As you begin to evaluate whether or not you want to get involved in this type of training, you will at the least come away with a better understanding of the concepts involved.
One of the things that separates our methods of training from others, is our understanding of the totality of the hypnotic methods that are being used.
Years ago, I learned that if you have the best tools, you can do a better job, thus allowing yourself to become more of a master craftsman at your particular endeavor. Conversational Hypnosis: This is our preferred method as it allows you to influence someone extremely covertly without them really even picking up on what you are doing.
Hypnotic Inductions: This is a very potent method as well, but the downside is that you must have a willing participant. Just by looking and staring at certain devices will cause you to go into a state of concentration or what is commonly known as trance. Once you can effectively put yourself into a trance, you will then be able to put others into a trance that much more easily. In our course, Manipulation, we tell you exactly how to get these types of charts to work for you to use for business, relationships, romance or just plain fun!
Unlock your hidden powers to succeed and achieve with the Advance Mind Power Training series.
How To Activate The Law Of Attraction With Mind Power (Why most people have a back-to-front mindset when it comes achievement. The Mind Force Master System contains every course, every system, every boot camp in the Mind Force Product Catalog. The Mind Force Syndicate is the premier and one of the most unique membership portals ever developed.
Four (4) Amazing Manuals contained in 2 Volumes on Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Subliminal Messages, Affirmations, Stage Hypnosis, Using Hypnotic Devices, and Other Interesting Topics. The original course on covert persuasion and hypnotic influence…Five (5) Audio Files plus manual cover all the details.
The Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp is 12 (plus 2 bonus weeks) of the most comprehensive weeks of study you’ll ever go through in terms of learning the art and science of hypnosis, NLP, subliminal messages and diagrams as well as all of the patterns, commands, and methods.
The Subliminal Solution System will take you on an 8 week journey into controlling your mind with the help of using subliminal messages and audio files.

The Magneto Method will show you a surefire method to attract the things you desire in life whether they be financial, relationships or health. Dynamic Mental Entrainment is an 8 Week course that will show you the 3 elements to making sure you achieve your goals and objectives.
Please note that any items that do not have an active link are only active when you purchase the entire Chi Power Plus System.
This special Quick Reference Guide will allow you access to special notes that A.Thomas Perhacs created after the publication of the book for his private mentoring students. The Mind Force Hypnosis Closed Door Hypnosis Files Manual comes complete with (3) three powerful Hypnosis methods. Each Manual sells for $19.95 in electronic format, so you are getting a value, when you order the hard copy edition. This manuscript will show you in detail how to use these devices for use on yourself or others. Many books which cost twice as much as this or more contain less info than this dynamic study of Hypnosis. Talk about power…Hetero Hypnosis contains insights into every imaginable form of Hypnosis. Many books which cost twice as much as this or more contain less info than this dynamic study of Self- Hypnosis.
If you really want to learn how to travel with power, this is precisely the information you have been looking for.
The little known methods of how to control your dreams and become truly "Lucid" in those dreams. Increase your sensitivity skills to maximize your ability to read others feelings, thoughts and intentions.
Now this potent information can be yours to study in the comfort of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days per week if you like.
You can walk through, or stay where you are and be stuck wondering how the "Mind Portal" really work. Many experts in the field become so entrenched in the way that they have been doing things, that they fail to open up their eyes to the very real possibilities of other strategies.

Some would have you believe that certain protocols must be in place for certain things to happen. This takes the covert aspect away from what you are doing, but if you are doing it for therapeutic reasons, it might be the better choice. When you put them together, you get a synergistic effect that allows you to increase your persuasion and influencing skills to a new level not imaginable by any one method by themselves. This is the ultimate resource to enable you to get up to speed with these powerful methods. For a nominal monthly fee, you receive some of the most up to date an innovative training through video, audio and documents. Not only will you receive Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gamma, and other unique sounds to influence your mind, you’ll receive the master training that it takes to become a skilled expert at this.
This simple approach is unique, yet affective and has worked for thousands all over the world for wealth, health and achieving ones desires. If you have already purchased Chi Power Plus or it came with another offer, you will have another download page. You will have at your fingertips the most comprehensive review guide on how to use Hypnotic Influence and Manipulation.
You’ll learn more in these 3 manuals than most full blown courses, and that’s a promise!
The Syndicate covers all esoteric areas of Mind Force…The Most unique feature however is the 50% credit towards any electronic product once you become a member.
You’ve probably heard about Hypnotic Spirals and Devices, but do you know how to use them?

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