If you have done any research at all, you must know about the spiritual benefits of meditation.
A good place to begin is at the Vancouver Shambhala Meditation Centre, which offers free instruction for first-timers every Wednesday night on Heather Street. From January 23, Vancouver’s Conscious Realization School will hold weekly practice sessions at the YWCA Hotel. Searching for a calm and peaceful mind, healthy body, improved relationships, and a more balanced life? From an academic standpoint the discipline of Philosophy is often described as – any study or interpretation of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.
Whether you adhere to the teachings of Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, David Hume, Lao Tzu, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Baruch Spinoza, or another, your curiosity and drive to understand the world that we live in; propels your spiritual search.
Vedanta philosophy is a Hindu interpretation based partly upon Vedic text and on the teachings as expounded by the Upanishads.  They are not considered to be revealed truths, but instead consist of over 200 commentaries elucidating various aspects of Vedanta. Formulated from the teachings of Bhaskara; the individual spirit (Jiva) is both the same and one with Brahman.
As initiated by Vallabha; enlightenment is only possible through the practice of Bhakti (devotion). As qualified by Ramanuja; individual souls are unique and distinct while inseparable from Brahman.
Inquiry into the nature of our world; what is eternal and what is the transitory ephemeral  (fleeting world). Once we find ourselves awake in a human body we begin to perceive various things around us. Sensations and perceptions are transferred to the human brain via nerve impulses, which in turn, employ the mind to generate an experience.  Cognition consists of integrating the sensory input and all the attributes (smell, form, texture, color, and taste) to project an image in the mind. Are the objects of our world real, or simply an illusion?  If there were no awareness, would they even exist? An object exists only if we have knowledge of it.  That implies that there is a knower (Rishi, the inner self), the process of knowing (Devata), and the object of knowing (Chandas).
For example, while walking on the beach and enjoying the sun we can take a stick and drag it through the sand. As we continue our meditation practice individual consciousness expands along with personal strength and stability. But, the superimposition error (Adhyasa) occurs when we take ourselves to be the body-mind-intellect complex, and not the timeless reality. Pratyaksha (perception), Anumana (inference), Upamana (comparison), Agama (scripture), Arthapatti (presumption), Anupalabdhi (non-apprehension).
The moon Io which orbits the planet Jupiter is the most volcanically active place in our Solar System.  And yet, since these eruptions and the resulting outcropping of poisonous gasses do not affect human life, we remain indifferent. We assign attributes (good, bad, etc.) based upon whether the event is perceived to be beneficial or not, for human survival and the search for happiness. When we throw a stone into a lake, circular ripples emanate for the point of impact and travel outward. And yet we all verify that the multi-universe that we live in seems not to be that at all.  We are bound by time and space, live individual lives fraught with suffering and momentary happiness. Maya consists of Avarana-Sakti (the veiling power) and Vikshepa-Sakti (the projecting power). Thru the work of Prakriti individuation flourishes and continues to expand into ever more multifarious forms.
Prana (respiration), Apana (elimination of body waste), Vyana (circulation of blood and support of the nervous system), Udana (supports standing tall and production of sounds; speech), Samana (digestion and assimilation). Niyati (limitation of place), Kaala (limitation of time), Raaga (limitation of attachment), Vidyaa (limitation of knowledge), Kalaa (limitation of creativity), and Maayaa (limitation of individuality). Manas (emotional mind), Buddhi (intellect), and Ahamkaara (ego connected with objectivity). Asti (existence), Jayate (birth), Vardhate (growth), Viparinamate (change), Apa­kshiyate (decay), Vinasyati (death). Kama (passion), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (infatuation or delusion), Mada (pride), Matsarya (jealousy). Individual (conflict within one’s own self between reason and feeling, emotions and understanding), Social (conflict with human society), Environment (conflict with nature), and Cosmic (how and why is all of this here).
Greater exposure and assimilation of pure consciousness thru meditation breaks the bonds of Maya and incorrect self identification. The veil of Maya is lifted when liberation (moksha, enlightenment) is gained.  Thru the continued practice of meditation you can pierce the cloud of illusion and see for yourself that Maya is not a fanciful concept, but does indeed obscure that fact that existence is one.

Religions are the concept of mankind.  To the extent that they point to and guide people toward correct understanding and experience, they may be valid.
Rules, creeds, ceremonies, symbols, doctrines, faith and holy books, can be the outer trappings of a universal message tailored to suit specific peoples at different times. All those who believe that their God is the one and only true God, have deluded themselves due to ego and culture identification.
A true religion is one that proclaims the universal message of peace, and displays unconditional love toward all people. Having gained Enlightenment the knower of reality has transcended the teaching of Vedanta Philosophy. If you would like to use methods of breath-work for relaxation, you can start learning to play with breathing right here! Visualizing a peaceful scene is pretty straightforward… but here are a few examples to get you started. Now these are all great methods… but we are going to take it a little further in this post! Can you see how efficient you could become in your work?  Can you see how non-needy and confident you will become in relationships?  Can you see how much more pleasure and fulfillment you can achieve in any activity in life? I find the EFT blends in very well with most of the techniques of meditation I really enjoy. I find something new and transformational every time I listen… so I make it a point to go back and listen to bits and pieces again whenever I can. Whether you realize it or not you already meditate, but we go a bit further to give you tips on how to do it more efficiently. The ultimate resource for life's two great journeys: world travel and spiritual development.
