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1) Try to remember that Pisces man or women are generally sensitive people filled with compassion and kindness.
2) Pisces women like Rihanna, Eva Longoria, and the late Elizabeth Taylor love to feel like they are the only women in the world! 3) Pisces are by nature shy people, so they are attracted to confident and assertive types. 3) Pisces are dreamers, and very imaginative people… almost to the point of being a tad bit gullible. 4) Explore new places, sensations, social arrangements, and languages are all important to Pisces.
6) Because Pisces spend so much time caring for other people, it is important that the person they are dating can be there for them. 8) Although Pisces are attracted to strong Zodiac signs likes Aries, Taurus and Scorpio… they will not like you if you are too harsh.
9) Most Pisces tend to indulge in something a little too much… It could be food, drinking, gambling, sex, work, exercising, talking, shopping…. So useful things are offered right here,I truly content to read this put up,I was just picture about it and you presented me the proper details I truly bookmark it,for further reading.
Pisces and Cancer share a good amount of common ground, like both are water signs for starters.
The Pisces woman and Cancer man compatibility ranks high in the 'astrologically blessed' relationships list. Before moving on to the astrological sign compatibility of Pisces and Cancer, we should first take a look at the general characteristics of the typical Pisces woman and Cancer man. If you think all women should be sweet, emotional creatures without a great deal of intelligence, whose true role in life is to bear children and devote themselves to their mates, you shouldn’t be reading this book in the first place.
Problems with emotional expression are characteristic with the Gemini woman as they are with the Gemini man.
The good news is that Pisces are very loving, sweet, emotionally intuitive and nurturing… But this zodiac sign also is sensitive, moody and lives in a dreamy world that you may or may not completely understand. So be sure to have a creative sense of humor and be able to come up with funny jokes, word play, and double entendres. A Pisces must have new stimulus everyday in order to feel happy and content, so if you want to seduce a Pisces be prepared to try new things yourself! You will need to either share the same love of music with you Pisces crush or at least learn to love their favorite songs. Pisces is a sign that loves flowers, hand-written notes, random phone calls, sweet gestures, jewelry, gifts… basically anything sentimental, they will adore!
I also work directly with clients to help improve their personal or company's digital image online through various social media platforms. As you browse through the following paragraphs, you will by yourself form a clear picture on the Pisces woman and Cancer man compatibility.
And you particularly shouldn’t be reading about the airy signs, since women born under this element are even less likely than anybody else to want to fulfill that lovely traditional image. The Gemini woman, like the Gemini man, often needs two jobs, or a series of hobbies, or a regular class or group discussion, to keep her happy.
The natural Geminian tendency to hold in emotion, to negate it, to analyse it away, often means that the Gemini woman lives a kind of near-hysterical extroverted life running and running away from feelings of loneliness or unhappiness. It’s just that each sign suggests a bias, a propensity to learn one way more than another. They are a great match for someone who is a planner and is willing to put the effort in for impromptu trips and sweet surprises! Pisces have a lot of love to give and usually will stick up for the underdog, basically any person, animal, or group in need of defense. If your Pisces likes a song, you will hear it in the car, at home, in the office and at the gym. Think about the most romantic scene from your favorite movie and use that as inspiration for earning the heart of a Pisces! These include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube Channels or custom websites.
Keeping with the same line of thought, one can see that as Pisces and Cancer both belong to the water element, they are both essentially compatible with each other.
Most men love their families, especially their 'mommy dearest', but Cancer men do tend to take it to a whole new level.

Air sign women think; and the Gemini woman, in common with her Aquarian and Libran cousins, can generally out-think most anybody you know. She may know something about Iranian politics, and Persian mythology, and knitting patterns, and rare butterflies, and the breeding of horses.
Her desire to learn is one of her strongest motivations, and needs to be developed and encouraged – whether this means attending university, or attending evening courses in one or two subjects which interests her, or just going down to the local library a lot. A good case in point is Marilyn Monroe, who perhaps might have been spared the tragic conclusion to her life if she had been more emotionally honest with herself. With Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the need for knowledge and experience and stimulation is often greater than the need for security.
Gemini needs to be frivolous, and love for Gemini must contain some humour and some frivolity as well as more intense emotion. She’s particularly confusing if you expect her moods to be consistent and her interests focused. However, because of this indulgent behavior, every once in a while a Pisces will need a voice of reason to guide them in their life. She is 100% female, meaning she is the classic heroine in all the age-old best-selling fiction novels. Unless the female in his life is wise enough to understand when to let go and when to put her foot down, she will never realize when her mother-in-law settled in on her life, in her house and even in her routine decision-making.
If your love is strong and your conviction stronger, no compatibility chart can keep you apart and no incompatibility can hinder your bliss. Her thinking might not always be either scientific or consistent, but she’s a person of ideas, who needs mental stimulation and interesting people in her life.
In career terms, the Gemini woman often makes an excellent solicitor, advertising or marketing executive, translator, teacher, journalist, or photographer – and the whole world of the media, films, radio, television suit her admirably. Her attraction lay as much in her sparkle as it did in her looks, for Gemini radiates a kind of fascination whether he or she is conventionally attractive or not. For the Gemini woman, the polarity in her nature often consists of her feminine self and her intellect, which are frequently at odds with each other.
She’s rarely the old-fashioned type for whom the sentimental memories of Victoriana suffice. Be a supportive, yet practical partner for a Pisces and they will learn to trust you and love you much more! Only god can help the girl that crosses the mother of a Cancer man, but if anyone can, with ease and with the least friction, it is the Pisces female. It’s not that the Gemini woman is incapable of being loving, or maternal, or domestic.
She needs company and stimulation, and you can’t expect her to be happy with a life of strict routine. She’ll have in equal proportions the same needs and drives which motivate any woman, and the Geminian intellectual drive as well. This is why Gemini, as a sign for a woman, requires plenty of room for personal freedom, development of ideas, and contact socially beyond the family circle. The Gemini woman loves words as much as the Gemini man, which means that the tacit assumption that your presence bespeaks your love doesn’t accomplish any miracles.
More often she’ll be intensely modern in her tastes, from clothes to cars to the films she enjoys and the books she reads. Butterflies aren’t provided by nature for utilitarian reasons such as our food supply or the wood from which we would build houses. That is hardly surprising, for she generally lives in her own beautiful, dream world that has no tears, no problems and no catastrophes.She is kind, a bit more towards animal species than the human kind, but caring nevertheless. For she has the charm and the womanly wiles, to wean the Cancer man (baby) off his mother, little by little. The Gemini woman, limited to just a husband and children to talk to, will often vent her frustrations by becoming an intolerable gossip, because she simply must communicate. Whatever nature had in mind, we enjoy butterflies for their beauty, for their grace, for their freedom, for their brightness. She sways towards charity and service and usually wants to do good for everyone (a concept still unknown to all the so-called realists). Other star signs that cannot handle such interference and do not possess the diplomatic tact to 'agree with everything and still do otherwise', please steer clear of the Cancer man.
To stretch the analogy to unbearable lengths, we do derive one useful commodity from the efforts of this kingdom of nature: silk, the most delicate and luxurious and exotic of fabrics.

