. If this new weight based fee includes the weight of the driver some of us would REALLY be in trouble!
This is great idea, watch this, soon when you board a bus, subway, or a flight, you will be paying by weight.
I wanted to say thank you for your prompt reply and for faxing me the 1098-C form for tax purposes.

Every year he returns money from his allocated budget back to the City, cause he doesn't spend like others every penny the City gives him for his office expense.

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