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Calendar Types The Gregorian Calendar The Julian Calendar The Revised Julian Calendar The Mayan Calendar The Chinese Calendar The Roman Calendar Switch from Julian to Gregorian Is There a Perfect Calendar? Snake (zodiac) - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The snake is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the chinese zodiac and related to the chinese calendar, as well as in related east asian zodiacal or. Chinese astrology: zodiac signs, compatibility, calendar, Free chinese astrology and horoscope to find out your chinese zodiac animals, compatible signs, lucky numbers as well as auspicious days according to the chinese.
Zodiac calendar - farmers' almanac, The zodiac signs listed based astrological calculations planting almanac traditions.. The chinese zodiac - chinese animal signs - time date, The chinese zodiac (shengxia, ??) based 12-year cycle, year represented animal sign. Zodiac sign compatibility-zodiac love match, Zodiac sign compatibility- zodiac love match-compatibility between the different zodiac signs.
Zodiac signs traits explained astrologers, The 12 zodiac signs traits explained astrologers. Zodiac - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, In astrology historical astronomy, zodiac (greek: ????????, oidiakos) circle twelve 30° divisions celestial longitude . Sagittarius zodiac information - zodiac-signs-astrology., Sagittarius sign characteristics.
Chinese year - chinese zodiac - chinese characters, Interactive chinese zodiac chinese year.
Chinese zodiac signs astrology 2015 year ram (sheep, Offers chinese zodiac signs astrology 2015 year ram (sheep, goat) horoscopes lunar calendar traditional chinese astrology, year assigned animal. Our Chinese Zodiac Chart Graphics Code works on all Social Networking Sites like MySpace, Friendster, Orkut & Hi5!

We add NEW Chinese Zodiac Chart Pictures frequently to our Category, so make sure you Bookmark Us and visit us again for more Chinese Zodiac Chart Comments! It is based on exact astronomical observations of the sun's longitude and the moon's phases. It attempts to have its years coincide with the tropical year and shares some similarities with the Jewish calendar.
However, the Chinese calendar is still observed among various Chinese communities around the world. It is used to determine festival dates, such as Chinese New Year, as well as auspicious dates, such as wedding dates. It is also used to determine moon phases because it follows the moon.Counting the Years and the 60-year CycleThe Chinese calendar does not count years in an infinite sequence (Tondering, 2005). Therefore, the first year of the 60-year cycle becomes jia-zi, the second year is yi-chou, and so on.
The 10th year is gui-you, the 11th year is jia-xu (restarting the celestial stem) the 12th year is yi-hai, and the 13th year is bing-zi (restarting the celestial branch).
Finally, the 60th year is gui-hai.This pattern of naming years within a 60-year cycle dates back to about 2000 years. A similar naming of days and months is no longer used but the date name is still listed in calendars. It has been customary to number the 60 year cycle since 2637 BCE, when the calendar was supposedly invented.Calculating Chinese New YearAccording to Helmer Aslaksen, of the National University of Singapore, there are two rules of thumb used to calculate the new year in the Chinese calendar. The first rule of thumb is that Chinese New Year should be the new moon closest to the beginning of spring (in the northern hemisphere), known as Lichun.

This rule is correct most of the time, but it can fail if Lichun falls close to halfway between two new moons. Therefore, leap years in the Chinese calendar have 13 months, unlike leap years in the Gregorian calendar in which an extra day is included. A leap year in the Chinese calendar does not necessarily fall at the same time a leap year occurs in the Gregorian calendar.One must calculate the number of new moons between the 11th month in one year, which is the month with the December solstice , and the 11th month in the following year to figure out if a year is a leap year. The leap year must be inserted if there are 13 new moons from the start of the 11th month in the first year to the start of the 11th month in the second year.
The solar term system has 12 principal terms to indicate the sun's longitudes at every 30 degrees. The first month that does not have a principal term is determined as the leap month.Calendar BackgroundThe Chinese calendar's origins can be traced as far back as the 14th century BCE.
The Shang oracle bones give evidence of a lunisolar calendar which has been much modified but persists to this day. It is believed that the Emperor Huangdi (Huang Ti or Huang Di) introduced the calendar between 3000 and 2600 BCE, or around 2637 BCE. It is also thought that his minister Ta Nao prepared the first calendar, called the Chia-tzu or Kan-chih system, which is translated as “the system of cyclical characters”.Another phase was added to the calendar because the system was meant to be for popular use. However there have been various folktales linked the origin of the 12 animals.China resisted the Gregorian calendar until 1912 but it was not widely used throughout the country until the Communist victory in 1949.

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