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The ruler of the Libra zodiac sign is Venus, and this means you are easy going, relaxed, adventurous, open minded, and love all of your friends.
Even though you are very analytic many people like your analogies, and in some way this makes you really cool and you know it.
The Libra sign has a strong sense of color but prefers yellow and pink shades over most other colors. If you think you are the Libra horoscope sign, you will need to have been born on or between "September 23rd and October 23rd "and if this is so, the rest of this article is specifically written to help you understand the meanings, personality and characteristics that come with being a Libra. Because of this you will find that many work in law enforcement as well as being therapists.
Most Libras you will ever meet will more than likely be logical, objective, and are very deep thinkers. Being a Libra means you like to take your time, why rush something when you can take more time to enjoy it. Because of your analytic skills you can sometimes seem as though you are detached from situations and life in general, this is not the case; you simply are in a different place.

Libra is the ruler over the bladder and kidneys in the body and for this reason, on some occasions, may be prone to issues that relate to them.
You will find out some things that will be very helpful that you may not have known about yourself. Sometimes you will be overwhelmed with indecision, this is because of your analytic qualities; you will over analyze and become froze without recourse.
You are very tactful and truthful; you have wonderful communication and negotiating skills. You love the relaxed feeling and it fits you very well, this gives you time to think as well as form perfectly rounded decisions.
You are not always in the moment and this can be confused for being remote, you are just taking a moment to gather needed information to solve a situation. They have been known to have issues with their skin and can sometimes cause stress or anxiety. Libra's have an intelligence mind unlike many others and their minds are extremely versatile.

Your partner loves your honesty and how well you can articulate your thoughts, but sometimes you have the tendency to draw things out. Your ability for logic is what grounds who you are.You are not spontaneous, you like when things are well planned and thought out.
The symbol for Libra is the scale; this can be misleading for some because, although it does equate to balance, it also has the meaning of truth.
You do not like when things are sprung up all at once and you have to make a split second decision. You are not interested in solving life's problems but you do want to have yours under control.
You are open to new ideas, but are very quick to make sense of them; most of the time people don't like the analysis.

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