Some proponents say that the purpose of meditating is to bring you closer to the heart of God.
Completely taking the metaphysical out of the equation, meditating can bring down blood pressure, ease an irregular heartbeat, and reduce insomnia.
It is, without a doubt, one of the best things a person can do for their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Yes, the purpose of meditation is to clear the mind, but when you are sitting still in a quiet room listening to your own breath, sometimes thoughts come to the surface. Understand that when you go into a deep meditative state, you are taking your body through the same process as if you were going to sleep. Please keep in mind that though this guide suggests a particular way to sit, you should sit in whatever way feels comfortable to you. Not only can meditation—loosely, any of a number of practices to help you still your mind and reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness—bring serenity to your busy life, various studies have linked it to physical health benefits. Drop in to learn various meditation techniques, from visualization to chanting, free of charge.
Exposed to the five Tanmatras and aided by our sensory organs, we begin our life’s journey.
The winds of time and change and their resulting vicissitudes fall more softly on our psyche.
The leader of a new religion may expound wisdom, grace and divinity from their level of consciousness, but over time the message is diluted and becomes ineffectual.
Funny to see you quote Shinzen Young in the beginning of your post while I am about to finish his Science of Enlightenment audio program.
Find all the insights and inspiration you need for your journey through high quality photos, video, wise words, tips, and how-to articles. You should never not sit in the emergency exit row -- just tell them you NEED it when you check-in at the counter. Certainly, there have been a number of first hand accounts from people who have felt God when in deep states of meditation. Quieting the mind and allowing the body to sink into a state of deep relaxation is good for bringing about a feeling of inner peace, releasing stress, and allowing a greater clarity of mind. If you try to force them down, they’ll stay within you, buried under the surface, causing all sorts of problems later. When I meditate, I breath in a golden light and I breath out my soul as a kind of wispy smoke, flowing into the window of that crystal. In meditation, however, you are keeping the spiritual energy so that you can access the superconscious without actually falling asleep. Some meditation sessions, I spend the entire time just focusing on my breathing and trying to stay awake.

A good way to use this meditation would be to just start the video, close your eyes, and listen to the man’s voice. I recommend first thing in the morning as then it’s done, and the day can begin after that with a clearer more grounded approach.
That’s because followers are not at the same level of consciousness as the leader; so the full wisdom of the teaching is perceived and interpreted in a distorted manner. Setting an intention before meditating can help to move someone into a greater state of well-being. My guide’s voice is calm and soothing and she helped put me into the frame of mind I needed for deep relaxation. When thoughts come into your mind during meditation, don’t admonish yourself for being unable to clear your mind.
This takes a lot of practice and even some long time practitioners of meditation fall asleep within their own meditations. That line remains in the sand and will stay there until the wind or surf eventually covers it back up. Just as dragging a stick in the sand makes a deep furrow not easily covered up, swiping the stick through the air makes much less of an impression.
Learning to astral project, become more intuitive, or develop a deeper psychic ability all come through a concerted meditation practice.
For example, those who suffer uncontrolled anger can become calmer and better able to deal with their feelings.
Starting anything new can be frightening, but here are some tips that can help you get started today. The Chopra Center has this to say about falling asleep while meditating: “You can be reassured that meditation is always healing and that your body takes exactly what it needs from your practice. Start the practical steps toward finding what it is you are searching for, and living truly happy anytime, anywhere, always. People meditate to gain greater insight into their own psyches or to create a pathway to past life regression. Those who might be too sensitive can learn to step back and look at their problems in a non-reactive way.
Whether you are new to meditation or have some experience along the way, everyone is welcome to join our weekly one-hour Introduction to Meditation class which meets every Tuesday at 7:00pm. You will notice that it also creates a line, with emanating ripples, but that will not last long.
Come visit Universal Door Meditation Center, find out what meditation is all about, receive basic sitting instructions, practice a guided sitting with silent time mixed in, and have a chance for Q & A.
No matter what else happens for the rest of the day, I have at least started my day with five minutes of meditation. Come, listen, ask, practice, share, and experience the countless benefits of connecting the mind, body, and spirit, getting to know more about yourself, and stepping a little closer to the true happiness and true freedom that is already within you. It’s a truly remarkable way in which to also be happier, calmer, experience better physical health, and less anxiety, worry and fear. It’s also important for mums not to beat themselves up if they miss a mediation, a day or a week. We don’t want to add more stress – we want to take it out!What sort of things should you do before you meditate?All types of meditation are practiced very differently! It’s something that is like sport, you do them differently and get different results from them. It’s a godsend!How long does meditation take?Vedic Meditation sessions take between 10-20 minutes per sitting, and we aim for 1-2 a day.
Two sessions a day is where the magic happens, but even one meditation a day results in a massive benefit.Are there certain iPhone apps you can recommend for beginners?For beginners that want to dip their toe in, I would recommend Smiling Mind. For the people that are ready for a life changing practice, that is easy and successful, I would recommend Vedic.
There’s no stopping the thoughts and taming the monkey mind or anything like that, it occurs naturally as a result of how we practice.
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