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People often find answers to computer problems by searching on Google, which shows you recent search terms in a drop-down box when you go to search it.
The caption implies that from Randall's perspective, every computer he uses seems to be broken; he doesn't seem to realise this is because he's the one using them, not because the computers actually start off broken.
Syntax highlighting can be used when editing source code to make the code more readable and easier to understand. Alternatively, this could imply that Randall is attempting to translate code from one programming language to another using Google Translate. The CPU's temperature sensors exist to tell you when your CPU is becoming dangerously overheated (normally because of a faulty fan or overclocking). Jumper wire is a short circuit used for switching a certain function on an electronic circuit. This is a search for an interface to the Unix filesystem checker fsck via third-party software added to Chrome. An idiosyncratic mix of Recursion and the font style cursive, referring especially to text handwritten in a flowing manner. In some filesystems, for example ext4 and NTFS, a single file may be referenced by different names anywhere in the filesystem. Turing completeness is the computational complexity required to simulate any computable function (given an infinite amount of memory).
Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of an operating system or application which allows the user to troubleshoot problems by disabling unnecessary functionality.
It's also possible that Randall sees safe mode so often that he sees regular mode as an unusual and unique state and needs help navigating back to it. Predictive text is a feature of many smartphone keyboards that predicts the most likely word the user wishes to type, and then gives the user the option to place the word in the sentence without typing the whole word.
Google docs relies on programs and libraries much more complex than a bootloader (a very small program running immediately after boot, mainly for loading the OS) could run. Hardware acceleration means that certain calculations are not performed by the computer's CPU but by a "specialized" processor, e.g.
While graphics cards are most commonly used with three or four channels (red, green, blue, and sometimes alpha), they do support two-channel or single-channel images.
Automatically executing code from the internet is generally a terrible idea, because it could be written by someone with malicious intent and harm your computer. Most code downloaded from authentic sources, such as Windows and Linux, is verified by a cryptographic signature -- such packages signed by a true trusted source authenticating the origin of the software, and the are frequently executed on your computer automatically and it forms the basis for auto-updates of for example your Chrome browser, any automatically updated linux package, and everything automatically updated by Windows 10.
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The first thing anyone does, whenever the decision of getting a tattoo is made, is find a design that fits them best.
Of course, there are many places to get a tattoo, but something about a wrist tattoo appears sensual.
Butterfly TattooIt may seem that butterfly tattoos are favored by women, but there are certain designs that can work for men as well. Eye TattooThere are various designs and concepts to be adapted when it comes to eye tattoos. Heart TattooWhether you choose to get a heart tattoo because it looks "cute" or you wish to convey strong feelings for someone, this tattoo idea is quite popular.
Horse TattooIf you're someone who has deep affection for these magnificent creatures and wish to embody their characteristics, then a horse tattoo is right for you. Kanji Characters TattooThese are Chinese characters that are used in Japanese writing system. The meaning behind each Kanji character will depend on which word(s) or phrase(s) you wish to get tattooed.
Musical Notes TattooFor those who have a passion for music, getting this tattoo is not a surprising concept. Ouroboros TattooOuroboros is an ancient symbolic creature; most likely a serpent or dragon. Zodiac Signs TattooAccording to Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs which represent a set of dates and specific months. The work is written in Turkish with large naskhi script in black ink on 90 leaves of delicate finished (aharlA±) paper. This work was made for the Treasury of Sultan Murad III, and the quality of its paintings, its binding and its calligraphy make it one of the greatest works of Ottoman art created for a sultan. A contemporary copy of an illustrated cosmography, and perhaps the earliest to survive of the great geographer Ibn al-Wardi (d. The work has also been attributed to an earlier author, Zayn al-Din Abu Hafs a€?Umar Ibn al-Muzaffar Ibn al-Wardi, who died in 1348 AD, but according to the 1479 and 1487 copies of the Kharidat, this author would pre-date the original work. Though the identity of the author is still uncertain, at the very least the physical evidence of our copy would indicate either that it is a very early edition of the later Ibn al-Wardi, perhaps copied within a few years of the original, or that it is an edition of the earlier author, completed within less than a century of his death. Islamic sacred geography differs from the Ptolemaic tradition in that it does not employ cartographic grids, or longitude and latitude scales; as a rule, these used Mecca and the Kaa€?ba as the center of the world. Between the 12th and 16th centuries, the study of Islamic geography often extended to include cosmology, cosmogony, astrology and similar subjects, rather than the production of purely geographical works that were characteristic of earlier periods.
