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Continent Telecom offers full complex of VoIP telephony services both for small business and large corporation.
Virtual number service allows to have dial-in phone numbers in other areas where you don't have an office or you are absent physically. Continent Telecom provides USA virtual numbers, UK virtual numbers, Canadian, Russian, Chinese, Australian, Japanese, Brazilian, Hong Kong, Iran virtual numbers, etc.
The Figure above shows the number of calls been handled till now by our Virtual Number Manager in India for users and clients.
Even when your all lines are busy we will make sure the waiting ones be queued and get through when ita€™s possible. Universal Native MultiLinguistic Support in English, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Italian, German, and Arabic. Forget about having several phone devices, or several mobile device, or even multiple SIP accounts. Forget about Rowaming high cost service, keep the world in your pocket in single mobile device. Premium Quality ONLYWe interconnect to the major Tier 1 local Telecoms Carriers, endeavoring our efforts to provide your business with the best service quality, with clean Cli, best media, T38 Codec availability for faxing, and best Video call bit-rate availability. No need to discriminate service quality, quality is, or it’s waved, we don’t do quality segments! In SipCel we try to make our customers life easier, rather with the Customer Selfservice portal, and offering now the Open Application Programming Interface (API) Service.
Is an incorporated LLC business, in the State of Missouri, USA Federal ID Code #46-5236387. Network Status Our Network Answer Size Ratio in the last 12 hours was 96.42%, No incidents reported!

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Virtual phone numbers are local or toll free telephone numbers that you can set up from any location and forward them to any phone, extension, or voicemail.
Or do you have several offices in your country and abroad and wish to unite them under one phone line?
Your customers will pay local rates for telephone communications in their area (where you have bought a local virtual phone number). We provide cheap virtual numbers for sale both for retail and wholesale customers worldwide. Established also in Spain, as SipCel Telecom, LLC, in Peru, as SipCel del Peru, EIRL, and within local branches and uplinks to the PSTN in US, Canada, Poland, Iraq, Vietnam, Laos, China, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, and others.

A Virtual Number or a Long Code is a 10 digit mobile number which can be used to send and receive SMS globally. With the benefit of Virtual DJ’s incredible Beat-lock Engine, songs will constantly stay in beat, and the DJs can their mixes extremely quicker than they always could.
Small businesses can secure a virtual phone number in just minutes with an area code or toll free number prefix of their choice, and forward that virtual telephone number to any existing telephone, employee extension, department extension, or voicemail box.
It looks like a real landline or mobile phone number and can be used both by individuals and large companies. The voice is converted into digital signal and is transferred via the internet to the point of the Earth you need while you are talking via VoIP telephony.
All over your phones, from wherever the Sun is, they will run in the same device, in your pocket. Atomix Virtual DJ Pro Serial Keys comprise massive collection of casings along with interfaces for Learners and for Professional, so that they can complete their activities and functions just rendering to their desires.
Would you like to decrease the cost of domestic and international phone calls, communicate with your relatives, friends and partners with low rates? Also, for the receiver, interaction via a Virtual Number is highly affordable compared to a Short Code.

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