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All these worksheets and activities for teaching Horoscope have been designed by English language teachers.
Another worksheet I created for my students to practice the various uses of the conditional I. FIRSTLY: The formatting looks really messed-up on the preview, but once downloaded its fine! Test yourself- 7th grades--Horoscopes,a sking directions, supersititions,trans portation etc.
This worksheet contains a chart of the chinese horoscope and on the second page there are boxes with the characteristics of each sign. A reading and writing activity about horoscopes: learn more about your sign of the Zodiac and let?s find out wether horoscopes really predict our future. This is a very useful worksheet I use with my students to review adjectives related to personality. These are among the best phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find online. Cancer Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsCancer of all peoples zodiac sign’s characteristics yours are the most moody, sensitive and impressionable and as such you may be very timid and are often helpless. Aries Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsYou, Aries, are bold, impulsive and impetuous, your best zodiac sign’s characteristics are strength and energy.
Taurus Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsOf all types of zodiac sign’s characteristics, Taurus, you are the most patient and will work and wait for anything you happen to want, especially money or love. Capricorn Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsCapricorn your zodiac sign’s characteristics are ambitious, strong-willed and definite in purpose. Gemini Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsGemini zodiac sign’s characteristic is the sign of duality and more than any other person, you have two distinct natures. Leo Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsLeo your zodiac sign’s characteristics and personality have the rare combination of an aristocratic bearing with the ability to command respect and the capacity to love deeply. Libra Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsLibra your outstanding zodiac sign’s characteristics are love of harmony and justice and sympathy for pain and suffering. Pisces Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsPisces, your zodiac sign’s characteristics have an unusual dual personality which sometimes puzzles others as well as yourself. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsYour intellect and zodiac sign’s characteristics are of a very high standard, Sagittarius, and your outlook is mature, far-seeing and imaginatively practical. Virgo Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsThe keynote to your zodiac sign’s characteristic is practical mentality. Aquarius Zodiac Sign’s CharacteristicsAquarius of all people your zodiac sign’s characteristics show that you are the most unselfish.
Look Deeper Into Your CharacterIf you try to look deeper into your zodiac sign’s characteristics, they include in depth information to unlock the type of personality you have and know your potentials.
Virgos and RelationshipsVirgo's are also fairly clean people, who like simple, easily manageable surroundings; although they aren't so much the clean freaks they were once believed to be. When pursuing a relationship with a person born under the Virgo horoscope zodiac sign, it’s going to take time.
As a child the Virgo is typically curious, always looking for new experiences and asking “why” as they are 'reason' orientated thinkers.These kids feel that everything they do must have a legitimate reason or purpose.
As a parent, the Virgo's parenting style and effect are hindered by their over-analysis of their emotions and judgement of self and others.
Virgos in the WorkplaceVirgos also like to solve problems which makes them valuable in the work place, however, while intelligence and perfectionism are assets employers appreciate, it can get in the way of the employee's work efficiency if they start obsessing more over doing their work perfectly rather then actually getting it done.
Virgo horoscope signs are at their most efficient and best in clean, tidy workplace and home environments which have regular routines as they are very routine orientated themselves.However when things are not the way they're supposed to be or the Virgo is harshly criticized, although their productivity at work will be mostly unaffected, Virgo's can become immobilized with depression which will make itself evident at home where they won't be able to do anything and will become critical and overly judgemental of others. One must be careful not to criticize a Virgo's appearance or their work; this can cause them emotional problems due to their habit of being overly critical of their appearance and the quality of anything they do as they often tie in quality of these things with their sense of self worth.
This is the basic personality profile for the Virgo weekly horoscope.If you would like to get more in depth information including details regarding the life path, relationship compatibility, soul urge and destiny for your particular birth date, visit our Horoscope Astrology Reports page to access your in depth Virgo report and find out what the planets have in store for you. The Virgo weekly horoscope individual’s personality is often mistakenly perceived as being frigid and emotionally aloof, however this is only because intellectual Virgos typically put their intelligence and apprehension before their emotions.