In addition to the two dated copies mentioned earlier, further copies of the Kharidat al-`Ajaa€™ib include one in the Vatican Library dating to the 18th century, one of a similar date (1778 AD) in the National Library of the Czech Republic, as well as one in the Library of Congress, which is undated.
The following excerpts are taken out of a work older then 968 when Cairo became the capital. The land of the Zinji lies opposite to that of Sind; between the two intervenes the breadth of the Sea of Persia. Aden, nice town, where the ships of India and China come, one finds there all the products of the eastern countries, brought there from different places, silk, arms, kaimoukt (kind of leader) , musk, aoud (aloes wood), several aromatics, ivory, ebony, clothes of grass, estimated higher is value then those of silk, lead, pearls, precious stones, the zoubad (civet) and amber.
Concerning the lands in the southern hemisphere; they start with the lands of the Sudan or the Blacks, which extends up to the extremity of the Mogreb or Africa, towards the big sea, there are many deserts there where there is nobody. The Zindges; their country is the biggest of the countries the Blacks live in, at one side it touches Abyssinie. The island of Camar or the island of the Moon, very long and very large, one says 4 months walking east to west; there is a town called Han, where the king resides.
There you do not see anymore the pole star, or the big bear, and the waves are big as mountains. He calls the area south of the sources of the Nile: Rub'a al-Kharab, one of the richest regions in the world. He describes Zanzibar as peopled by idolaters who boasted no code of writing (meaning no revealed religion) but were accustomed to being harangued (meaning they get speeches) by leaders of society in the marked places. One finds at Sofala a big amount of gold, in very pure nuggets and each nugget (tibra) can be 2 to 3 mithcals. Oriented with the South at the top, it shows the known world as a sphere surrounded by the Encircling Sea, which is enclosed by mountains. An important cosmography composed for the Mamluk na'ib of Aleppo Shahin, Arabic manuscript on paper, 178ff.

A A  The land of the Zinji lies opposite to that of Sind; between the two intervenes the breadth of the Sea of Persia. A A A  The Zinji are extremely numerous, through deficient in the means of carrying on war.
A A A  Concerning the lands in the southern hemisphere; they start with the lands of the Sudan or the Blacks, which extends up to the extremity of the Mogreb or Africa, towards the big sea, there are many deserts there where there is nobody. A  The island of Camar or the island of the Moon, very long and very large, one says 4 months walking east to west; there is a town called Han, where the king resides. A A A  He describes Zanzibar as peopled by idolaters who boasted no code of writing (meaning no revealed religion) but were accustomed to being harangued (meaning they get speeches) by leaders of society in the marked places. A A A  One finds at Sofala a big amount of gold, in very pure nuggets and each nugget (tibra) can be 2 to 3 mithcals. Here we see a list of search queries, each of which suggests the author is perversely misusing or overextending some computer technology. The way to execute commands is almost identical, making detecting a script that contains a mixed syntax nearly impossible.
Someone who searches for information about the limits of those sensors is presumably expecting to misuse their CPU. On a motherboard, jumpers can be used to alter the clock speeds of various motherboard functions (such as the CPU or the front side bus). PostScript (the language some fonts are written in) is capable of recursion and PostScript Type 3 fonts are able to use the full language. EBNF specifies recursive patterns that are impossible for a regular expression to determine whether it is valid or not.
The "opposite of safe mode" implies a "dangerous" mode where the purpose is to allow uselessly dangerous action, like sudo.
An 8-bit single-channel image would use the format 'R8', which is indeed 'red channel only'.
The joke here is that the code would only be executed if written by someone who has been "verified" on Twitter. Explain xkcd uses ads to pay for bandwidth, and we manually approve all our advertisers, and our ads are restricted to unobtrusive images and slow animated GIFs. With wrist tattoos gaining more and more popularity, it's no surprise that you're searching for design ideas as well. It looks attractive on men and women, and once you decide to get a tattoo on your wrist, the only thing holding you back is finding the right design and pattern. With feminine-looking designs for women and tribal patterns for men, these tattoos are immensely popular. With thousands of designs and shapes (heart-like figures) to choose from, a heart tattoo is worth a thousand words.
Kanji tattoos have become very popular as they look beautiful, creative, and can be worn by both men and women. Apart from the musical notes used for the design, other music tattoos can also be made; for example, you can get an instrument (guitar, drums, harp, piano, trombone), microphone with musical notes, etc. The radiant colors on their feathers make peacocks a very popular and common choice for tattoos.
Depending on the number of points a star has, the meaning of your tattoo will vary drastically.
