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As the founder of Lotus Sculpture, I am dedicated to giving each and every customer a satisfying and pleasant shopping experience. The practice of meditation is said to have been around for thousands of years -- and yet, in the last few, especially in America, it seems that everyone knows at least one person who has taken on the ancient art of de-stressing.
Because it has been around for so long and because there are many different types of meditation, there are some essential truths you should know before you too take the dive into meditation or mindfulness (or both). It has become common for people to confuse mantra with the idea of an intention or specific words to live by.
Other types of meditation use things like sound, counting breaths or even just the breath itself as a similar tool. One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is that your mind is supposed to go blank and that you reach a super-Zen state of consciousness. The "nature of the mind to move from one thought to another is in fact the very basis of meditation," says Deepak Chopra, a meditation expert and founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. It’s very common to doze off during meditation and some believe that the brief sleep you get is actually very restorative.
With meditation becoming so available to the masses, you can learn how to meditate alone, in a group, on a retreat, with your phone or even by listening to guided meditations online. Some meditation exercises are aimed at one goal, like helping to ease anxiety or helping people who have trouble sleeping. Meditation can help boost the immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration, decrease blood pressure, improve your sleep, increase your happiness, and has even helped people deal with alcohol or smoking addictions. Researchers have not only looked at the brains of meditators and non-meditators to study the differences, but they have also started looking at a group of brains before and after eight weeks of mindfulness meditation. Those who participated in an eight week mindfulness program also showed signs of a shrinking of the amygdala (the brain’s "fight or flight" center) as well as a thickening of the pre-frontal cortex, which handles brain functions like concentration and awareness.
So does Paul McCartney, Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern, Lena Dunham, Barbara Walters, Arianna Huffington and Kobe Bryant. The two are talked about in conjunction often because one form of meditation is called mindfulness meditation.
Mindfulness meditation is referred to most often when experts talk about the health benefits of meditation.

While some formal meditation practices call for 20 minutes, twice a day, many other meditation exercises can be as short as five or 10 minutes.
Another way to think about incorporating meditation into your daily routine is likening it to brushing your teeth. Many meditation teachers encourage you to assess your progress by noticing how you feel in between meditations -- not while you’re sitting down practicing one. Quite literally, sustained meditation leads to something called neuroplasticity, which is defined as the brain's ability to change, structurally and functionally, on the basis of environmental input. For much of the last century, scientists believed that the brain essentially stopped changing after adulthood. But research by University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson has shown that experienced meditators exhibit high levels of gamma wave activity and display an ability -- continuing after the meditation session has attended -- to not get stuck on a particular stimulus.
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One popular mindfulness meditation technique, loving-kindness meditation, promotes the positive act of wishing ourselves or others happiness.
Many, when not in a state of meditation, had brain image results that looked more like the images of a regular person's brain while meditating.
Oprah teams up with Deepak Chopra for 21-day online meditation experiences that anyone can join, anywhere. Mindfulness is defined most loosely as cultivating a present awareness in your everyday life. We easily spend that amount of time flipping through Netflix or liking things on Instagram. You might not do it at the exact same time each morning, but you always make sure you brush your teeth before you leave the house for the day. It’s not uncommon to feel bored, distracted, frustrated or even discouraged some days while meditating.
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It's important to keep in mind that you don’t have to try to clear thoughts from your brain during meditation.
That’s not possible anyway." Depending on the type of meditation you learn, there are tools for gently bringing your focus back to your meditation practice.
Other practices might give tricks on how to stay more alert if you fall asleep (check out No.
However, if you don't have a specific goal in mind, you can still reap the benefits of the practice. Scientists noted everything from "changes in grey matter volume to reduced activity in the 'me' centers of the brain to enhanced connectivity between brain regions," Forbes reported earlier this year. In other words, the experienced meditator's brain is remarkably different than the non-meditator's brain.
One way to do this is through meditation -- but not all meditation practices necessarily focus on mindfulness. For some, it’s setting the morning alarm 10 minutes earlier or getting off email a few minutes before dinner to practice. For those who start to see the benefits of daily meditation, it becomes a non-negotiable part of your routine. Since these Facebook shortcuts are supported by all the popular browsers, you can easily send secret smileys and hidden Facebook emoticons to all your friends to enjoy.When browsing our site, you will also discover dozens of Unicode signs and Facebook symbol codes for your status and comments. Alternatively, some types of meditation actually emphasize being present and mindful to thoughts as they arise as part of the practice. It is best not to lie down unless you’re doing a body scan meditation or meditation for sleep.
Time’s February 2014 cover story was devoted to "the mindful revolution" and many big companies, such as Google, Apple, Nike and HBO, have started promoting meditation at work with free classes and new meditation rooms. You don’t expect a six-pack after one day of exercise, so think of meditation the same way.
In our experience, the relaxation that can come from meditation is a wonderful thing -- and if that means a mini-snooze, so be it.
Mantras can be used in meditation as a tool to help your mind enter (or stay in) your meditation practice.

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