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So, why would you want to use this service when you’ve already got fraud protection built in?
Lets say you want to buy a magazine subscription online (or any type of potentially recurring subscription). You want to order from a catalog or some other source that you have to mail in an order form with your credit card info included. Each virtual account number is set to expire at the end of the following month and can only be used at a single merchant. Keep in mind the announcement in June 2005 that 40 million credit card numbers were hacked. I really, really wish they would release Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari extensions to integrate with this feature of CitiBank.
I used to use this feature from American Express till a few years ago when they switched this feature off – and I HATED Amex for that ! Literally the very next year, my Amex credit card got hacked and I got several weird charges on my account that totalled almost $10K ! What I’d love to hear about is which specific credit card I should get from Citibank for this feature.

The Citibank Virtual Account Numbers are the greatest invention since Al Gore invented the Internet.
Next give them a call back from a speaker phone and make sure and record the whole conversation.
If you are still not getting satisfaction I would recommend that you call the Citibank number here, skipping all the menus and begin asking for the VP of customer service. At some point you are either going to get the issue resolved, or you are going to have some incredible recordings to share with the newspaper or some blogger demonstrating how ridiculous the situation is. If you end up with something really bad recorded you can report it to The Consumerist, or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll post it for you. I got an email this week from Citi Bank telling me that I may have some problems with my statement transactions. Thank you that was a great post, I didnt know anything about the randomized numbers like that.
The other thing is that the page uses JavaScript, so if you have that disabled you’ll need to turn it on. Probably not, but I’m sure any good attorney would advise us that anythings possible.

Being able to generate a CC number on the fly while I’m staring at the checkout screen of a website? We have CITIBANK here in Philippines but when i called up and inquired about this, they do not have any idea what a virtual account number is! I’m not much of a Citibank fan, but this is definitely a move into the right direction. The good thing with Amex though, is they reached me on my cell phone, asked me about the charges and denied them ! At the end of a predetermined elapsed time, the winning ball is displayed.During a bingo drawing, the caller board, located at the top of the screen, is updated automatically to indicate which numbers have already been drawn.
The current winning number is shown in attention-getting yellow making it easier for the player to find.Benefits:* Extremely economical!

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