De 30-dagen yoga challenge bestaat uit 30 video’s die je in chronologische volgorde volgt. Ik vind de filmpjes tot nu toe erg fijn, deze mevrouw legt heel duidelijk uit en het is eenvoudig om haar na te doen.
Het lijkt me wel een leuke challenge maar ik ben inderdaad ook meer van de krachttraining en cardio dingen haha! Ik ben al bezig met de challenge, al doe ik ‘m niet elke dag, omdat ik ook nog andere sporten doe. Yoga en Pilates vind ik erg fijn… Alleen weet ik inderdaad niet of ik qua Yoga de juiste dingen doe. Ik heb een aantal dagen van de challenge gedaan, maar toen schoot het wegens tijdgebrek er bij in. Join Grace this Saturday from 11am-12pm for an hour of Cardio Dancing, Yoga, Pilates, Corework, and Strengthening, all choreographed with fun, easy-to-follow movements to songs you love! This Saturday, June 13th, we will have special guest teacher and author, Deborah Adele join us from 11am-1pm. Join us this Saturday, May 9th, 2015 from 2:00pm-4:00pm as yoga teacher, Jackie Ashton, leads us in a Spring Detox Workshop!  Flow, sweat, meditate, breathe, and twist out all the toxins in your body! Search Inside Yourself delivers highly practical and scientifically-proven methods of mental conditioning and attention training that improve overall emotional intelligence and well-being, resilience, creativity, communication, productivity and personal and organizational leadership. Lighting up the studio all the way from Nairobi, AYP is bringing partnership and possibility thru a challenging and invigorating yoga practice! Friday Night we are celebrating life and creativity with the guys co-teaching a special 75 minute yoga flow. This  event is  being offered by Travis Trotter, Founder and Executive Coach at Trotter Coaching and Consulting and Morgan Gregory, Co-Founder of the WY Leadership Retreat Center. Have Fun – We will network, discuss rich content, create valuable learning, move our bodies and build a community for men who are ready to dive deep and get real. Who should attend:  Men who are interested in personal and professional development, improved relationships and having positive impact on others.
Why should you attend: Because you want to be a better version of yourself and be a role model for your community and the next generation of men. What will you learn:  You will improve your communication skills, emotional intelligence, gain greater insight into yourself and realize your impact on others.
What will we do:  We will have group discussions, learn more about ourselves and others, engage in experiential exercises and connect to our bodies through yoga.
Yoga Reaches Out Bay Area (YROBA) is happening Saturday March 15 2014 and Marin Power Yoga is bringing a team of yogis to San Francisco to practice for the day! WHAT: A unique, playful, and fun 90-minute Yoga Flow workshop where we will breakdown and explore a series of partner poses that require you to stay connected with someone else from the beginning of class to the end. Come prepared to interact, explore and learn how to make values a central part of living a wholehearted and engaged life at work and home.
Fill your body with awareness, noticing every part from the tips of your toes to the tip of your head.
Notice the relationship between your breath, body and thoughts, feeling and becoming aware of all these dimensions.
Starting this weekend (January 11) we will be running our Yoga Kids Club on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the second class of the day! Emah will lead the kids thru some light yoga, they will play games, dance and in general have a GREAT time. Marin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Avenue, across from the library in San Anselmo. Are you ready to get stronger, more flexible and even lose a little baby fat in August? Take the Marin Power Yoga 30 Day Challenge!!!
August 30th – Celebrate with us the completion with a Special Yoga JamsFundraiser for The Africa Yoga Project – Friday Night Jams! This workshop will cover basic poses in our vinyasa yoga practice, from High Plank to Warrior 1 to Chair Pose to Up Dog. A group of  committed yogis here at Yoga 365 in Clearwater has decided to band together to complete a 30 Day challenge during the month of April. After several names went up on the chalkboard after one early morning class, several more Yoga 365 regulars took notice throughout the day and decided to jump into the challenge.
Check in with us here if you want to join in on the conversation or if you have questions about Hot Yoga in Clearwater.
Feel free to comment here throughout your 30 days with any thoughts you have along the journey or to support one another along the way.
I woke up to a text on my phone this morning “There’s an awesome southern swell today, you have to get down here.” I live on the south shore of Oahu in Hawaii, and summer is the season for the best waves. I had planned to go to the 7 am Bikram class, but I guiltily strapped my surfboard to the top of my car and promised myself I’d go to the 7 pm class instead. I was still sore the next day, so I decided to go to the Restorative yoga class in order to rejuvenate my body. I woke up really early and got down to the beach around 6 am to get on the waves before the crowds. I tore out of the work parking lot to make the 60 minute Yoga Sculpt class before my 7 pm dinner plans.

