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When I quit my cozy corporate gig to start doing what I love for a living—which is to inspire greatness in people everywhere—I took a major, major risk. And on and on and on… Now all the rational, perfectly justified reasons not to become a risk taker start flowing into your periphery and begin clouding your judgement; crushing your dreams for a better future, like Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Being ridiculously irrational is not about “thinking positive” and refusing to acknowledge the realities of a given situation.
Risk taker tip 2: A successful risk taker is a short term pessimist and a long-term optimist. I remember every one around me kept telling me to stop trying and just get a regular job like “everyone else.” I remember telling them to fuck off. I’d made a promise to myself that I would never allow myself to become enslaved by any person or company in exchange for a paycheck ever again.
Risk taker tip 4: Your success will be in direct proportion to the risk they’re willing to take. When you decide to walk into the gym and start working out—regardless of how fat or flimsy you look compared to everyone else—you’re taking a major, major risk.
When you decide to quit your job and take that risky-but-promising leap of faith—you’re taking a major, major risk. The amount of success you experience will expand—or shrink—in direct proportion to the amount of risk you’re willing to take. 80% of the time, the more you’re willing to put on the line, the more you’re potentially going to receive in return. Successful risk takers understand the obvious notion that big time risk-taking has its upsides and downsides.
Do not ever label yourself a ‘failure.’ Just because you fail at something, doesn’t mean you’re a failure. The idea of trying really, really hard at something, and still failing—of leaving yourself without excuses—is one of the worst fear-driven ways of thinking around.
Why would you even take the time to do something if you’re not going to do it to the best of your ability? We’ve all heard the nostalgic man suffering from a mid-life crisis, talking about his high school football days, and how he coulda been pro if only he hadn’t [insert excuse here] … You remember uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite right?—Don’t be that guy.
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.
Doing what you love is so important and what I realize is that everybody has a different time in their lives that they wake up and get it you know? Rightmove statistics show that you get the most viewings within the first 2 weeks with an over-valuation you will see a vast difference in the number of viewings you have. An over-valuation will cause your property to become stale on the market, inevitably forcing you into a price reduction which often results in people wondering what is wrong with the house.
Clear your driveway – there is nothing worse than pulling up to a house and not having anywhere to park. Cut the lawn and clear away the cobwebs – a neat and tidy lawn helps to make a house look smart. For more information on how to ensure your property creates an excellent first impression, take a look at our blog on ‘First Impressions Really Do Count’.
Open curtains, take down drapes, keep blinds up and trim hedges in front of windows to maximise light to your property.
Whilst your pampered pet may be the most loved member of the family, not all viewers are keen on  the sight of dog beds and litter trays. If you need advice on hiding the evidence of your furry friends please take a look at our blog on ‘How to Prepare for a Successful Viewing: Hide The Hound, Conceal The Cat’. Accompanied viewings with an estate agent allow your perspective buyer to imagine themselves living in your home. We also find that people feel more at ease with us, rather than the property owners; buyers will be honest with us and voice any concerns they have. Open Days work well for both buyers and sellers, whether you have children, pets, or just a busy lifestyle an Open Day can maximise the number of viewings in a short space of time. An Open Day can increase the amount of interest you will get, as buyers see other buyers keen to view your property. And lastly, most importantly, make sure you do your research on the estate agents in your area.