Though she usually looks frail and fragile, she is surprisingly strong, both physically and emotionally. A fighter of the best kind and no challenge that life throws at her can go without a good fight.Being born under a mutable sign gives her the quality of understanding that most females lack today. She is an exceptionally good listener and usually will make you feel good by just lending you a sympathetic ear. In short, she is the perfect wife material, for she rarely nags (well she does, for it is any woman's birth right, but not as much as she should, if you ask me). She is the perfect kind of woman if you wish to come home after a long tiring day at work, to a lit fireplace, a hot mug of coffee, the smell of freshly baked cones and an absolutely refreshing hug. Don't get me wrong, many a Pisces woman surprise their boisterous Aries and Leo counterparts and balance careers and homes with perfect aplomb.
Yet, Pisces is truly the 'home' animal and a Pisces woman should always be sheltered from the harsh realities of the insane world.CANCER ZODIACCancer Man CharacteristicsThe Cancer man is not really what he looks like. He is the perfect image of the savior 'Prince Charming' galloping on his noble steed to save the gorgeous damsel in distress. Hold on, I am not a Piscean, why in the world am I narrating fairly tales!He seems aloof, with his nose in the clouds, but it is usually only because he does not know you well enough to chit-chat (and not being any of the other 'I don't know you but I can still talk my way into knowing you' star signs, he is at a disadvantage in this field). In fact, the Cancer man takes the accumulation bit a little too far when he wishes to save everything from ending up in the dustbin, hoping that it will be of use someday.Cancer males are usually aristocratic and have expensive tastes even though they are a little on the stingy side with their expenses.
They usually have a well-developed sense of responsibility that accompanies a fairly unpredictable nature. The thing that most appeals the opposite sex about them is their witty humor, which can sometimes tend to be a bit dry. Cancer males are very emotional even though they may hide it effectively behind their gruff, tough exterior.They have a tendency to go into long spells of depression and just like their symbolic crab, they crawl into dark holes and retreat within themselves when such a phase hits them.
There is only one major flaw with Cancer males but it deserves a separate paragraph and so we will come to it later.Pisces Woman and Cancer Man CompatibilityTheir compatibility is truly blessed by the stars and this is solely because here are two people who can share honest and open communication.
Good communication is the key to building up a good emotional rapport and these two can hence bond together like a covalent molecular bond. Both are water signs and are hence driven by emotions, the good news is, both their emotions are fairly aligned.Both are sensitive to each others' needs and can help each other tide over the moon induced phases of depression and self-critique (that both go through periodically). Pisces, being ahead of Cancer on the karmic wheel, has a lot to teach Cancer and so both of them can live and learn together, and watch their love transform their lives.A Pisces woman can live an undisturbed life with a Cancer man. The Cancer man lends stability, security and warmth to the life of the Pisces woman and this is something she was always secretly looking for. It is considered to be the best combination for marriage because of the outstanding compatibility. A Pisces woman will concentrate on homemaking, whereas a Cancer man will be more particular about things such as menus, routines etc. Both are good at acknowledging their fault and accepting their share of blame in any household tiffs and this is also a good thing.
Wounds are never left unsolved for too long, and so they never fester into bigger problems. The Pisces woman, being the more gentle and more peace-loving of the two, usually makes the first moves towards reconciliations after a fight. A Pisces woman is also known to stay calm under pressure, which ultimately can lead to better bonding between the two. Both Cancer man and Pisces woman usually connect on a level much beyond the understanding of the common people. The Pisces woman is gifted with psychic abilities and so one can say that the Cancer mate was her find. Pisces women are exceptionally good at judging men from afar and hence are the best bets to make when it comes to character and personality assessment.
Pisces woman is never the one to ask for help and so the Cancer man needs to keep his eyes open and help her with tact when she needs it. Both need to work at keeping the other grounded to reality, lest they drift too far in their magical world of fairies and pixies (I can only assume for I have never been there).

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