Despite being the second largest country in the world, Canada boasts a population smaller than California’s.
The original SONAR was developed by Canadian Reginald Fessenden while he was working in Boston. During World War I, the ability to detect enemy submarines and landmines was indispensable.
Diabetes was once a feared and very fatal disease; many people would perish every year because of it.
After much convincing, he was able to get a professor at the University of Toronto to lend him his lab, 10 test dogs, and 2 lab assistants for the summer. The beating of our hearts is what keeps us alive; until the pacemaker arrived in 1950, if there was something wrong with your heart you were as good as dead. Despite this, the pacemaker developed by John Hopps set the foundation for more refined (and less deadly) pacemakers that are still used today in millions of patients. Men Plotted to Kidnap, Rape, Murder, and Eat Children 1:16 pm By Muser Geoffrey Portway (British) and Michael Arnett (American) have pleaded guilty to plotting to kidnap, rape, murder, and eat children.
Mother has Facebook Memorial Page Removed 4:09 am By Stray Musings Judges in Brazil have ordered Facebook to remove the memorial page of 24-year old journalist Juliana Ribeiro Campos, who died last year.
Tetris Cures Lazy Eye 11:16 pm By Muser Canadian doctors from McGill University discovered a surprising cure for the lazy eye – Tetris! The world is steeped in poverty with precious little in the way of humanitarian advancement because the ruling elite have suppressed a number of technologies that could have changed the world and created a utopia. Attempting to bring their innovations to the world at large the brilliant inventors of these technologies were given a hard time by the big boys of the ruling elite’s establishment. After years of ensuing court cases with the big boys of the cancer establishment, having had little money, exiled in Mexico to avoid imprisonment in the USA, Rife died of alcoholism. Wilhelm Reich built an instrument he called the cloudbuster which successfully induced weather change. This workable mechanism for making rainclouds for crop irrigation in drought areas was stopped by those ever watchful lackeys for the ruling elite. Allowing something like this could lead to food abundance and greatly contribute to ending world hunger.
Consequentially, Wilhelm Reich was hounded by the likes of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) having accused him of fraud and deception with his cloudbuster instrument… His equipment was seized and destroyed.
Pauling had worked with Matthias Rath and they came up with a unified approach to curing heart disease.
Essentially, they found that heart disease is the result of a long-term vitamin C deficiency. However, due to greater interests in corporate profitability and perceived financial threat, this highly successful cheap alternative therapy has not been allowed that much attention. The engine system was fitted with a fuel cell that was able to split water into its components hydrogen and oxygen.
With such energetic sustainability Meyer’s invention could have made a revolutionary contribution to our planet’s environment and economy: If the full specifications of his work had been allowed to be published we’d all be using his technology today. Developed and handed down from successive generations, Harry Hoxey was able to use a herbal remedy and an externally applied paste to successfully treat cancer.

This clinic now has under treatment or observation between four and five thousand cancer patients. Over the years the clinic has accumulated more than 10,000 case histories, photographic studies and X-ray studies from all over the United States, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, the Central Zone and elsewhere. Some of those presented before us have been free of  symptoms as long as twenty four years, and the physical evidence indicates that they are all enjoying  exceptional health at this time…We are willing to assist this Clinic in any way possible in bringing this treatment to the American public. The fact that no patient would testify against him and the acting District Attorney’s brother was cured by his methods may well have been the reasons for his continual reprieve.
Using the saucers on the dark side of the moon when the time was right an Earth invasion was planned but didn’t materialize.
An engineer named Joseph Andreas Epp claimed he had been involved in the development of the technology during the wartime and that the Schriever-Habermohl project involved some 15 different prototypes. For details and a fuller account including the Nazi occult connections, an ancient past, ET channelling of the saucer’s anti-gravity technology and the related science see the fascinating video below. While we need to take necessary and just actions, instead of giving too much attention to materialism we need to shift our focus on how our thoughts can manifest reality. I have written quite a bit about UFO propulsion systems and UFO physics, including insights from Tesla. Vic Bishop – Plastic fishing, started by company Plastic Whale, is an innovative approach to cleaning up the waterways of Amsterdam.
Julian Spalding – What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly. Breaking 40 News Bloopers That Will Make You Smile Heartwarming Father And Son Took Same Picture For 3 Decades 20 Fascinating Civil War Facts That May Suprise You North Korea Pictures - 25 Photos Secretly Smuggled Out Of North Korea 21 Worst NBA Draft Picks Parents and Kids Photographed At The Same Age. Sometimes, random events come together in a certain way that allows for amazing things to happen. Brian April 25, 2016 70's stars of film and TV have irreversibly aged over the years.
However, this hasn’t stopped Canadians from dishing out some of the most influential inventions of the past century. The original SONAR, developed by Reginald Fessenden, paved the way to more advanced systems that changed underwater warfare forever. Having come up with an idea while reading the paper, Frederick jotted it down and, the following year, traveled to Toronto to test his idea. Since then, it has been saving the lives of countless diabetics – and will continue to do so in the future. It was Tesla’s attempt to provide everyone on the globe with free energy through harnessing electricity from the Earth’s ionosphere by means of the towers. His equipment and lab was burned down together with the related intellectual property because it posed a threat to undercutting the cost of the conventional electricity grid system. The burnt hydrogen was the fuel source used to generate the necessary energy to power the car…  For a detailed account on how the car works see the video below. The herbal formula detoxified the body and boosted the immune system, while the external paste got rid of tumours on the outside.
It handles approximately ninety patients per day.  Approximately 100 new patients per week come to the clinic seeking relief, and the evidence we have seen indicates that approximately 90 percent of these are terminal cases.

Several thousand people testified they had been cured using Hoxey’s work while the AMA refused third party evaluations.
Eventually, however, the FDA managed to seize the remedies from the patients’ homes and shut down the clinics. During the wartime a number of eyewitness accounts in London, New York and Prague reported these strange looking bell-shaped flying objects having the German military iron cross insignia… travelling at very high speeds. The inventors are approached by representatives of the ruling elite’s establishments who highly praise their innovations and offer to buy their patents. That the establishment have ulterior motives usually related to moneyed interests, so they refuse to sell their work and the patents. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.
The Wardenclyffe project pumped GENERATED energy into the ionosphere, which could then be tapped by anyone. They needed a practical way of transmitting weather data, and he was determined to create one. It worked by delivering pulses of electric current through the patient’s chest, a painful technique that is now reserved for medical emergencies. If Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower Project had been allowed to flourish and not be destroyed then today we could well be living in a utopia. In spite of these circumstances favouring Hoxey, and winning his case, the medical fraternity soon branded him a quack or charlatan.
Ironically, Hoxey contracted bladder cancer and had to be operated on since his methods did not work on him.
The clinic, under a different name, still exists to this day and by all accounts is deemed to be a compassionate, caring and most of all successful (80% cure rate, with medical records to prove it) institution. Then in the latter part of 1945 these super weapons moved to another military base – the Schwarze Sonne – Black Sun on the dark side of the moon. Then the establishment threatens the inventors with defamation of character, court action or even death… should they refuse to sell their work and hand over the patents. After it’s creation, he moved on to work for General Electric, where he further refined his invention. In order to mitigate the violent repercussions of his work, Nobel set up the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation. The radio plays an important role in our everyday lives, and is a common fixture in many automobiles, cell phones, alarm clocks etc.
When he realised that he couldn’t charge money for the electricity he canned the project. As huge radio towers continue to be built worldwide, it’s easy to see how the radio continues to shape the world we live in. No one has bothered to build such a project since, not because it was suppressed, but because it was not commercially viable.

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