The tattoo you finalize will depend on what you believe in and what should the tattoo represent. Within are 55 miniatures depicting subjects in the text, some of them one to a page and some two. The type of paper used here, which is a style associated with 14th and 15th century Spain, and the style of calligraphy which points to a 14th century hand, suggest this copy was produced during the 14th or 15th century, and may thus indicate the earlier authorship. The tradition is generally associated with 10th century scholars such as al-Balkhi, al-Istakhri, al-Muqaddasi, Ibn Hawqal, and the ninth century geographer Ibn Khurdadhbeh (d. These cosmological works seem to have been produced for the average lay reader as organized compendia of world knowledge, rather than critical scientific works, and relied heavily on earlier sources.
64r, shows the direction of prayer to qiblah [Mecca] from different countries, seen here in 35 sectors. Several inscriptions on the inside of the front doublure exist in a later maghribi hand; one of these refers to one unidentified individual by the name of Ibn al-Maa€™mun. There are also several examples in the Chester Beatty Library, dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries; and several examples are cited in C.
Others are his stories taken from Masa€™udi (without mentioning his name) in which the Zenj warriors ride on cattle.
It is said that their king goes forth to battle with three thousand followers, ridding on oxen.
In the north there is a mountain who goes from one sea to the other, leaving two wholes through which the boats can pass, this town (Aden) is 4 days away from the Zendges.
That island produces nardgil or coconuts, sugarcane, one makes there clothes of grass, as beautiful as from silk, one builds boats of 60 elbows long, that carry 200 men. Mecca, the focal point of all spatial references, is near the center of the Arabian Peninsula, which is embraced by the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea in the shape of a crescent moon to signify the unity of the celestial and terrestrial worlds, a unity of conjoined sacredness. While obviously these maps were produced after the European a€?early medievala€? period, they still reflect the medieval world view of the Arab cartographers. The overall impression is of someone technically sophisticated enough to shoot themselves in the foot, and who does not learn any larger lessons despite doing so repeatedly. A "clean reinstall" of keybindings is something that would almost never be necessary - it means Randall has modified his default keybindings to such an extent that his leopard has become unusable (similar to 1284: Improved Keyboard), necessitating a "clean reinstall" of the bindings. A job that updates the crontab (therefore creating new jobs, removing old ones or editing existing ones) is paramount to a Job scheduler, and trying to use cron for such functionality could result in highly unstable functionality (although a crontab could be sensibly regenerated periodically by a set of machines from a master crontab file annotated with per-host directives). This could create effects like fonts with complicated fractal borders and fill patterns - but the increase in processing time would contribute to seeming brokenness of the computer (or printer) rendering the font.
There is some irony in using regex to test the validity of something which defines the validity of things like regex. The idea of a "predictive touchpad" seems absurd because, as opposed to typed words, there are not a limited number of swipe combinations that are possible on a touchpad. This speeds up output, especially if complex 3D calculations are required and reduces CPU load. Twitter's verification service only serves to show that a user is who they claim to be, not whether or not their code can be trusted, so this would provide little protection.
Although this type of body modification has been around for centuries, many cultures and societies still haven't accepted it with open arms. If you are unfamiliar with this style of writing but wish to get a tattoo, I would advice you to consult with someone who has the basic knowledge. They considered owls to be wise hunters because of their sharp eyesight and hearing, and they are adaptable to evolution. Hindu god Karthik and goddess Saraswati use peacock as their vāhana (it's a Sanskrit word which means an animal or a mythical being used as a vehicle by a deity). It all depends on how you look at the Sun's energy and wish to incorporate it in your life.

You can select wings of various birds (dove, phoenix, eagle, etc.), bat, dragonfly, butterfly, firefly, and even a beetle. On pages 1ba€“2a two round medallions carry an inscription stating the worka€™s subject and saying that it was prepared for the Treasury of Sultan Murad III (r.
This work sums the geographical knowledge of the Arabic world of the time, referring to climate, terrain, fauna and flora, population, way of living, existing states and their governments in individual regions of the world. In addition to a compendium of place names, seas and mountains, the author has also included a description of the flora and fauna of the places he describes. 912 AD) who devised the earliest known geographical work using the Kaa€?ba as the center of the world in his Kitab al-Masalik waa€™l-Mamalik.
The text and map in the manuscript suggest a medieval precursor; old place names and archaic descriptions occur frequently. The final page bears a partial reference to the owner or scribe of the manuscript, whose name appears to be al-Qawariqi.
They worship idols, are brave, hardy and fight in battle riding oxen, as their country supplies neither horses, mules, nor camels. Turkish Constantinople is a red crescent a€?walla€? or barrier against the a€?people of the crossa€?. His first chapter is almost entirely based on Yaquta€™s geography.A  As a result, those trying to date his work start from c. However, this search is asking how often the motherboard checks the status of the clock speed jumpers, implying that they intend to change these jumpers while the computer is powered on. A "predictive touchpad" implies that a computer could predict where the user was going to move the mouse or click, which in this case would seem to defeat the purpose of a user input device.