Each astrology report is based on the 12 star signs that follow the course of the sun and on the movements of the stars observed in the sky at night.
While the Cancer person is known for retreating internally when disturbed, which can easily happen because of their deep sensitivities and easy tendency to get their feelings hurt, they are afraid to be alone. Cancer's are creative and love beauty, however their best career or business options are those which offer them the opportunity to help, socialize and nurture others in ways that allow them to employ their Cancerian sensitivities, intuitiveness and their multifaceted usefulness. Cancer's have to work on their sensitivity issues, this part of their weekly horoscope sign’s character can keep them in a painful rut because not only can they be hurt by as little as the wrong word being said to them, they’ll dwell on it forever.Therefore, Cancers have to focus on developing their 'shell' to reduce the severity of how hurt they can get.
These parents are dedicated almost to a fault and often have to be careful not to smother their children in their efforts to keep them safe and express their love and concern for them.
This is the basic personality profile for the Cancer weekly horoscope.If you would like to get more in depth information including details regarding the life path, relationship compatibility, soul urge and destiny for your particular birth date, visit our Horoscope Astrology Reports page to access your in depth Virgo report and find out what the planets have in store for you. The Cancer is a highly emotional, intuitive, highly expressive and compassionate being, a water sign.
It can be followed by reading comprehension or vocabulary based activities, such as finding opposites.
You can always delete half of the exercises and make them write horoscopes themselves, I did that and they had fun. You could enjoy with your students guessing which is the horoscope of the people in the activity, and also practice Reading Comprehension. The aboriginal horoscope has been recently discovered by a young Australian anthropologist. Teachers can do many activities with them, such as finding opposites, giving advice, introducing vocabulary etc.
I used it for them to start to learn about themselves and their partners to be able to work with life styles later.
The has everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it. Just enter your list of words and this website will create bingo, dominoes, crossword, memory games, etc.

A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker.
As a rule you are very responsive, full of sympathy for suffering or misfortune and extremely generous. Of all the zodiac sign’s characteristics yours Scorpio are the most dominant, ruthless, self-willed and autocratic. There is nothing haphazard and superficial about you, for you are painstakingly thorough, methodical and exact.
Studying these characteristics thoroughly will make you understand what your talents and hidden traits are. Often times they're also very shy, reluctant to get into very personal, intimate relationships because they don't jump into anything and they're not interested in temporary flings.
Virgo sign’s children thrive best in tidy, well organized environments which are loving and non-critical. However, although never too lovey dovey, this sign’s parent is always available, ready to make sacrifices and are efficient parents. Having a keen eye for any errors and paying obsessive attention to detail, they’ll learn everything there is to know about the things they are interested in and end up specializing in them like no one else. Also, this trait can be a thorn in the sides of staff members as they end up feeling like their co-worker is just trying to look better than them, brown nosing for a promotion. Their way of doing things is almost always about putting their head before their heart, but it isn't because they don't have any feelings, it’s because this is how they protect themselves. Cancer sign people although they can dally away time, are responsible and hard working, typically knowing what's needed on the job or by co-workers before it's asked for. People who love and know cancers learn that they can have an almost manic emotional life with irritability and mood swings akin to the way the moon moves through its cycles.
Their loyalty and love for their parents can be unbreakable if they had good parents, particularly in the case of their mothers. The Cancer horoscope sign parent often wants to protect their children from the world's harshness to the extent their children may feel suffocated and become resentful over the liberty and freedom they might have lost.A Cancer parent's protectiveness will last for as long as they're alive with them still worrying about their children eating and dressing warm enough even when their children are in their fifties.
