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Zodiac signs of Libra, Scorpion and Sagittarius highlighted in the picture on the Zodiac Signs table. The Zodiac Signs table is built with positive energies in order to accommodate your tarot readings. These Zodiac Signs tarot tables are created by an old gypsy tradition by providing magickal elements that is established to open door ways for divination. When creating magickal ritual tools, it is important that the three orders of magic be observed.

Using only natural materials and working with the natural grain of the wood, these tables provide focus and energy for divination. And the final order of magic is working with the natural element of the specific quality of the materials involved. The Zodiac House Table coordinates by house and counter clockwise (the way the symbols transverse our sky) for each sign. No matter where you place it, this Zodiac Signs tarot table will make an attractive addition to any room.

Includes dates for the zodiac signs, keyword for the sign, symbols for the sign, and ruling planet.

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