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Addicted to coffee, design junkie who loves to create beautiful websites and great looking interfaces. December Daily, Project Life, 365, Focus 52, or whatever project you are completing isn’t about the project or the product.
It is about finding those most special moments, photographing them, and placing them somewhere for safe keeping. Each year I’m reminded more and more of how important it is to get things written down, whether it is digital or paper.

I’m linking up to this page in my Dec Daily resources – thanks so much for the constant inspiration you provide! In the meantime, take some time to get familiar with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines as well as the members of this community whom you just introduced your app to. We wish you much success and as you said - Inspiration and try and read some of our other more popular forums while you are here. However, we don’t want to just add the features we like or think would be cool; we want you (our users) to have a say in it as well!
I love comparing this year to last to see how Ian has grown and how we’ve kept family tradition going while creating new ones. Each year our activities seem to multiply, our days get busier, and my memory a little more sparse.
I think a book documenting your memories of past Christmases with photos of your current Christmas would be amazing.

I take pictures most days anyway, but I want to try to get at least one that I *like* every day in December, so I can put them in a holiday album afterward. I know it's a simple app right now, but I do hope to add more features to it in future updates and make it more unique and enjoyable for people who find motivation in great quotes!
It's just a matter of getting the downloads to show that an app like this can have potential, even with all of the competition going around!!
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