To use this function only on a single color channel seems pretty useless, but one may want to troubleshoot a program that displays only red when hardware acceleration is enabled. Usually, twitter verification is used by celebrities so they can be distinguished from people claiming to be them. Extensive research is required for these tattoos because you don't want to make any errors.
The author also speaks about Slavs and their lifestyle and mentions al-Mahdiyya as the residence of the Fatimid dynasty. Throughout the work, the author refers to various historians and geographers, such as al-Masa€?udi (d.
These geographical works neglected to include coordinates or to employ mathematical geography in the maps, and bear great similarity to the simpler-produced maps of medieval Europe. The region between North Africa and Syria is associated with the northwest wall of the Ka`ba, with a qiblah from east to south. At the top, Africa is extended the length of the Indian Ocean, but unlike Ptolemya€™s map, here the continent does not enclose the ocean. Alternatively, Randall might want to repair an installation of the operating system Chromium, in a manner less drastic than the factory reset preferred by Google. Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato, also talks about this mythological creature being the first living thing in the universe. In fact, they thought that owls were funeral or melancholy birds and they'd howl because they could foretell death. So if you feel that you won't be able to take the pain, think twice before getting the tattoo. The work, which was written by the court panegyrist (Azehnameci) Sayyid Loqman AAYuri, consists of two main sections. The region between Iraq and Afghanistan is connected with the northeast wall of the Ka`ba and has a qiblah from south to west. The Nile, drawn in red, takes a right-angle turn, possibly reflecting the rivera€™s great bend.
The first begins with the universe and the signs of the zodiac and continues with stories taken from the Torah, the New Testament, and the Qura€™an which tell of the lives of prophets and those who rendered service to the faith. Its sense of proportion is highly schematic, and the location of certain places is rather unusual, but al-Andalus [Spain], Qustantaniyyah [Constantinople] and the River Nile are all approximately where one might expect.
India, Tibet and China are associated with the Black Stone in the eastern corner of the Ka`ba, with a qiblah pointing slightly northwest. Snow is not know among them, nor rain, which is commonly the case with the greater part of the country of the blacks. They have islands in the sea, from which they collect cowries to adorn their persons, and they use them in traffic one with another, at an established rate. The original work is said to have been completed around the year 1419 AD, as stated on the earliest known copy which is dated 1479 AD (cited in R. The world is shown surrounded by water, with an outer boundary of mountains, seen here as the polychrome outer border. A fourth region, the Yemen, the Hadramawt, Aden and Socotra are linked with the southern corner of the Ka`ba, with a qiblah pointing north. They have no ships, but traders come in vessels from Uman, to buy their children, whom they sell in different countries. The first part ends with genealogical trees of the Prophet Muhammad, the Four Orthodox Caliphs, and the sultans and high officials of Muslim dynasties such as the Umayyads, the a€?Abbasids, the early Islamic period, the Ghaznawids, the Ilkhanids, the Seljuqs and the Timurids. Sellheim, Arabische Handschriften: Materialen zur Arabischen Literaturgeschichte, Wiesbaden, 1976-87, Vol. In addition to the extensive chapter on geography, the Kharidat al-`Ajaa€™ib contains a chapter on the types of birds and other animals that exist in the places that the author has described. The second part opens with Sultan Osman, the founder of the Ottoman dynasty, and goes up to Sultan Murad III, with 12 portraits of Ottoman sultans. The inclusion of a small section explaining the game of chess, including a detailed drawing, has not been recorded in other copies of Ibn al-Wardia€™s cosmography.
The inhabitants are infidels, and the tartars among the blacks, consisting of savage tribes of freebooters, who continually take captive and plunder every thing that falls in their way. In recent works from about 2000 on the Ibn al-Wardi concerned is often called pseudo Ibn al Wardi. In their country the river divides; one branch going towards Egypt, and the other to the country of the Zinji. The paper of the present manuscript can be clearly located to Spain no later than the middle of the 15th century. It is an extensive district, and mines of iron are found in it, which the people of the country work and sell to the traders from India, who give a high price for it, on account of it being harder and of better temper than that which they obtain in their own country, and they purify it and make it into steel, which admits to a durable edge. The most remarkable produce of this country is its quantity of native gold that is found, in pieces of two or three Meskalla weight; in spite of which, the natives generally adorn their persons with ornaments of brass.

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