This morning I woke up to attend a 7 am Bikram class, and all I could think was, I really don’t want to go to yoga this morning. I arrived a few minutes early and laid down in Shavasana, and tried in vain to find my mental focus. At one point, the teacher said, “if you’re struggling this morning, remember that you have a different body every day.
Dit is een challenge van 30 dagen waarbij je iedere dag een bepaalde yoga sessie volgt via een youtube filmpje.
Zij bieden allerlei fijne yoga workouts aan die je thuis vanuit je eigen yoga matje in je woonkamer kunt volgen. In zo’n 16-20 minuten per dag volg je iedere dag een andere les waarbij de focus ligt op verschillende spiergroepen en verschillende houdingen.
Ik heb vorige week een proefles yoga gehad en ik ga vanaf volgende week een keer per week yoga volgen, naast 3x per week hardlopen. Soms ben ik gewoon ff helemaal klaar met mijn routine (ook al doe ik 1000 verschillende sporten). Voor dat ik zwanger was zocht ik zo iets, ik ga dit zeker onthouden voor na mn zwangerschap. Yes, we will have our little yogis happening in the TreeHouse with Nikki for the entire time!
Learn a pathway of flows within a powerful Vinyasa Flow workshop so that you can evolve to enjoying handstand in the center of the room with creative energy and empowered vitality. This program is typically offered to employees of Fortune 500 companies as part of their employee development and leadership initiatives.
She is an excellent teacher and will share with you the secrets of finding joy in your inversions!!! I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of Anthony’s goal and share this as a community! From standing and balancing to flexing and flying, get ready to connect with your mind, body and soul! Highlights include our AYP teachers, Paige Elenson & Walter Mugwe, Baron Baptiste and a performance by Michael Franti!!! The Yoga Reaches Out Bay Area Yogathon will take place at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA.
Think of this as a one day bootcamp where you can take a bunch of great classes, play, rest and hear awesome music with a bunch of great people!!! And bring someone you feel comfortable doing yoga with, such as a spouse, friend, sibling, parent, child, etc. Unlike Partner-Assisted Yoga or AcroYoga, where only one individual is doing a yoga pose and the other is assisting or supporting, Partner Yoga poses are mutually beneficial.
For the first hour and a half we will dig into the nuances of how your body moves in and out of poses, this is a great opportunity to dive into your practice and land the alignment in your body. Whether it is Side Crow or 8 Limbed Sage, Come Prepared to land a new pose in your practice! They are complimentary to participants in the 30 Day Challenge or $30 if you are not in the Challenge. We decided it would be fun to open up the challenge to the rest of our students and extend the 30 days to include the first few days of  May. I struggled through Half Moon Pose, which required keeping my arms in the air for what felt like hours. However, the 30 day yoga challenge was still on, so I packed my bag and went to the evening Bikram yoga class. I turned my car off and realized I’d forgotten to roll up the windows, so I went to turn my car on again, and found that it wouldn’t turn on. I was off work, so I really had no excuse to not attend the class.  I got out of bed, stood in the bathroom starring through my bleary eyes, and almost got back into bed. Some days are just harder than others, and you have to listen to what your body is telling you.
I stopped the pose I was half-heartedly doing, quieted my mind, focused on my inhale and exhale, and found the strength to continue to the end of class. When she’s not writing about health and fitness, she spends her time kayaking, biking, surfing and practicing yoga on the beach. Het kanaal Do you yoga biedt ook basis filmpjes aan hoe je de bekende yoga houdingen zoals de plank, downward dog, warrior pose etc.
Ik had eerst mijn twijfels, maar na een twee of drie dagen keek ik echt uit naar mijn 20 minuten yoga!
The kids are taking over the main yoga room for a lively class filled with laughter and joy! Both individuals will exert equal amounts of strength, control, and support, and at the same time will receive balance, depth, and openness in each pose. You will obtain simple and effective techniques to support a daily meditation practice and participate in a guided meditation with Laura. Diving deeper into a few core poses we will reduce your risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of your yoga practice!
San Anselmo is located near Kentfield, Ross, San Rafael and Fairfax in the heart of Marin County..

We looked at specific poses students have been struggling with and made adjustments as we discussed alignment and technique.