Among their circle of friends they're the Good Samaritan with a shoulder to cry on, ready with a willingness to give advice and solve problems and offer any help possible to those who need it.On the flip side though, Cancerians are rather jealous and possessive as well as touchy. THIS IS A NEW, MORE COLOURFUL LAYOUT TO PRACTISE ADJECTIVES DESCRIBING PERSONALITY AND TO TALK ABOUT HOROSCOPES IN GENERAL. It can also be used to start a debate about horoscopes or about what characteristics are more important, which ones we like or dislike. On the botton of the page there is a list of the adjectives used, so students can write their meanings.
At the same time, you are often taken advantage of because you find it difficult to refuse help. Your tenacity is your strongest potential; insults and destructive criticism have not the slightest effect on you.
Your personality ranges from grave to exciting and your interests cover both concrete and abstract, the conscious and the subconscious, the subjective and objective. You are gentle, but are completely unrealistic and often lack the ability to cope with conditions of everyday life.
Your love of the truth can have unfortunate results, for you can make any statement simply because it happens to be true, but forget to take into consideration the effect this may have.
You have a strong personality and although you may be disliked, you are never ignored and you make it your business to see this does not happen. In any situation, Virgo, your first thought is for the most sensible and rational thing to do. In your make-up is the desire to change any condition in life that appears to you unhealthy or lacking in progress. When the Virgo weekly horoscope person gets into a relationship, they naturally intend for it to last for the long haul. So rather than be affectionate or emotional right away, the highly talkative Virgo (which they are, once they get past their initial shyness) will prefer to discuss practical or intellectual matters early in a relationship and will continue to do so for a long time before 'getting serious'.
Rather than criticizing a Virgo for anything that wasn't done correctly, parents should instead show their child the ins and outs of how to do which ever task right. Though Virgo's can be critical and perfectionist as parents, they respect their children's unique personalities and willingly provide the space they may need. Although Virgo weekly horoscope individual's can be hard on their fellow co-workers, friends and family, they are very reliable and loyal, it's just that they have such high standards that they tend to have a lot of nervous tension and irritability toward anything or anyone that doesn't match up to their standards.Most of the time the astrological Virgos don't have grandiose aspirations or entitlement issues as they only aspire to the level of achievement and gain they know they can acquire through their actual skills and abilities.
How the constellations move around the sun can possibly enhance your mood and how you interact with others.
Read through the article shown below to gain insight and understand your sign and personality type. They have a talent for being able to deal with people fairly and listen to everyone's needs and solve problems accordingly.Thoughtful almost to a fault, the Cancer employee will be the one that will keep the aspirins handy in case someone has a headache, or the one who brings treats to work for everyone just to brighten the day. Same as when they're adults, the Cancer child is almost always a highly affectionate, loving and thoughtful and have insatiable needs for the same from those they love. However, should one of their friends, family members or someone else in their life hurt them but then treat them nicely and make up for their error, it's easy for them to forgive and forget. Let them read the information about themselves, let them find other people of the same star sign.
My students (teenagers) had a great time with this WS and learnt many adjective plus their synonyms and antonyms. If your Cancer temper is aroused, you do not stay angry for long or harbor a grudge; if you are hurt, you can be very sharp. Capricorns are always striving for something higher and you throw your whole heart and soul into whatever it is you take on. Gemini people are sanguine by nature, fly into a temper easily and just as easily forget all about it, not only what the other person has said but also what they themselves have said.
You are the type to form the backbone of the country; you have a keen sense of stability and preservation. You, Libra, seldom lead a solitary life, for you are usually found doing your best work and achieving most happiness when associated with others, either in marriage or in some other form of partnership.

The majority of people do not like hearing the truth about themselves, at least not as frankly as you put it. Your critical and discerning faculties are well developed, but you are secretly afraid of all that is great and over-powering.
But never your not-so-good qualities that tend to show up when you feel anxious, worn out, or have the need to avoid things. Whether it is with their family, friends or their significant others, they also don't like public displays of affection as they're very private. The other aspect of having a relationship with a Virgo is that unlike some other signs, they don't try to be the one in charge, all they need is for elements in the household to fit with their sense of order and routine and they'll be happy. Children born under this sign usually do well in school because of their early maturity and sheer diligence.