Check whether interactive floor plans and professional photography are part of their standard marketing package, or whether you have to pay additional costs for such services, to ensure you do not have any nasty surprises. A professional estate agent with local expertise, offering a powerful marketing package, can help you to achieve the maximum selling price for your property and ensure the process is smooth and stress-free.
To find out more secrets of successfully selling your home call Malcolms to book your free market appraisal today on 01954 710 700 (Cambourne Office) or 01480 447 457 (Huntingdon Office). Anthony StevensSenior Valuer at Malcolms Estate AgentsWith over 10 years experience in a variety of sales environments, my blogs are there to provide an experienced guide on how to achieve the maximum potential for your property. Subscribe To Our BlogGet our latest property tips and market updates straight to your inbox!
But before we move on, let’s get one thing out of the way: if you’re reading this (or listening to the podcast)—it’s likely you want to become more of a risk taker in life.
If you’re unsure about whether upping your risk-taking game is the right move for you, then you may want to move on to something else.
But regardless of who you are, where you’re at, or what you do, you’ll be able to translate these ideas on risk taking and apply them in your own life. For example, when I started my own business, I barely had enough in the bank to support my lifestyle for more than 3 months!
No living, breathing human being of average intelligence would do something like this if they were thinking rationally. But what about all the energy, vitality, and physical changes you’ll get to enjoy with your new gym habit? And that’s just the financial benefit I’ve experienced as a result of making a “risky” career move… When I stop to consider all the other benefits—the emotional, social, and spiritual impact that doing work I love has had on my life—I totally understand that the risk was well worth it. People that seem to keep getting stuck in life—usually because they’re holding themselves back—have what’s called a Fixed Mindset. Without effort, you can always say, “I could’ve been this [fill in the blank]” or “I could’ve been that [again, fill in the blank].” But once you try—really and truly try—you can say that anymore. One of those things is this: we begin erecting our own building of courage… We build up a foundation for that building by taking courageous action.
Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. I share how I chose the affiliate program, exactly how I promoted it and how much I earned each and every month.The journey that I am about to take you on started in January 2012. Consequently, it takes longer to sell your house and means that you could end up accepting a lower offer than if your price is right from the start. Cobwebs unwittingly suggest a house is old and neglected, so make sure you sweep away all the cobwebs before any viewings. With sun being a premium in this country, people will fall in love with a house that floods with light. People often don’t realise that making small changes, for example moving a stack of books from the floor can have a significant impact in making the room look more spacious. As professional property specialists, trained in selling, we can overcome objections and show the features of the property in their best light.
I’m sure, of course, you don’t want to start taking risks for no good reason; but because there’s a gap between where you are NOW and where you WANT to be. I remember how I kept on trying idea after idea, getting super-excited about each of them, only to watch them fail, one right after the other. It’s always been that way for me, and I can’t point to one specific turning point that made me shift my mindset towards this direction. One more time, just for good measure: The amount of success you experience will expand—or shrink—in proportion to amount of risk you’re willing to take.
Learn from your mistakes, and make informed decisions as a result of having experienced them.
A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. If you do it consciously, things will seriously start taking shape in your personal life and your professional life.
Instead, this piece is for you if you’ve already made up your mind—you currently believe you need to become more of a risk taker—if you want to achieve a higher level of success in life. Then I converted my kitchen into an office-space–slash–studio to record motivational audiobooks and podcast episodes in. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Because rational thinking helps you determine how worthwhile and meaningful a new undertaking (aka: risk) will or will not be.

And if your dream killers are people you happen to love and care for, make the intention of coming back to help them out once you’re strong enough to do so. Here are the exact steps that I followed.Selecting a Product to PromoteI could give you the age old advice that others give like do keyword research and find a profitable product in a not so crowded niche.
Right now though, you need to be focused on surrounding yourself with inspiring and encouraging people and things.
I am sure that process works because I have heard enough people repeat it but that is not what I did. This is the strategy that I used to pick my affiliate program to promote.I am fortunate enough to have a cousin who was active in promoting quite a few affiliate programs when I started in 2012. You may have to work harder in certain markets but no market is off limit even if you think it is too crowded. Then there was a third product where he was making between $2.5k and $5k promoting another product. With the fitness market if someone buys a squat rack for $1,800 then they are not going to be buying another squat rack for the next 20-never years. With this other product it was like toothpaste in that most people purchase it more than once a year. And that my friends is exactly the steps I went through to select my first affiliate program.Let the Promoting BeginThe first thing I did was register a new domain at the end of January 2012.
Since I was not making money yet from this affiliate program, my first weekend after registering website, I wrote 5 articles promoting this product. I published all five articles on my brand new website.The next step I did was to register accounts on all the social bookmarking websites.
Over the next few days I bookmarked all 5 articles on about 25 social bookmarking websites.
I contacted them and had them to do a smorgasbord of backlinks, social bookmarking, and forum profiles with backlinks to all the articles.Earning My First Commission CheckAlmost exactly one month after starting my journey into affiliate marketing, I earned my first commission check. The very next day on March 1st I made my second sale.You should have seen what this did to my ego. In fact by the 10th of April I was way ahead in sales compared to where I was in during the same time in March.
Panicked, distraught, depressed, in denial would all be valid terms to describe how I was feeling. So I did the only thing I knew to do and that was to contact the company.That is when I heard the news that no affiliate ever wants to hear.
The product I was promoting had inventory production problems and they were not able to produce product. They were taking orders but were not shipping them until production problems were solved.Since I only get paid when the product ships I was not being compensated for all the sales I was making during April. Throwing out April, compared to March I was doubling my commissions for the 2nd straight month. I was starting to think this was too easy.Started Going to the Well Too MuchI wanted to milk this for everything it was worth.
Achieve.Learning the Art of AnalyticsBy June my website was starting to get visitors each and every day.
Write new content that uses these keywords in title of new articles and heavily throughout the article.
Add the keyword as tags.Well I had just created about half a dozen new websites and now I needed content for them all.
I had to outsource because now I had seven different website running that were promoting this product.
During September for the first time in nine months I broke through the $1k per month barrier. In fact if you really want to know I smashed that barrier and spit on it because I earned $1,425.28 in September. The reason that I was having success was because I worked at it and never gave up.In 10 months I had created 7 websites promoting one affiliate program. I had multiple websites ranked in the top 5 searches in Google for almost two dozen keywords.

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