Completing a 30 day hot yoga challenge is a great way to solidify yoga as a habit in your life, making yoga a more permanent part of your lifestyle.
I noticed that my balance was notably better since I’d been out surfing last a few months ago, and I’m sure that Bikram is to thank!
As I stayed in downward dog for what seemed like an eternity, I reminded myself that my arms were only getting stronger.
I’ve also found that  since I started the 30 day yoga challenge I’ve been less interested in drinking alcohol, although I do crave a beer right after class. I struggled through each and every pose, I didn’t even attempt Toe Stand, which is the pose I’ve been focusing on achieving this month. Geen idee of het deze was, maar het zou kunnen zijn dat je ook ergens op je hoofd moet gaan staan.
Klinkt gek, maar door de weeks heb ik wat korte intensieve sportdagen, waardoor yoga een rustmomentje is, lekker de spiertjes stretchen en hartslag laag houden. I can barely wait to take their classes and experience first hand teachers trained by and with Africa Yoga Project.
If you are in our 30 day yoga challenge, this definitely counts as your yoga practice for the day!!!
The 30 days of hot yoga can start anytime from the 1st to the 5th of April and extend for 30 days. We have seen firsthand how this kind of commitment can change lives, so we are excited to be a part of it!
I was laughing and telling her my shoulders and neck were so tired because I’d been out all day on the water. In addition to improved balance, my arm strength has become noticeably better, and I am less fatigued while paddling. However, once on the mat I found that I had lots of energy, and I ended up having the best practice of my 30 day yoga challenge so far.
I watched the minutes tick by on my phone, and I thought, well, I’ve failed at this 30 day yoga challenge because there is no way I’m making it now. Het enige stomme aan yoga vind ik het hummen, namaste, buiging, je mind laten floaten door een tuin waarvan je het hek binnen gaat (haha) etc. Walter and Anthony are Baptiste trained and work directly with Paige Elenson teaching at the Shine Center in Nairobi and all over Kenya! From an awesome kids class to power yoga and workshops, we have great programming coming your way! This workshop series is about creating a space where you can step into your courage and create an authentic life. We will discuss poses, alignment and the details that enable you to get the most out of your yoga practice. The spirit of the challenge is that, one way or another, 30 classes will be completed within the month. If these waves stay this good, I foresee lots of sore arms during the rest of the 30 day yoga challenge. Eigenlijk was dit een smoes want ik vind het heel moeilijk om echt te ontspannen en ik zag meer prioriteit in intensieve sportworkouts. Niemand kan je dan feedback geven op je houding en als je dan verkeerd de oefeningen uitvoert zou je je spieren overmatig kunnen belasten, blessures kunnen krijgen of juist te weinig trainingseffect kunnen bereiken.
Ik ben benieuwd of ik op een gegeven moment verder kan gaan en merk dat ik leniger zal worden. Het lijkt me wel heel tof als jullie ook mee gaan doen en we met elkaar ervaringen kunnen uitwisselen. All of these classes are donation based with limited edition clothing from AYP in the retail store for one week!!! Heb je al wat lessen gevolgd, dan weet je waar je op moet letten dan kun je makkelijk thuis aan de slag gaan aan de hand van de lessen die zij aanbieden. Laat het me weten bijvoorbeeld in de comments, op twitter of instagram dan kunnen we elkaar volgen en motiveren!. Sinds Lana geboren is heb ik veel moeite met concentratie, ik kan me bijvoorbeeld niet een tijdje concentreren om een boek te lezen.
Er wordt hele fijne uitleg in de video’s gegeven waardoor het makkelijk is om dit thuis uit te oefenen. Het is heel simpel, ik trek wat comfortabele kleding aan, leg mijn yoga matje neer, een flesje water en een handdoek en zet mijn laptop ernaast met het filmpje. Ik ben steeds weer afgeleid en heb dan gedachtes over mijn huishoudplannen of blog plannen.
Sinds een paar weken ben ik begonnen met lessen bodybalance in de sportschool en ik merk echt dat ik dan een uur mijn hoofd leeg kan maken en kan ontspannen, daarom is yoga ook zo goed voor mij. Daarbij ben ik totaal niet lenig doordat ik altijd veel aan krachttraining gedaan heb en mijn spieren daarmee verkort heb.
Tijd voor deze uitdaging dus: yoga om te leren ontspannen maar ook om te werken aan lenigheid en een verbeterde houding.

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