These parents are also great listeners and are skilled at giving their children advice in a way that's not overpowering.
They don't understand people who can be satisfied doing a poorly done job or even a half decent one for that matter. Although not unrealistic, they live with one foot in their romantic day dreams and the other in the real world. A parent must be careful how they teach their Cancer child about the downsides of life so as not to get them too depressed. It includes a complete exercise on finding synonyms and antonyms plus other speaking exercises. Because you feel you are weak, you may adopt a second nature as protection and then you often prove rough, energetic and dictatorial, bluffing others into submission. Like the goat, you climb sure footed and doggedly, using everything and everyone that you meet on the way up. Just as the Sagittarius horoscope sign tell others the truth they expect the same from others, and even those who dislike Sagittarius will admit that if everybody were like them there would hardly ever be any arguments. You will put forward your own claim before others a hundred times if necessary, until you get exactly what you want.
In matters of human conduct it may be said that, of all astrology sign types, you are the most nearly above reproach. Astrology will let you know your weaknesses and your strengths.With this, you can help yourself to improve on your bad points and retain your good qualities to create a more appealing and confident you, leading to a great improvement in your relations with others. These astrological virgins are generally hard working and will diligently look after those they love when they're well taken care of themselves. They are terribly critical, but not only of others and the world around them, but of themselves as well.
A person’s life path is based on the positioning of the sun, moon, planets and other celestial bodies.
A Cancer weekly horoscope person can nurture, love, protect and encourage like no one else, whether it be to provide this love and support to a friend, family member, co-worker, their children or their lover.While they can abundantly love unconditionally, Cancerians can run into trouble, when they dedicate themselves to someone and expect the same or some other closely related benefit in return. Whether their memories are bad or good, even as children, This astrology sign will hold on to past emotional memories, constantly going back to these moments again and again throughout their childhood and will often continue to do so in their adulthood.
Cancer astrology signs have great tenacity of purpose and once your mind becomes set, you stick to a position or idea with great persistence. Your temper is peaceful and not easily aroused, but once provoked you can be violent and unrelenting. Others in turn profit from their contact with you, for you inspire feelings of confidence and clearly appreciate their values that you lack. You are very likable and have a sweet temper, but run the risk of letting others take advantage of you, for you are peaceable by nature and prefer not to fight back.
The Taurus horoscope sign will not hesitate to discard old habits, methods or acquaintances for the new and dramatic. Nobody else can concentrate on minute detail with such diligence as a Virgo horoscope sign. When you have understood the real purpose of your zodiac sign’s characteristics or even somebody else’s, the benefits are priceless and you will appreciate why you are yourself and why others are themselves. Family members of Virgo people know that this sign is often harder on him or her self then they are on anyone else. As a rule the Taurus astrology sign can put up with a lot, but it is dangerous to deliberately make them angry. You are kind-hearted, and never do anything sordid or low, though you are outspoken when you nee to be. Pisces astrology signs generally have many friends, but often hurt their feelings and are quick to take offence, when none is intended.
Often these changes are drastic and surprising, and they may achieve brilliancy in bringing them about.
The zodiac signs and their personality traits can greatly affect an individual’s journey through life to a certain extent. The Capricorn horoscope sign’s outstanding characteristics are loyalty to anyone and anything you consider worthy of it, and devotion to whatever you take on. Leo horoscope sign usually mature early and attack the problems of life with zest and enthusiasm. Libra astrology signs are serene in nature, temperate, intellectual, analytical and harmonious. You are not the idealistic, heroic or adventurous type, but you are trustworthy and decent.
You, Aquarius, want to bring luxury and privileges to every person and you also want everyone to have the intellectual background to understand and appreciate great and good things. The zodiac personality traits should give you a fair idea on what people around you are like and how you interact with them. Sometimes the Aries horoscope sign can become side-tracked because they cannot fully concentrate on one thing at a time.

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